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Monday ~ May 31 ~ 2010
A real story, when fiction is used to convey ideas that we can identify on some level, does its best when the story takes the viewer or reader to understand a Higher part of his or herself. This is why all of the great stories heavily involve the use of what is referred to as Universal Truths. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Truth is not just a statement of fact but the key to illumination...
Sunday ~ May 30 ~ 2010
In the One Mind there are no incurable diseases; there is only the perfection of God. In the One Life there are no dangerous symptoms, difficult conditions, no pain or suffering. The awareness of the Presence of God dissolves these troublesome thoughts and their seeming effect as "a Light shining in a dark place." ~ Jack Addington (The Secret of Healing, 1973)
This place is not a fantasy but a realization of reality...
Saturday ~ May 29 ~ 2010
Many people do not pray because they do not know how to pray. One time I spoke on scientific prayer to a group of ministers from various denominations, members of a ministerial association. I soon realized that they were intensely interested in what I had to say. After the lecture one of the men came to me and confided that he had lately been omitting the pastoral prayer from his Sunday service and that no one had missed it. After an awkward pause, he confessed that he didn't know how to pray. I couldn't believe my ears. This was the minister of one of the largest churches in the city, a church that had several thousand members, telling me that he would like to attend my classes on scientific prayer because he did not know how to pray and had come to the point where he did not even pray in his Sunday service. ~ Jack Addington (The Secret of Healing, 1973)
Two thousands years and finally humankind is ready...
Friday ~ May 28 ~ 2010
I know that God is the only Power and the only Presence. I know that I AM the expression of God andthat all the Father hath is mine. I AM a divine, perfect, spiritual being, forever ONE with my Source. Turning from problems, I listen in the Silence for God's perfect answers. Turning from confusion, I accept the Peace that passeth all understanding. I let the perfect Life of God live through me. ~ Jack Addington (The Secret of Healing, 1973)
If there is no Beingness which is Real..., then how could anything exist?
Thursday ~ May 27 ~ 2010
Man can receive into his experience just as much of the Divine as he is willing to accept. Jesus accepted it so completely that he became synonymous with the Christ, God individualized in man, as man. ~ Jack Addington (The Secret of Healing, 1973)
To be "one with the Father" is to realize one's own True Being...
Wednesday ~ May 26 ~ 2010
What is life about? What do you want it to be? Who are you? Who do you want to be? Will you live again? Will you ever die? Do you have a destiny? Do you want meaning to your existence? Is there a purpose? Don't you know yet? Life is so full of activities which demand your attention it is difficult to understand all that happening. But you can. And by understanding you will change the course of your life. It can only get better as you learn the factors and the realities of that which tick in the Cosmic Clock of our existence. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
If there is no life in life, then it doesn't exist... and you know it does...
Tuesday ~ May 25 ~ 2010
Truth in our ideas means their power to work." ~ William James (From Pragmatism, 1907)
Truth is not a critique... it is the power of the Universe... DL
Monday ~ May 24 ~ 2010
The time it takes to deal with your life is far less time than it takes to avoid it. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I., director)
These words he speaks are true...
Sunday ~ May 23 ~ 2010
The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had. ~ Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google)
     Unfortunately, "Baby boomers' think, especially after the 60's, is that being "anti-establishment" means something in and of itself. And usually the first thing they do is join some group. You cannot simply be against something for effective positive change. You must be for something. And what you are for should be something you understand and encompass within your self and your life. It can be a dilemma but one we all must pursue in understanding. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I., director)
Reality only has meaning if it is true...DL
Saturday ~ May 22 ~ 2010
The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Like truth, it is often simply what people want to believe it is...
Friday ~ May 21 ~ 2010
Sometimes it becomes exhausting trying to do the right thing when in actuality continuing to do one's own "Work" will clear the path for the right thing to occur naturally in an unencumbered state of Higher Unfoldment and Clear Consciousness. The "wrong thing" only occurs when there are blocks preventing the natural flow of perfect manifestation. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Do not be amused by imperfection, rise above it...
Thursday ~ May 20 ~ 2010
Rhythm is the basis of life, not steady forward progress. The forces of creation, destruction, and preservation have a whirling, dynamic interaction. ~ Kabbalah
Life is not static, nor is the stillness within it...
Wednesday ~ May 19 ~ 2010
Misdirected life force is the activity in disease process. Disease has no energy save what it borrows from the life of the organism. It is by adjusting the life force that healing must be brought about, and it is the sun as transformer and distributor of primal spiritual energy that must be utilized in this process, for life and the sun are so intimately connected. ~ Kabbalah
Electromagnetic energy is the pulse of our Universe...
Tuesday ~ May 18 ~ 2010
The sand can be white as snow and the sky be blue, turquoise, purple, and red like flowers in a meadow smeared across the heavens, with the rich red hewn earth turned into pueblos protecting the sons of god upon the land, scattered brush here and there mingling with the wild horses and prairie dogs barking at the moon, oh New Mexico, the land of enchantment and spiritual realization awaits another moment of ongoing illumination... ~ Derek Lamar
Let there be Lights... within and without...
Monday ~ May 17 ~ 2010
With so much need for spiritual and psychological help all around us, why is there so little outreach happening. There is plenty of political activism... mostly to avoid the need for inner change. Always the focus on the outer. If the denial regarding the importance of the inner situation could be let go of and allow us to face the need for inner change, everything would fall into place. Of this there can be no denial. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Quantum Metaphysics Institute, Director)
Let there be Light... within...
Sunday ~ May 16 ~ 2010
Some have Me in their mouths, but little in their hearts. There are others who, being enlightened in their understanding and purified in their affection, always breathe after things eternal, are unwilling to hear of earthly things, and grieve to be subject to the necessities of nature; and such as these perceive what the Spirit of Truth speaketh in them.
For it teacheth them to despise the things of the earth and to love heavenly things; to disregard the world, and all the day and night to aspire after heaven. ~ Thomas a Kempis (Of the Imitation of Christ)
As above, so below... the difference matters once you know... DL
Saturday ~ May 15 ~ 2010
Reach into yourself by letting go of the predictable exterior. We all have internal caverns and pathways which will let us travel to or from within Consciousness to present us with creative ideas which are incredible. This is with art, music, writing, inventing, problem solving, spiritual help and teaching information... it just goes on and on and never ends. It is that quiet place. It is the "I AM". ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Be still and know that all is known... is within... DL
Friday ~ May 14 ~ 2010
Many things within new thought are researched and studied but they are not the same as the ultimate intention of the "Work". Whether it be psychic abilities, intuition, premonition, precognition, paranormal experiences, ancient civilizations, things dealing with outer space and aliens, ghosts, mediums, telekinisis, astrology, numerology, and so on, though extremely interesting, do not take the place of the individual working on themselves and accomplishing spiritual liberation through the process of personal enlightenment, consciousnes expansion, illumination, etc. Think about this and don't allow other fields of thought dazzle you into forgetting what we are here for.~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Communication is the opportunity to teach and learn... DL
Thursday ~ May 13 ~ 2010
One of the greatest most helpful discoveries for one to accomplish is the reality that men are women and women are men. This is because the differences between males and females is for the most part an illusion. We have come to believe our hormones instead of the obvious reality which stands before us to behold. I read somewhere recently where a child asked: "Why do men have nipples?" Out of the mouth of babes... literally. Men have nipples because they are no different from women in the bigger picture. Also you have had everyone go topless in your community and lined them up on main street beginning with those with the largest breasts on down to those with the flattest chests.... it would not be equally divided in the middle. We are all male and female. We are all androgynous just as our brains are left and right and our bodies contain the same elements which differ only in the names we give things to keep our egos calm or excited depending on the words at the moment and the moment at hand. When you begin to discover what it means to give and receive just as it pertains to the "as above, so below" you will have begun to discover not only your self but the nature of God. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Communication is the expression of Mind... DL
Wednesday ~ May 12 ~ 2010
Jesus once gave a commandment to his disciples... he said: "Love others as I have loved you." Some people think that means to love others... period. But the emphasis is on the segment "as I have loved you" which is significant. The manner in which Jesus loved required more than simply feeling warm fuzzies about people. Sometimes it meant teaching or giving of yourself or asking someone else for help because you know they need to be with someone or sharing because no one ever shared with them or telling someone the truth about life or their life or their needs. Sometimes telling someone the truth is difficult because people can be taken aback. But one must also always allow Higher Mind to speak through them as well. Do not simply allow your subconscious to come up with something critical to say. As you get more into the letting "Mind" have its way with you and continuing a pattern of be honest and genuine, you will find this to be easier. But also, simply telling someone that their hair-do looks lousy probably isn't the right kind of honesty. Oftentimes people draw from us the things they need to hear. You will get the hang of it. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Communication can change the world... DL
Tuesday ~ May 11 ~ 2010
They hate you when you love them and they love you when you hate them. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Derek Lamar said this in 1986 when he had started his first school, The Ontological Learning Center, in California. Despite years of studying in a Fourth Way School and doing personal study and research through volumes of Gurdjieff and Fourth Way materials, it still took live Teaching and in-depth relationships with students, pupils and chelas to fully understand the dichotomy of the student/teacher relationship. Derek Lamar: "My statement about love and hate expresses my understanding of how the human consciousness reacts to real Teaching. Teaching is an experience which is alive. It is a powerful experience which is much like pouring a cleaning solution on jewelry or cabinets or concrete. It will remove the tarnish or dirt or oxidation or crust which is upon the surface and reveal the inner untainted portion to the environment. Imagine this in terms of dealing with consciousness. It is an exposure to understanding which not only had been unknown but sometimes painstakingly denied by people and yet their conscious mind and their subconscious mind is not in agreement or oneness with this knowledge and when confronted by new ideas often the student will react violently, painfully, sadly, confused, angry or oftentimes simply stunned. But it is not the Teaching so much which prompts this reaction but oftentimes it is their own inner dilemma which is set free to be faced and this can be frightening to people. This is why this type of Teaching can be a long and painstaking process of learning as well as one which can be enlightening, joyous, liberating and transforming."
Teaching is a process of inner change... DL
Monday ~ May 10 ~ 2010
Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to have yourself to it.--Buddha
Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them. ~ Aristotle
To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have. ~ Ken S. Keyes, Jr. (Handbook to Higher Consciousness)
Life is a process of living and living is a process of learning... DL
Sunday ~ May 9 ~ 2010
To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people, and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition, to know that even one life has breathed better because you have lived: this is to have succeeded. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Life continues to become better the more we reveal about ourselves... ~ DL
Saturday ~ May 8 ~ 2010
The process of personal discovery is a path where you discover the infinite possibilities within you. It isn't a nightmare journey where you face the ugliness you fear is there. There are moments of sadness occasionally, but for the most part is the vast field of realization which reflects the Godness which is your True Reality. ~ Derek Lamar (Director of Q.M.I.)
You are a treasure waiting to happen... ~ DL
Friday ~ May 7 ~ 2010
The path of realization requires a conscious mind and this will lead you to the door of infinite possibilities. ~ Derek Lamar (Director of Q.M.I.)
You are always moving ever closer to knowing... ~ DL
Thursday ~ May 6 ~ 2010
I have also seen children successfully surmounting the effects of an evil inheritance. That is due to purity being an inherent attribute of the soul. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
You are not who you think you are but who you become... ~ DL
Wednesday ~ May 5 ~ 2010
Creation is a process of becoming; an awakening of the Divine to a consciousness of Itself. What I have been, or might be, is not the vital question. What am I now and here, in Truth? Regardless of what I have been; whence I came or how; or of where I was before, one thing is certain---I Am here, now, to awaken, to become conscious of myself, to realize myself. God becomes conscious of himself as "I". This is the reverse of the idea that I become conscious of myself as God, though the end is the same. Perhaps it is easier for God to know he is I, than for me to know that I am God. God sleeps in stone; God dreams in plant; God stirs in animal; but God awakens in man and says, "I Am". I Am---what? "God?" Assuredly! "Man?" Certainly! "I Am that I Am." ~ Ralph O'Day (Real-I-Zation, 1943)
Awaken from the sleep of not Being and know "I AM"...
Tuesday ~ May 4 ~ 2010
Every normal person, in fact, is only normal on the average. His ego approximates to that of the psychotic in some part or other and to a greater or lesser extent. ~ Sigmund Freud
Look into the depths of your own soul and learn first to know yourself, then you will understand why this illness was bound to come upon you and perhaps you will thenceforth avoid falling ill. ~ Sigmund Freud
What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult. ~ Sigmund Freud
Real psychology begins when you have the desire to know more than the facts...
Monday ~ May 3 ~ 2010
Do not be confused about the concept of "Intelligent Design". It is true that the religious community is attempting to make inroads through this concept and that is a shame. However, the idea that the opposite of religion is evolution is equally ridiculous. There is no reason that evolution and spirituality cannot go hand in hand. What reveals order, balance, harmony more than an unfoldment of life called evolution. If life is evolving then it is changing and the concept of that change is one of improvement. If survival of the fittest reveals that there is an order based on levels and it is consistent just like the concept of the path of least resistance than clearly we live in a universe which is not based on random accidents but rather a reality which is unified and connected and One which has as its attributes all of those things which used to explain the Higher Nature of a Spiritual Existence. Forget what other people say, you need to understand for yourself that everything you perceive has within its reality "intelligent design" just as the stamp of the creator of the universe reads: "I AM". ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Real creativity is the looking into the mirror of God...
Sunday ~ May 2 ~ 2010
The most important aspect of the process of self-improvement is the cultivation of one’s sense of humility before the Creator. This, however, should not be an artificial undertaking, but a goal of one’s efforts. If, as a result of working on the self, an individual gradually starts to develop this quality, then it means that he is proceeding in the right direction. ~ Talmud, Avodah Zarah (Kabbalah)
Humility is knowing who you really are, not who you believe you are...DL
Saturday ~ May 1 ~ 2010
Grasp the Creator. Kabbalah is known as the teaching of the hidden (nistar) because it can only be grasped by a person to the degree that he is able to alter his inner qualities. Therefore, he cannot pass along his perceptions to others, but he can and should help others to overcome the same path. ~ Rambam, Ilchot Yesodot Torah (Kabbalah)
View that which you are not and you will see all that you are... DL

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