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Thursday ~ March 31 • 2011
There is nothing so gratifying to a teacher of Science as to see the radiance of his students' minds breaking forth. When they seize the truth for themselves, love it, and reason out each item of their lives by it, and see that no other reasoning has illuminating power, they are the true light in the firmament. ~ Emma Curtis Hopkins (Scientific Christian Mental Practice)
Mind is the Infinite Beingness we call God, Self, Truth, Reality... DL
Wednesday ~ March 30 • 2011
Imagine if you were to sit down, close your eyes, relax, breathe in deeply and clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. Then imagine that you do not have a physical body but you are Mind and that this Mind you have is actually, truly, in Reality the only Mind there is. It is Infinite and it is perfect and all that exists exists within your Mind. You are now at peace. Go to this place whenevery you need to get in touch with who you really are. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Mind is all there is and you are this Mind... DL
Tuesday ~ March 29 • 2011
If we choose to believe we are helpless victims and that it's all hopeless, then the Universe will support us in that belief, and we will just go down the drain. It is vital that we release these foolish, outmoded, negative ideas and beliefs that do not support us and nourish us. Even our concept of God needs o be one that is for us, not against us. ~ Louise L. Hay (You Can Heal Your Life, 1984)
Reality is what we aren't seeing when we have a problem... DL
Monday ~ March 28 • 2011
This is the drama of our times: the climax of our historical epoch as we reach the conclusion of the twentieth century. Our planet, our species, our generation is shifting. And they are all the same shift. This is not a personal story, though everyone's personal life is affected and everyone's life affects the story. Like strands of DNA, all of us are coded with the history and possibilities of the species. Ours is a collective, generational drama, for our dramas at their core are all the same story. ~ Marianne Williamson (Illuminata, 1994)
Reality is the dream which emerges in our soul... DL
Sunday ~ March 27 • 2011
Fear of intimacy is a fear of death. In a world where we have been taught to believe that the bolsterings of our individual power is the greatest good, it is difficult to feel that a melting of the walls surrounding us is something to be desired. In some ways, we are right: Intimacy does melt the walls, it does mean the surrender of our heretofore completely independent mode of operation, and it does decrease the freedom we have to stand forth in the world as a lone and individual force. What it does not do, however, is decrease our personal power. Surrender to love increases personal power for it expands who we are. ~ Marianne Williamson (Illuminata, 1994)
Reality is the dream which emerges in our soul... DL
Saturday ~ March 26 • 2011
The journey of life's experience never ends. If you feel you have become bored than there is something you are not moving past. Find out what is in your way, deal with it, and open the door again to your creative universe. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Reality is Infinite just as you are, enjoy it... DL
Friday ~ March 25 • 2011
When you look up quotes about God you can find some of the dumbest things out there, I swear. I think I will just have to make something up right here and hope it helps someone.....
.......If you take all of the thoughts in your mind about your world which could be illusion and erase them.... everything else is God. For some people all that would be left would be themselves. Congratulations! ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Imagine there's no universe, it isn't hard to do... DL
Thursday ~ March 24 • 2011
Peace is not an absence of war; it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. --Baruch Spinoza
Change your mind, change your world... DL
Wednesday ~ March 23 • 2011
The only real way to deal with "life and death" is to be as honest about it as possible. All of the sadness and dark sides to change only come back to haunt you when you withold the truth which is always right there staring you in the face. Reach out and embrace and discovery the oneness to be found there. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
Behold I stand at the door and knock... I AM
Tuesday ~ March 22 • 2011
The light which is in us is reason, or intelligence. This not only is the eye which helps us to see and understand created things as they really are; but above all it is the "eye" which receives the infused light of faith and of contemplation. True contemplation is a "loving knowledge of God" which actually requires the coordinated action of supernatural knowledge and love. Nevertheless it is formally situated in the intelligence, as Saint John of the Cross and Saint Thomas would agree. We have seen what it means to keep the "eye" of the intelligence clear. Our spirit is darkened by its attachments. ~ Thomas Merton (The Ascent To Truth, 1951)
The eye of the "I AM" is the doorway to seeing the Self... DL
Monday ~ March 21 • 2011
It has truly hit home that if people desire true spirituality they will come forward to learn the great Cosmic Truths and be willing to change within. Those who don't will not and they will continue to operate haphazardly in a life of ups and downs and eventual confusion and disappointment. Everyone makes a choice. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
When the student is ready... the heavens opens up... DL
Sunday ~ March 20 • 2011
Intellectuality is sometimes considered the epoch of the new age for humankind because it establishes thinking rather than blind faith as the criteria for reality. However, it must be understood that thinking alone does not make something true nor does a warm fuzzy feeling create a valid faith which cannot be discussed with words. How one feels and how one thinks belong to each other just as does the male and female in the androgynous nature of God and Reality. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
As one feels so too must they think... DL
Saturday ~ March 19 • 2011
It is an incredible discovery when you learn that listening is just as important as speaking out the inner most secrets you hold within. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
As a man thinketh, so does he speak... so does he hear...
Friday ~ March 18 • 2011
All outer manifestations of man's life are nothing but projections of an inner state or image contained within his own consciousness. Man must learn that the only way to create a better world is to build the constructive images within his own consciousness that he wishes to see expressed in the world. For the world is simply an outpicturing of our mental beliefs and attitudes. ~ Joesph Murphy (This Is It or The Art of Metaphysical Demonstration, 1945)
As Above So Below, As Within So Without...
Thursday ~ March 17 • 2011
People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it. ~ Walter Langer referring to the mind-set of Adolf Hitler and similar dictator-types.
Know the Truth and it will make you free... Jesus
Wednesday ~ March 16 • 2011
Jesus lived the principle of brotherly love with scientific knowledge of the unity of man. He knew the Oneness of the omniscient Light from which all things are extended to manifest the love principle of unity. He knew also the unity of the electric wave universe of seeming many parts---and the balanced interchange of giving and regiving which manifests the love principle in matter. To Him there were no other men on earth than His Self---that all seemingly separate other men were His own Self---His own body---all being extensions of Himself as His arms were extensions of His body. He had not even the concept of separateness, for He knew the WHOLENESS of God and His one Idea. ~ Walter Russell (The Message of The Divine Iliad, 1948) page 187.
Oneness is the knowing that only one Infinite Mind can exist... DLTuesday ~ March 15 • 2011
The metaphysical character of some of the current speculation in the field of cosmology can be seen even more dramatically once we begin to examine some of the speculation to which the acceptance of inflationary ideas has led. In particular, there is a hypothesis, currently very fashionable, which says that the universe may have come into existence out of nothing. ~ Richard Morris (The Edges of Science: Crossing The Boundary From Physics To Metaphysics, 1990)
What if there was nothing to begin with? ~DL
Monday ~ March 14 • 2011
There in that divine atmosphere and by the power of that celestial chemistry, they are transformed to one life, one consciousness and one purpose, wherein everyone seeks the progress, the wellbeing and the happiness of others. ~ Hanna Jacob Doumette (The Sun Of Higher Understanding, 1929)
In this spiritual awakening, in this sublime regeneration, the ego within realizes the heavy steel grip of earth life, and in his sense of bitter estrangement in the world, he would, at any cost, break loose from this earth life were it not for the realization of his evolutionary advancement or for his divine mission in the world. ~ Hanna Jacob Doumette (The Sun Of Higher Understanding, 1929)
Do not fear the future, but also do not go back to sleep...DL
Sunday ~ March 13 • 2011
The decision as to which way you walk is under your control. You are either seeking God or trying to escape from Him. The genius or mystic who has found God, lives in the world of inspiration. He is always seeking the ecstasy of the Light. He lives in that wonderful ecstatic world of aloneness, and prefers to. He is never alone--for he is with God--thinking God---creating with God. ~ Walter Russell (The Message of The Divine Iliad, 1948)
Be still and know that God is within... DL
Saturday ~ March 12 • 2011
The Ancient Star that wanders on for ever, lofty and strong, Lord of the Living Being. We call upon the Sage with Holy verses, Agni Vaisvanara the ever-beaming, Who hath surpassed both heaven and earth in greatness: he is a God below, a God above us. ~ Hymn LXXXVIII verses 13-14 (The Rig Veda, Sacred Writings)
Change is upon us but it is not chastisement but the continuing unfoldment of Mind infinitely shining a Light upon our path... DL
Friday ~ March 11 • 2011
Earth changes are "shocks" in our "world" and our "world" represents the manifestion of our consciousness resulting from the totality of our "mindset." When a sudden "shock" occurs, as in an earthquake, it represents a subconscious prompting of needing awareness to the conscious mind to redirect one's attention for what is going on inside within one's state of mind. This statement is resulting from the current situation in Japan and the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami which has resulted. All of this is manifesting during the "critical" portion of the current "Moon Wobble" which can be viewed on the Moon Wobble page.
All of our thoughts should be to be calm, stay relaxed, and think conscious thoughts of peace, wholeness and perfection being the Reality which is actually what is in motion despite the appearances we are perceiving... DL
Thursday ~ March 10 • 2011
When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it--always. ~ Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)
All of life is out and back, even in darkness intention works through the appearance of confusion and intrudes on crooked thinking to set things straight... DL
Wednesday ~ March 9 • 2011
Reality cannot be found except in One single source, because of the interconnection of all things with one another. (Leibniz, 1670)
Greek philosophy seems to begin with a preposterous fancy, with the proposition that water is the origin and mother-womb of all things. Is it really necessary to stop there and become serious? Yes, and for three reasons: firstly, because the preposition does enunciate something about the origin of things; secondly, because it does so without figure and fable; thirdly and lastly, because it contained, although only in the chrysalis state, the idea: everything is one. ... That which drove him (Thales) to this generalization was a metaphysical dogma, which had its origin in a mystic intuition and which together with the ever renewed endeavors to express it better, we find in all philosophies- the proposition: everything is one! (Friedrich Nietzsche, The Greeks){Space and Motion}
All is One and One is All... DL
Tuesday ~ March 8 • 2011
Free will is the function of the Master within us. Our 'will' is the supremacy of one desire over another. ~ G. I. Gurdjieff
To seek Self is to pursue Truth... to pursue Truth is to seek God... DL
Monday ~ March 7 • 2011
When we were children, we used to think that when we were grown-up we would no longer be vulnerable. But to grow up is to accept vulnerability... To be alive is to be vulnerable. ~ Madeleine L'Engle (Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art, 1980)
To be vulnerable is to takes risks... DL
Sunday ~ March 6 • 2011
Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. ~ Herman Cain
Always look at how your life makes you feel, not how you look to others... DL
Saturday ~ March 5 • 2011
The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was, the present worse than it is, and the future less resolved than it will be. ~ Marcel Pagnol
If you have learned nothing from your mistakes, your life is dead... DL
Friday ~ March 4 • 2011
All that we perceive in this world is existence. Underneath existence is being, the formless, timeless dimension within yourself. The sense of lack in so many of us has to do with our inability to sense the being within us, the "I AM" within, the primordial sense of beingness. ~ Eckhart Tolle
As you perceive work to know the Truth in back of time, space and change and you will come to know the "I AM" that you are... DL
Thursday ~ March 3 • 2011
We lift ourselves by our thought. We climb upon our vision of ourselves. If you want to enlarge your life, you must first enlarge your thought of it and of yourself. Hold the ideal of yourself as you long to be, always everywhere. ~ Orison Swett Marden
Surely there is grandeur in knowing that in the realm of thought, at least, you are without a chain; that you have the right to explore all heights and depth; that there are no walls nor fences, nor prohibited places, nor sacred corners in all the vast expanse of thought. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
Visualization is the process by which you can expand the ordinary into becoming the extraordinary... DL
Wednesday ~ March 2 • 2011
The confusion of what seems to be the artful insanity of Hollywood and the calibrated halls of celebrity has nothing to do with "True Creativity." Often the "Art World" has nothing to do with creativity. But often creativity never rises to the scope of what the media of the day draws people's attention to. Often the creation of false attention to false inaction is the most uncreative moment and is simply the outworn pattern of humanity attempting to play at "personal control" at the expense of those who would rather seek the "Light" than the shadows that cast over the followers of self-distruction. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Fourth Way Teacher)
And in the end, the taking you love will overtake you... and those who seek to let go and allow Principle to have its way will discover the Universe... DL
Tuesday ~ March 1 • 2011
The past is present and alive in all of us and whenever we recall an event from our past it is always perceived in the "now" as if it is in the "now." Because in "ultimate reality" there is only the "now." This is how psychological work that we do within can be easier than we might imagine because when we finally get in touch with key memories we can "refile" the understanding of the event in such a manner that the pattern which is frozen in time is melted and Truth in back of the confusion can be released. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Fourth Way Teacher)
And in the process the emotion flow back to the heart... DL

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