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September 30 ~ Tuesday 2008
Fields are an integral part of matter and energy---the organizing factor---and it is an axiom that no integral part of an unannihilable whole can cease to exist. So, though fields may change their form, they cannot be annihilated. And this must apply to any kind of field, including the fields of thought. ~ Edward Wriothesley Russell (Design For Destiny, 1971)
Breath in deep and know this is forever, you, the moment, the reality. ~ D.L.
September 29 ~ Monday 2008
Energy is the ability to move matter. Matter is an illusion. Matter is energy. Therefore energy is the ability to move energy. This is the ongoing nature of the Universe and of MIND. Mind is the ability to express itself infinitely. Humankind's energy or lack of has everything to do with our state of mind. Many are feeling depleted because they are confused and thus lost. This confusion is simply the misunderstanding of what humankind and Mind is going through. We are approaching ourselves and our belief system and having to face the obvious need to make changes in our consciousness. A physical universe is not going to disappear but our manner of viewing it that way must change. The Universe is not physical, it is consciousness and it is energy therefore we must understand this and view it in that light. The result of this change in consciousness will expand our awareness and new ideas will manifest everywhere and earth will change forever... our world will change forever. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Reality is infinite and so is the essence within all ideas and their manifestation ~ D.L.
September 28 ~ Sunday 2008
Do you hear me? Do you care? Do you hear me? Do you care? My lips are moving and the sound's coming out. The words are audible but I have my doubts that you realize what has been said. You look at me as if you're in a daze. It's like the feeling at the end of the page when you realize you don't know what you just read. What are words for when no one listens anymore? What are words for when no one listens? What are words for when no one listens it's no use talking at all? I might as well go up and talk to a wall 'cause all the words are having no effect at all. It's a funny thing am I all alone. Something has to happen to change the direction. What little filters through is giving you the wrong impression. It's a sorry state I say to myself. What are words for when no one listens anymore? What are words for when no one listens? What are words for when no one listens it's no use talking at all? ~ Missing Persons (Words)
In the beginning was the Word...
September 27 ~ Saturday 2008
But there is also in our modern world a more positive value accounting for a real crisis in prayer. The individual is coming forth as a person. There is now a great need for an "I-Thou," a person-to-person confrontation in prayer that unfortunately did not always exist in our spiritual life. We engaged in a great deal of repetitious, formal prayer, especially in our liturgical and communal prayers. But today the person is important; he feels he must be free, free to say his "yes" to God. I must have a sense of identity if I am to meet God deeply. And so the modern person going to prayer feels the need to get down deeper into his intimate self, into that which the Eastern Christian calls the heart, that complexity which is not just our physical heart but is the totality of our being, standing before God who is the ground of our being, looking up into His face and say, "yes." ~ George A. Maloney, S.J. (The Breath of The Mystic, 1974)
In order to face God one must face their self, in facing the self one finds God. ~ D.L.
September 26 ~ Friday 2008
Space is a level of experience that any of us can reach, but it is difficult to talk about on our present plane precisely because it is unlimited. It is that which chooses limits and makes definitions. We might say: all experiences are available to the One Mind, and the One Mind is all of us or any of us at the highest level of expansion. Or we might theorize: God could not create anything more limited than Himself that would persist, but if He duplicates Himself, He can enjoy a persistent universe. Each entity, therefore, is a duplicate of God, "made in His image." ~ Thaddeus Golas (The Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment, 1971)
All is One and All is God - All is Mind and Mind is All - All mental activity is One
September 25 ~ Thursday 2008
Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. ~ Ernest Hemingway
Once we have a war there is only one thing to do. It must be won. For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war. ~ Ernest Hemingway
War comes from not wrestling with one's own demons long enough. ~ D.L.
September 24 ~ Wednesday 2008
How lucky for rulers that men do not think. ~ Adolf Hitler
Think with your heart and feel with your mind. ~ Thane of Hawaii
Thinking is the best way to travel. ~ The Moody Blues
As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. ~ Proverbs 23:7
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. ~ Buddha
So many assume they know how to think... but they are wrong. ~ D.L.
September 23 ~ Tuesday 2008
What is real is right there in front of us. The answers we need are already within. The solution which will happen will happen because we allow it. A part of us is always operating, more often than not without our knowledge. There are so many levels to consciousness but still we must work our way to that place where we can achieve full consciousness aware of the I AM that we are. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
As a man thinks, so is consciousness coming to life and exploding in light all around us
September 22 ~ Monday 2008
We are what we think... All that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world. Buddha
As a man thinks, so is he, as a woman feels, so is she, the Beingness of Reality is
September 21 ~ Sunday 2008
The time for a sophisticated and real Teaching about the Universe and life on earth and the meaning in back of time, space and change is imminently waiting to be released around the world. Do not be fooled by those who promise that they can make your world a better place. Only you can change your world by changing yourself. And you can change yourself. You hold the key to unlock the door to a Reality which answers all questions and solves all problems. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
When the math is corrected, the equation finally comes together
September 20 ~ Saturday 2008
There is change afoot in your world. Do not be afraid. But in order for everything to work out well in your own life you must begin to face yourself and make changes in who you are. You already know things you need to change about yourself. You need to become more honest. You should be less consumed with yourself and think about others. But this kind of behavior can become mechanical and ego generated as well. You need to begin a real path and discover spiritual work which can help you change perhaps through the assistance of someone who has gone this way before. Good luck. ~ Derek Lamar
As the illusion fades, reality comes into view
September 19 ~ Friday 2008
The realm of appearances is the picture-realm, your own moving-picture show, you the operator. If you do not like the old picture, get some new films (new states of consciousness). Get a consciousness of life that is God itself, a realization of life as absolutely perfect. Then watch the pictures change. That old distorted picture fades, and a picture of a life more in keeping with the realization of a life that is perfect comes forth in your affairs (your screen). Yes, it is your screen and they are your pictures. Change them if you don't like them. ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being, 1923)
As you realize the attributes of Truth, the world around you changes. ~ D.L.
September 18 ~ Thursday 2008
The one truth about which all are agreed is the truth of mathematics. No educated person would attempt to argue the question. Nor does one approach the principle asking that the principle itself be verified. Because, in order to prove mathematics one must first accept the principle itself. ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being, 1923)
As you expand the Truth within your Mind your world will begin to dissolve. ~ D.L.
September 17 ~ Wednesday 2008
Borrowing knowledge of reality from all sources, taking the best from every study, Science of Mind brings together the highest enlightenment of the ages. ~ Ernest Holmes
Reality can reveal itself in a rock or in the sun as you discover that it is within you ~ D.L.
September 16 ~ Tuesday 2008
This is the time which has been predicted. This is the threshold into the New Age. This is the era in which humankind discovers that all they need is within themselves. Discover your "I AM" and the heritage of Infinity through which the MIND of which you are is nothing but thought... infinite thought, eternal thought, ideas upon ideas upon ideas held together by Love. Love yourself. Love one another for you are ONE. ~ Derek Lamar
Realizing the Truth removes the fear of being without when everything is within. ~ D.L.
September 15 ~ Monday 2008
The Truth is: God is good and health is good; therefore health is God. God is good Hnd love is good; therefore love is God. All that the human senses will ever know of God, is good. All that is true of God is true of "good." All the good in the universe is merely God---manifest. To identify it with God is to see its reality. To see its reality, is to be able to govern, at will, its manifestation. ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being, 1923)
Realizing the Truth removes illusions and reveals Reality in you. ~ D.L.
September 14 ~ Sunday 2008
I realize the Truth, that God is all there is, and beside him there is nothing else. ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being, 1923)
Realizing the Allness of the Divine declares that illumination is mine. ~ D.L.
September 13 ~ Saturday 2008
I have been driven to my knees many times because there was no place else to go. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Bending one's ego in the face of despair opens the door to real change ~ D.L.
September 12 ~ Friday 2008
The real God-Self that you are was never born nor has never died. ~ Frances Wade Gott (The Science of Being, 1923)
The Oneness of reality is hidden deep within our delusion that duality is real. ~ D.L.
September 11 ~ Thursday 2008
I realized that I was different from others and that I had a place outside my body...but also that I remain here because I'm human too and my feet are on the ground and my thoughts in the sky... I eased my way into human-being rather than being-human. ~ Rosalie Rivas (Bakersfield, 2008)
From earth to heaven in a breath of air, relieving one's self of earthly cares ~ D.L.
September 10 ~ Wednesday 2008
I wanted it all to go away and I thought about me and who I am and what could possibly make me happy and why all of the thinking and thoughts and ideas only made sense to me... yet still I believed everyone else was crazy. I understood what separated myself from others was the ego. It's like a barrier... I thought about so much more that day and fell into understanding. I had no more anger because I saw why such and such was done... I then acknowledged my problem: I was living on both sides of the ego barrier... I accepted that I was human too and that it's okay to make mistakes; it's okay to have emotions. It's okay to be me. ~ Rosalie Rivas (Bakersfield, 2008)
To be oneself is to be ONE SELF... one with the Universe. ~ D.L.
September 9 ~ Tuesday 2008
Now do you see, dear friend, what it means to simply stand "on Principle"? It's not standing on air, but it is a firm and solid rock. Standing on anything else is sand, the shifting, changing sand of appearances, and is not the foundation upon which to build. "Judge not according to appearances," says the Master of' every human problem. ~ Frances Wade Gott (The Science of Being, 1923)
Breathe in deep on remain still within the absolute knowing
September 8 ~ Monday 2008
Expression in almost any form of creativity can deepen and expand one's understanding of the meaning of the transformational process. Sometimes the result is a product beautiful by almost any standard. Frequently the product may have little excellence or beauty by narrow, conventional standards, but serves significantly to increase self-understanding ad permit self-expression. This may be particularly true if the individual has the courage to undertake an art form which is totally new to him or her. ~ Frances Horn (I Want One Thing, 1981)
Creativity is stepping aside to allow the True Self to emerge within
September 7 ~ Sunday 2008
Your feelings most likely draw you in a direction as to what you think about. View this within yourself. Discover how this might be holding you back. What we feel is often rooted in unresolved issues from our childhood. This is often true even if the feelings we experience appear to be pleasurable or positive. Our baggage can usually be found in feelings which draw us into relationships which not only do not work out but misdirect us from our True Path. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I Am on a journey which takes me over bumps before I discover the smooth highway
September 6 ~ Saturday 2008
You have worked and worked and yet you still have found no real meaning in life. You do not like religion but still you seek answers which can guide you to fulfilling who you really are. Most people do not understand that if they simply realize this and tell their subconscious mind to guide them to the answers they need to make these things happen... it will work. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
I Am on a journey which I choose to lift me up in my daily life
September 5 ~ Friday 2008
The way out lies in the spoken word. In the Bible the "word" means any definitely formulated thought---not just the drifting thought that floats through your mind. The word is creative, and the strongest and most creative word is "I am." Whenever you say "I am," you are calling upon the universe to do something for you and it will do it. Whenever you say "I am," you are drawing a check on the universe. It will be honored and cashed sooner or later and the proceeds will go to you. If you say, "I am tired, sick, poor, fed up, disappointed, getting old," then you are drawing checks for future trouble and limitation. When you say, "I am divine life," "I am divine Truth," "I am divine freedom," "I am substance," "I am eternal substance," you are drawing a check on the bank of heaven, and surely that check will be honored with health and plenty for you. ~ Emmett Fox (Life Is Consciousness: from the book The Unity Treasury Chest, 1956)
I Am that I Am, I Am Being, I Am is to be that which is and that which is, is that which is so
September 4 ~ Thursday 2008
Watching politics is so aggravating. People do not understand how the polarity of philosophies reflect the duality of consciousness. The only answer is not "centrist" or "middle of the road" but an androgyny of thinking wherein the right and left brain operate in concert with esoteric and intellectual ideas based on Absolutes and a Higher Reality than that which humans draw ordinarily upon. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The life of the atom is the horizon of the Universe
September 3 ~ Wednesday 2008
"God is Love." An important statement in the Bible but what does it really mean. What are the ramifications? How does one interpret this? Is God also a swift wind or a rock in the brook in December? We attribute this concept to a divine understanding of God and yet religion does little to nothing to establish a real understanding of its meaning. The Truth is one must know what Love is in order to know what it means that God is Love. And yet on must know God in order to understand Love. We experience Love through sex and in the sexual act we can see that a male and a female "couple" and experience "Oneness". The reason this is important is because "Oneness" is the natural state of Reality. If God is all, therefore God is infinite, then God is One. This brings one to understand that Reality is Oneness. This Oneness can be experienced as "Love". When you love someone you feel close to them. There is nothing closer than being One. To be one with someone is to experience their feelings, their thoughts, their being, their vision, their dreams, their perfection. This is why it is important to understand that "God is Love". This is to indication that Oneness is a natural state which already exists and not something to achieve. We must achieve awareness of this state but the state is the reality which is already in effect. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The journey of Love is to constantly recognize that all is God
September 2 ~ Tuesday 2008
Wanting to know the truth about something and wanting to know Truth itself are entirely different animals. To want to know the truth about something tells you one thing. But to want to know Truth itself, tells you everything. Be a "know-it-all"; seek Reality. Look within. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
The journey to accomplish unique discovery of the self is to know what is and what is not
September 1 ~ Monday 2008
"Tuning in" on the secret power of God is placing your thoughts in tune with the all-powerful, everywhere-present, all-wise Mind of God. ~ Charles Roth (Mind: The Master Power, 1974)
Be still and know the I AM
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