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April 30 ~ Wednesday 2008
What a happy translation follows, for God has relieved you of the burden of passing judgment on anything - you do not have to judge; and think how easy it is to get rid of criticism when you say, "Well I do not have to bother with judging you - God will attend to that." ~ Walter C. Lanyon (Embers, 1918)
Realize that you are the one you are judging because you are all there is
April 29 ~ Tuesday 2008
The Fullness of All. God-Self is the only Self there is, God-Self is God-Mind; thus we are God-Mind---never have we been otherwise. One Infinite Spirit, Mind, is omnipresent Perfection and Completeness as Unity, wherein we function from the basis of the one single Whole. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Voice of Revelation, 1945)
Realize that you are ONE with ALL that is, not a part of it... but ALL of it
April 28 ~ Monday 2008
This is Truth: One God, One Self, One Spirit, One Mind, One Existence, reigning alone---eternally. Truth is everpresent---complete, absolute, total, all. Truth is without interval or interruption, remaining identical within Itself. To be or not to be the One which reigns alone, is the issue which is paramount today. To know the Truth that one Self exists alone; or to claim existence of two---God and humanity---reveals one’s present Knowledge or belief. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Voice of Revelation, 1945)
Revelation of the LOGOS: the Word... to attain knowingness of Oneness
April 27 ~ Sunday 2008
Only in losing his personal sense of Life can one find his true Life---Life as it REALLY is. Let yourself go---the self which is working and fighting. Why identify with it? It is the ghost which finally everyone must renounce, and cease to claim as himself. ~ Lillian DeWaters (Light of the Eternal, 1945)
And the ghost is the lifeless personality of the ego which is not the real self, but the fear of being
April 26 ~ Saturday 2008
The time will come, and it must come, that people must understand the symbology of the left and the right as it pertains to politics and how being imbalanced or focussed on only one direction or the other can only have self-destructive consequences. And to travel in the middle is not the answer. One must understand the androgyny of life, of politics, of spirituality, in order to achieve anything with regards to balance and order in the Cosmos. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
And just as the male and the female are one, so too, must the duality of life reveal Oneness ~ D.L.
April 25 ~ Friday 2008
The concern of man for his immortal inheritance may not exceed the infinite concern of God nor equal it, but it is just and wholly possible that the concern of man within the relative sphere of his devotion can approximate the concern that every ascended master had prior to his ascension. ~ Serapis Bey (Dossier on the Ascension, recorded by Mark L. Prophet, 1967)
As a man approaches his divinity his memory of not having it disappears ~ D.L.
April 24 ~ Thursday 2008
The time is getting nearer when more of the general public will feel the necessity for knowing more about themselves and about the reality of the Universe. This and the Mind of God which is the source of who we are will be more compelling as time increases toward itself and the revelation of the mysticism which awaits all of humankind. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute)
As a man approaches himself he discovers a stranger ~ D.L.
April 23 ~ Wednesday 2008
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. ~ Dr. Wayne Dwyer
As a man perceiveth, so is he
April 22 ~ Tuesday 2008
As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life begins to flow with joy and ease. When you act out of present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love---even the most simple action. ~ Eckhart Tolle ( The Power of Now, 1999)
Focus on that which is so and Truth will have its way with you
April 21 ~ Monday 2008
Because most of our conclusions have been based on the results of human logic and reasoning foundationed in materiality, we are slow to assume the spiritual which is native to our Beingness. Hence, our "inner" identity, as well as all that is natural to it, has remained practically unknown. ~ Thane Walker (aka Thane of Hawaii) Philosophy of Ontology, 1993)
In the accepting of spiritual reality comes humankind's greatest discovery
April 20 ~ Sunday 2008
The Burning of Our Bridges
We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered. ~ Tom Stoppard

"A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ. -John Steinbeck
Both of these quotes were used on Criminal Minds in the Episode titled "Elephant's Memory" relating that certain things which happen to us linger seemingly forever within our consciousness reminding us that not all is well with us. Q.M.I. teaches that it is these memories which often hold the key to true liberation because we can follow them down that hall and realize who we really are and stand tall in the light of True Reality.
It is not the love of someone else but our own recognition that we are lovable which heals the wounds which haunt us in the shadows of our lives ~ D.L.
April 19 ~ Saturday 2008
The concept of "Free Energy" is not so far-fetched. Those who believe that they are logical and scientific in their approach to the physical universe and claim that such concepts as "free energy" or "perpetual motion machines" are ridiculous are not realizing that the entire Universe is operating on a free energy we do not yet know about in our immediate scientific community. But with increasing advances in consciousness this to shall manifest itself in our world and we will see the dawning of a new age. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The abstract understanding of a Divine Power in back of time, space and change is the "free energy" which expresses all appearances of matter out and back without end or difficulty and this "Quantum Value" will one day be understood as what we once called God
April 18 ~ Friday 2008
The uniqueness idea, then, leads to a kind of scientifically grounded open-mindedness, a respect for otherpoints of view, a kind of democracy of the mind. On the other hand, uniqueness is one of those tools which require other tools to supplement it, for in certain respects it cannot stand alone. The reason for this is that the uniqueness idea is, in a sense, a neutral idea. When we say that an entity is unique, we are not saying that it is good or bad, superior or inferior, harmful or harmless. We are merely saying that it is one of a kind. This netral idea does little or nothing for te cause of critical discrimination among unique entities. ~ Gina Cerminara (Insights for the Age of Aquarius, 1973)
Be who you really are and you will discover you are unique
April 17 ~ Thursday 2008
The great tragedy of Science—the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact. ~ Thomas Huxley (1825-1895)
And the realization of Reality when one understands that there is but One Mind and how that changes positively everything we believe now is one beautiful Truth. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Learn to form conclusions on Truth and not rewrite truth to support ideas which corroborate illusions with the ghosts of myth and superstition ~ D.L.
April 16 ~ Wednesday 2008 is more complex than you now understand. Some feelings are true feelings---that is, feelings born in the soul---and some feelings are counterfeit feelings. These are constructed in your mind. In other words, they are not "feelings" at all---they are thoughts. Thoughts masquerading as feelings. These thoughts are based on your previous experience and on the observed experience of others. You see someone grimace when having a tooth pulled you grimace when having your tooth pulled. It may not even hurt, but you grimace anyway. Your reaction has nothing to do with reality, only how you perceive reality, based on the experience of others or on something that's happened to you in the past. ~ Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God: an uncommon dialogue. Book 2, 1997)
Think with your heart, feel with your mind ~ Thane Walker
April 15 ~ Tuesday 2008
As I have said, we can no longer ignore the truth of Beingness. Infinite Mind is pressing this ultimate Truth upon us with increasing acceleration. This accounts for the unusual interest in Zen in the Western World during the past few years; especially among the younger and more educated generations. ~ Thane Walker (aka Thane of Hawaii) Philosophy of Ontology, 1993)
The East meets the West and the two shall be one: the androgyny of Spirit ~ D.L.
April 14 ~ Monday 2008
Our minds can no longer afford being diverted from the true path of freedom. Its inner significance must be revealed and accepted with great acceleration. Aimless allusions and ceaseless chatter concerning a better way of life, positive and negative thinking, good guys and bad guys, can be of no consequence except in third-rate TV shows. We must discover the way of freedom which lies within the Beingness of every man. When we learn this inner meaning of Life, a new order of freedom will simultaneously appear on earth. ~ Thane Walker (aka Thane of Hawaii) Philosophy of Ontology, 1993)
You do not change the system from within by being a part of it, but rather by not being a part of it ~ D.L.
April 13 ~ Sunday 2008
Just as we, as individuals, must exercise certain biological and psychological functions in order to maintain physical and mental well-being, we must also discover the inner rhythm which governs our spiritual functioning in order to adjust ourselves to life. ~ Thane Walker (aka Thane of Hawaii) Philosophy of Ontology, 1993)
In back of the appearances we perceive beats the heart of Eternity ~ D.L.
April 12 ~ Saturday 2008
The democratic way of life allows the natural expression of free-Spirit. On the other hand, totalitarianism, fascism, racial supremacy and every other terrorism are nothing but the outgrowth of a perverted way of life. All of the isms which are spreading havoc throughout the world are but the collective aspect of individual frustration based upon erroneous human equation. Free expression is the divine nature of man. When this native quality is repressed, distorted avenues of expression are the result. ~ Thane Walker (aka Thane of Hawaii) Philosophy of Ontology, 1993)
Politics when used to oppress becomes the weapon of a deviant consciousness
April 11 ~ Friday 2008
Seeing and accepting I AM THAT I AM, and beside Me there is none else, one is unable to point out anything in this Reality which needs healing, or see a place where Truth needs to be applied. The statement is so final, so all-inclusive, so absolute, as to preclude all thought of healing person or thing. Verily, Truth cannot be practiced from the standpoint of applying it as a means to an end, for the end is the same as the beginning, the object the same as the subject---I AM. Learning the meaning of "I AM THE WAY" he will have true Knowledge. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Voice of Revelation: Atomic Light, 1950)
Truth is not a thing, but an understanding of that which is in back of time, space and change
April 10 ~ Thursday 2008
The general religious belief of today is that through evolution---regeneration, evangelization, translation---a human mind or consciousness will be transformed into the Divine. Nothing could be further from the Truth. There is no existence but the Totality of the One. Thus, the Way is I AM The One. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Voice of Revelation: Atomic Light, 1950)
And to translate is to be removed to heaven without experiencing human death
April 9 ~ Wednesday 2008
Ancient had a present tense at some time. Our own era will become the investigation of its existence and history. Western Civilization will become an ancient civilization someday. What if all of our technology simply disappears and all that is left are bricks and rocks and only organic and natural materials? What if anything which might be considered "synthetic" would simply disappear if there were a massive change of consciousness in the future and the only things which were not changed were organic items that were the same materials as the environment. Our past civilization and ruins would appear very primitive to those investigating. Think about it. Now think about the pyramids and Stonehenge with this in mind. Consciousness is formed in layers and the "collective unconscious" of a certain age might hold in "thought" its own creations and inventions but organic matter and natural formations would be separate and untouched. Interesting. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
And even more mysteries remain to be revealed and understood
April 8 ~ Tuesday 2008
Almost everything we believe about the ancient past is simply overindulgent fantasies. But each generation holds within its grasp in secret groups the teachings of times gone by and the formulas and principles and understanding of things spiritual are there to be discovered by those who truly desire to know and by whom holds these secrets for those who are prepared to give themselves over to their inner desire to have this knowledge revealed. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
And yet so few step forward for the secrets while the masses indulge themselves with meaningless stories
April 7 ~ Monday 2008
Sometimes I do my best work when I am being terrorized. ~ Dr. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds, TV show)
A different perspective can be a good thing, but not always
April 6 ~ Sunday 2008
Never can you be redeemed or spiritualized by trying in any way to redeem or spiritualize yourself. What is your redemption? To release yourself from all belief and teaching that you are human or material, and identify yourself with God, the One-Mind, One-Life, One-Body, One-World alone. From this true and real position, you will be able to see and understand (1) that which is, and (2) that which is not. Never accept the belief that the Infinite has done all the thinking; instead, know that you are the Infinite, and that you are to accept only the teaching which is based upon divine Knowledge, Insight and Understanding. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The Voice of Revelation: "Atomic Light")
When you know what is and what isn't, you are faced with Ultimate Reality
April 5 ~ Saturday 2008
Philosophy, Metaphysics, Logic, Quantum Mechanics and simple Mathematical discussions will be presented for the unfoldment of this knowledge. Past civilizations, Secret Teachings, Psychology as well as the implications of the space program will be a focus within this class. This is not dependent on fictional literature to tempt the curious or to hypnotize the participants with confusing concepts and outlandish theories. Everything that is presented is concise and only in its Zen-like simplicity can there be any real understnding of this mystical information whose time has finally arrived. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Syllogism Prime: The Process of Spiritual Reasoning, 2008)
The time has arrived as you desire to know who and what you really are
April 4 ~ Friday 2008
There is nothing outside you. That is what you must ultimately learn, for it is the realization that the Kingdom of Heaven is restored to you. For God created only this, and He did not depart from it nor leave it separate from Himself. The Kingdom of Heaven is the dwelling place of the Son of God, who left not his Father and dwells not apart from Him. Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this oneness, and nothing else within. ~ A Course In Miracles (Chapter 18: The Passing of the Dream, page 358-359)
When you breathe in you breathe out, as you look you are seen
April 3 ~ Thursday 2008
To discover something spiritual is not nearly as important as coming to the conclusion that you want to know the "truth", you want to know "reality", you want to know your "self", you want to change. This decision of simply "wanting" to know or to change is something which you will remember forever and this alone will be a change in your life. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
When the student wants to change... they will
April 2 ~ Wednesday 2008
Today's cutting edge breakthroughs in science are lining up parallel to the mysticism of eons past along with recent psychological and religious theories that are being brought up to speed as it pertains to the New Light and Real Logic which has always been there to discover but we were too busy believing our survival required fear and ignorance to function in our environment. We foolishly thought the Universe was working against us instead of realization that it was inviting us to discover our Self and the Spirit of Reality.
Right Brain / Left Brain - - As Above, So Below - - Solar Symbology - - Duality and Polarity - - Dividing the Waters - - Escaping Earth's Gravity - - Listening to the heartbeat of the Universe. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Syllogism Prime: The Process of Spiritual Reasoning, 2008)
When the student is ready, the Teaching arrives
April 1 ~ Tuesday 2008
Regarding research on "L-Fields", Harold Saxton Burr reveals: "...the first stepping-stones on a long journey into the unknown-- guide-posts for further adventures in science. They indicate that the Universe is an ordered system, the human organism an ordered component. Law and order prevail from the biggest to the smallest; and to suggest that there is any chaos is merely to display our lack of information." This conclusion is that moment of realization and enlightenment in spiritual events or mystical moments. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (commenting on Burr's work: Blueprint For Immortality: The Electric Patterns of Life, 1972)
And when research comes together there is usually a Gestalt
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