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January 31 ~ Thursday 2008
It was as if the ground had been pulled out from under one, with no firm foundation to be seen anywhere, upon which one could have built. ~ Albert Einstein
In the new systems thinking, the metaphor of knowledge as a building is being replaced by that of the network. As we perceive reality as a network of relationships, our descriptions, too, form an interconnected network of concepts and models in which there are no foundations. For most scientists such a view of knowledge as a network with no firm foundations is extremely unsettling, and today it is by no means generally accepted. But as the network approach expands throughout the scientific community, the idea of knowledge as a network will undoubtedly find increasing acceptance. ~ Fritzof Capra (The Web of Life, 1996)
And this network is based on a foundation of Cosmic Principle: to understand is to be set free
January 30 ~ Wednesday 2008
The person who has a feeling of prosperity has a feeling that life is working with him and not against him. The prosperity state of mind can produce not only an abundance of wealth but health and right action as well. When one arrives at an awareness of prosperity it flows over into every part of that person's experience so that he or she is prosperous over-all. One becomes prosperous in business, in family relationships, in romantic relationships and, generally, good health is part of the package. Money is not the only evidence of prosperity thinking but it surely is one of the many by-products of a prosperity state of mind. ~ Jack and Cornelia Addington (All About Prosperity And How You Can Prosper, 1984)
Knowing the Truth of Reality is to experience the Wealth of Infinity
January 29 ~ Tuesday 2008
It is the moment when the stars in their courses, the planets and the Great Plan itself turn to the Author of the Universe for renewal of power and a resurgence of assurance that all things created are in their right place and performing according to their reason for being. ~ John Raymond Berry, editor ( The Golden Thread, 1970)
In recognition of the Self one realizes that the Great Plan includes us all
Happy Birthday to my beloved wife whom I have loved longer than this life here and now and shall continue. ~ D.L.
January 28 ~ Monday 2008
There are four important aspects to any real Teaching that must be acknowledged. 1. Statements based on a spiritual understanding which can help you have confidence in a Spiritual reality you do not yet understand but can know it is there for you to discover. 2. Psychological ideas allowing the student to discover the why's of how he or she and others experience things in certain ways which can cause problems in their life. 3. Revealing of what is often referred to as "the Golden Thread" showing the same Truth in a multitude of other areas of study. 4. Imparting a principle or technique which allows the student to learn about life, Truth, God, Spirit and themselves through their own personal work. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Walk your path until you meet yourself on the road
January 27 ~ Sunday 2008
Imagine that God or Infinite Mind... Infinite Mind is better because we are talking about Absolute Consciousness. Imagine that Infinite Mind is a Christmas Tree. This Christmas Tree has lights on it and they are all connected but they are not separate from each other or from the tree itself which is all one expression. The lights come on. The electricity is the power behind the tree and it is all working together. Imagine one of the lights realizing its own light. It becomes excited to experience self awareness for the first time. It perceives the world around it and the other lights and the tree itself but feels separate from everything because it is experiencing "self awareness" and does not realize that all is one. This is who we are. We are the lights on the tree becoming self aware for the first time. But we are not separate and the Mind which is the mind we think is us, is really the only MIND there is and we are that ONE MIND. We simply need to begin recognizing this Truth and as we continue in that knowingness we will eventually begin to come to our own realization that this is True. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
January 26 ~ Saturday 2008
There is nothing more spiritual than the individual persona waking up to knowing that they have choice, they have power, they have consciousness, they have purpose, they have destiny, they have a soul, they have eternity in the palm of their hand. They have the ability to think and to ponder, to wish and to imagine, and to realize that they exist and that they are One with all that is. Reach out and let everyone know that they are all this and that the kingdom of heaven is within them. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The fullness of the absolute is within you, and you are within the fullness of who you really are
January 25 ~ Friday 2008
Through such total, ontological listening man allows the hidden powers in himself to come forth. The total person begins to realize God's presence permeating his whole being. Man begins to experience God not through knowledge where the mind looks at God through the medium of a mental picture but through God's pervading presence as light. The Upanishads describe His presence as: "He is down there, He is here, quite close. He is within all that is; from all that is. He is apart. He is everywhere shining, bodiless without limbs, seeing, wise, born of Himself. He it is who orders everything aright throughout the eternal years." ~ George A. Maloney, S.J. (The Breath of the Mystic, 1974)
The Kingdom of heaven is within... the fullness of the Absolute is what makes up our Reality
January 24 ~ Thursday 2008
A Course In Miracles says that one day we will realize that nothing occurs outside our minds. How a person seems to show up for us is intimately connected to how we choose to show up for them. I have learned that my most productive responses in relationships come not from my focus on the particulars about another person, but rather from my commitment to playing my own role in the relationship on as high a level as I'm capable. Love is a participatory emotion. In a holy relationship, we take an active role in creating the context in which the interaction can unfold most constructively. We actively create the conditions of interest, rather than passively waiting around to see whether or not we're interested. ~ Marianne Williamson (A Return To Love, 1992)
Reflections of our heart can be seen in the eyes of others ~ D.L.
January 23 ~ Wednesday 2008
I came to strike fire on the earth, and how I wish that it were already aflame! Do you think that I have come to bring peace on earth? No, not peace, but a sword. For I have come to create conflict between a man and his father, disagreement between a daughter and her mother, and estrangement between a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law. A person's enemies will be one's own kin. ~ Burton L. Mack (The Lost Gospel: The Book of Q, 1993)
Reflections of those closest more closely mirror the subconscious of the self ~ D.L.
January 22 ~ Tuesday 2008
The invention of the computer, especially the personal computer, is one of the greatest advancements toward the understanding of consciousness that humankind has produced thus far. The realization of programming and the concept of garbage in and garbage out and the ease with which one can make changes in the representation of that programming opens a window to self discovery that marks the 21st century as a threshold departing one civilization and entering into a New World and a New Planet. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Quantum Physicist)
Technology is an extension of the awareness of humankind
January 21 ~ Monday 2008
It should be (but it is not) unnecessary to add that a belief in angels, whether good or evil, does not mean a belief in either as they are represented in art and literature. Devils are depicted with bats' wings and good angels with birds' wings, not because anyone holds that moral deterioration would be likely to turn feathers into membrane, but because most men like birds better than bats. They are give wings at all in order to suggest the swiftness of unimpeded intellectual energy. They are given human form because man is the only rational creature we know. ~ C. S. Lewis (from Forbidden Mysteries of Enoch by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1977)
Birds symbolize Higher Thought whereas bats symbolize a parasitic lower nature
January 20 ~ Sunday 2008
Our concept of time and space, the very structure of the universe, are more intimately related to problems and phenomenon of consciousness than we have seriously suspected.... There is no strict division between subjective and objective reality, consciousness and the physical universe are connected by some fundamental physical mechanism. This relationship between mind and reality is not subjective or objective, but 'omnijective. An omnijective concept of the universe is by no means new ... There is a vast philosophical and metaphysical tradition behind the philosophy that the universe is omnijective The mystics tell us this is true. The idealists tell us it is true. Most exciting of all, the physicists tell us it is true. ~ Michael Talbot (Mysticism and The New Physics)
...the time is coming when physicists will look to the mystic for answers
January 19 ~ Saturday 2008
He that's not busy learning about Truth is busy living a lie. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
...a pompous ass and a know-it-all
January 18 ~ Friday 2008
We have all forgotten the moment when, opening our eyes for the first time, we saw light and things around us all jumbled up in it and all on one single plane. It requires a great effort to imagine the time when we were unable to read or again to take our minds back to the time when for us the world extended no farther than the walls of our home and our family circle. ~ Teilhard De Chardin (The Phenomenon of Man, 1955)
Waking up takes many twists and turns on this long and winding road
January 17 ~ Thursday 2008
We are endowed by nature with this marvelous drive to find order. But we constantly bump up against our limits. Just as a frog can only see objects that move across its visual field with certain motions, so are we aware of only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. But we assume that we can supplement our senses with our minds and with our mathematics. We theorize about frequencies beyond our horizon, the invisible rays of infrared and ultraviolet light, of gamma and radio waves, and we build instruments to detect them. Then we weave stories about how these hidden worlds must be. When we fail to find symmetry in the world around us, we imagine extra dimensions, higher vantage points from which the world will regain its perfection. But for all our efforts, the whole truth will always elude us. Try as we might, we will never succeed in squeezing the immensity of creation into our tiny heads. ~ George Johnson (Fire In The Mind, 1995)
Because we must step outside of our Self to know we are one with this creation
January 16 ~ Wednesday 2008
You can learn to take your awareness into the region of timelessness at will---meditation is the classic technique for mastering this experience. In meditation the active mind is withdrawn to its source; just as this changing universe had to have a source beyond change, your mind, with all its restless activity, arises from a state of awareness beyond thought, sensation, emotion, desire, and memory. This is a profound personal experience. ~ Deepak Chopra (The Experience of God, 1994)
Be still and know... that ALL is God... observe your own consciousness through infinity
January 15 ~ Tuesday 2008
So you see that conditions that seem terrible are but the effects in the other world of a wrong life here on earth. That is nature's method of turning wrong into good. Man does suffer, but what he suffers is only the effect of his own action and nothing else; it is his own making. And that is not all. The suffering he has to bear is the only means by which his qualities can be directed in the right way for his evolution and progress in another life. This was a point much emphasized in the teaching of the mysteries. ~ Charles W. Leadbeater (The Inner Life, 1911)
Jesus said that what they say he suffered, he suffered not, but that which they say he did not suffer, that he suffered
January 14 ~ Monday 2008
In the last two decades a proliferation of claims has has arisen alleging that physics has far-reaching metaphysical implications. Some authors claim that quantum physics has demonstrated the mental character of reality. Quantum indeterminacy is also said to be compatible with life, human freedom, and God's action, as Newtonian determinism was not. Other authors have delineated parallels between contemporary physics and Eastern mysticism. ~ Ian G. Barbour (Religion And Science, 1997)
Faith is the believing in the yet unseen, a particle here, then a wave there
January 13 ~ Sunday 2008
Jung gives us a basic principle that consciousness originates in the unconscious. But, we may ask ourselves, just what is the conscious and the unconscious? With so much discussion today about consciousness expanded to a oneness with God and the universe, we need to define its meaning. Is it something intellectual that we can acquire by taking a seminar or reading a self-help book, thus raising our mental and spiritual level? Is it merely a higher state of neural functioning? And, if so, are there techniques to develop such functioning? Or is it an inner light on which we focus in order to see objects in greater detail, as with bifocals, to aid our limited vision? ~ George A. Maloney, SJ (Mysticism and the New Age: Christic Consciousness in the New Creation, 1991)
In back of time, space and change their is a fundamental reality with which we are One
January 12 ~ Saturday 2008
The average man considers geniuses to be specially born. They are not specially born, however. They are like other men except that they are farther unfolded spiritually. Mind Consciousness has always belonged to man since the beginning. The human race does not acquire new qualities. It reveals existent ones as it unfolds. Nothing is ever added to man from without. Whatever man becomes, physically, intellectually or spiritually, unfolds from within. ~ Lao Russell (God Will Work With You But Not For You, 1955)
Intelligence is the revealing of Truth, its simplicity and its eternality
January 11 ~ Friday 2008
The great turning point in the life of Sri Ramana was itself made possible by the fear of death. One day when he was seventeen and quite healthy, the fear of death seized him, and he took up the challenge. He dramatized death and worked out the consequences in his own mind. And, the great discovery dawned upon him that the self is untouched by death, and that he is the deathless self. Recalling this experience long afterwards for the benefit of spiritual aspirants, Sri Ramana says: "The "I" or my "self" was holding the focus of attention by a powerful fascination, from that time onwards. Fear of death had vanished at once and forever. Absorption in the self has continued from that moment right up to this time. Other thoughts may come and go like the various notes of a piece of music, but the "I" continues like the sruti or the unvarying, basic or fundamental note, which accompanies and blends with all other notes. ~ Dr. T. M. P. Mahadevan (Ramana Maharshi & His Philosophy of Existence, 2000)
Death is the illusion that life or its essence is not eternal
January 10 ~ Thursday 2008
It has been reckoned by astronomers that man, aided by his telescopes, can already survey over half the total universe; the invisible residue vanishes into far outer space with the velocity of light, and the approach to this condition is marked by the red-shift. So for man there are no major new physical worlds to discover; his problem is to make sense of what he has already discovered. Of the five human senses mentioned above, by far the most important is that of vision, for it is this which has opened up man's world survey. But, as just indicated, the problem of man is not to see more but to understand more. ~ David Foster (The Philosophical Scientists, 1985)
Where there is no vision, the people perish ~ Proverbs 29:18
January 9 ~ Wednesday 2008
To look upon the appearances of perceived "things" as physical matter is to confuse what we believe to be rather than the truth. In this manner we continue to form conclusions which paint a reality which does not relate what is actually happening in our universe. When you are searching in your pocket for a coin or a key, it must be understood that it wants to be found as much as you want to find it. In mathematical terms it wants to be found in exact equal amounts as you desire for it to be found. This however factors in all elements of your belief system from your subconscious mind. But the truth is, it is all happening in your mind and your mind is one with the item you are searching for. If this were not so then you could actually believe that perhaps it didn't want to be found and that is why you are having such a hard time. You are having a hard time because somewhere in your consciousness you believe that forces outside you do not cooperate and that life is not fair to you. But the Truth is that there is One Mind and in Reality all is harmonious and is the expression of that One Mind therefore knowing this fully will bring to you that which you seek. This is true for what is in your pocket, a parking place or a job which fulfills your destiny or a life which expresses your Self to its fullest. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
All is revealed to be the Infinite Truth which solves all riddles here and now
January 8 ~ Tuesday 2008
As a torrent comes rushing down a slope, many little eddies are formed behind rocks, or perhaps where the water is whirling round and round, and therefore for the moment some of it is moving backward; but yet the whole body of water, eddies and all, is being swept on in the rush of the torrent, so that even that which is apparently moving backwards in relation to the rest of the stream is really being hurried forward along with the rest. Even the people who are doing nothing toward their evolution, and let everything go as it will, are all the while gradually evolving, because of the irresistible force of the Logos which is steadily pressing them onwards; but they are moving so slowly that it will take them millions of years of incarnation and trouble and uselessness to gain even a step. ~ Charles W. Leadbeater (The Inner Life: Know Thyself, 1910)
Find a path that you might accelerate your advancement in consciousness ~ Wake up!
January 7 ~ Monday 2008
Distinguished anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski observed, "There is no inherent wisdom in language." Yet, whoever does not see his every word as his name for a certain element in his mind, does use such "disowned" words as if they are able to do his thinking for him. Either I live my every word as subject to me, or live it as if I can somehow be subject to it. Thus the meaning of conscious self education for cultivating conscious freedom becomes clear. Every student must learn for himself, first that he can direct his own mind by his conscious purpose, and second that he can learn how to grow his conscious purpose. The student who succeeds in discovering the role of his pejorative word in preserving his faultfinding at the cost of obstructing his fact-finding, is learning how to direct his learning for its highest function: life appreciation. ~ John M. Dorsey, M.D. (Discovering My World of My Mind: A Conscious Way of Life,
My words have an ancestry, my deeds have a lord; and it is precisely because men do not understand this that they are unable to understand me. ~ Lao-Tsze (604 B.C.E.)
January 6 ~ Sunday 2008
Consciousness for my self unification is essential to my most accurate meaning for my "space", "time" and "motion" illusions. To discover I am also what I formerly refused to think I was, is to sense the meaning of my conscious self growth as a most useful function, and to wage a successful struggle for my sanity. ~ John M. Dorsey, M.D. (Discovering My World of My Mind: A Conscious Way of Life,
The journey to discovering one's Self is to engage in a battle of wits with one's own sense of better self. Reality is not obvious upon first discovery but rather becomes the solvent which dissolves the very fabric of everything one believes in. ~ D.L.
January 5 ~ Saturday 2008
Jung speaks of the curve of a lifetime being divided in half: the first half is the time of relationships, and the second half is the time of finding the sense of life within; or, as the Hindus say, "following the marga" --- the path, the footsteps of the human experience you've had --- to your own inward life. And then, total disengagement, going through the last passage without anxiety, without fear. ~ A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on The Art of Living (Selected and Edited by Diane K. Osbon)
The first half, the second half, one is tears, the other a laugh
January 4 ~ Friday 2008
And it is not --- this consciousness of God --- exceptional. No, in the long light of human history, it is not belief in God that sets us apart. Belief in the existence of God may be the very least term of the equation. It is certainly not unique to us, to the West, to Christianity, or even to this sophisticated time in history, the character of which we like to consider so advanced, so "enlightened." In fact, all peoples on earth have come to the juncture where only God is an answer to questions for which there is no answer. All peoples on earth have found their way to God, to some kind of God, to some answer to the universe that is above and outside themselves. ~ Joan D. Chittister, O.S.B. ("God Become Infinitely Larger" from God At 2000, edited by Marcus Borg & Ross Mackenzie, 2000)
The pursuit of God is our last refuge of humility
January 3 ~ Thursday 2008
The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws. ~ Ernest Holmes
The universal Mind contains all knowledge. It is the potential ultimate of all things. To it, all things are possible. ~ Ernest Holmes
The intellect is a cold thing and a merely intellectual idea will never stimulate thought in the same manner that a spiritual idea does. ~ Ernest Holmes
The pursuit of Truth has nothing to do with human facts
January 2 ~ Wednesday 2008
The air is alive with rumors of doom for the dollar and for our economy as a whole and that our current standard of living is at great risk. But the appearances of these fears could also mean great things are on the move. This does not mean that one shouldn't be prudent or practical. What it does mean is that we all should raise our sights and begin to focus on a Reality which has its roots in Eternity and not the stock market or the gold standard or the politics of fads and fashions. Who you really are is the greatest asset you will ever have. You must use it. But to use it you must know it. You must begin to learn about who you really are. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
There is One Mind and within that Mind all is well
January 1 ~ Tuesday 2008
The beginning of this new year marks an accelerated unfoldment which will have its positive and negative manifestations but all will be working toward the changes which welcome us into a new age. Not the psycho-babble version but one which will mark this as an awakening on a multitude of levels. This awakening will also manifest itself as an increase in the curiosity and desire to know more in the way of psychological and metaphysical information and an increased willingness in personal change. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Prayers have been answered and the voices of the angels cry out in song
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