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Wednesday ~ November 30, 2011
Today, we are in the midst of war between Reality and the abnormal powers of domination and destruction. Not only must we recognizes their cause, but we must direct our efforts toward a sane and workable way of life by letting our natural state as Natives of Eternity, rule supreme. The agreements for peaceful living must be foundationed on a proposition which is acceptable to all men. Of necessity, this point must be an abstract Truth: the fact that our Oneness is spiritual Reality. ~ Thane of Hawaii (Philosophy of Ontology, 1993)
You are all that you perceive for all Reality is Consciousness
Tuesday ~ November 29, 2011
There is an art of listening. To be able really to listen, one should abandon or put aside all prejudices, preformulations and daily activities . . . But unfortunately most of us listen through a screen of resistance. We are screened with prejudices, whether religious or spiritual, psychological or scientific; or with our daily worries, desires and fears. And with these for a screen, we listen. Therefore, we listen really to our own noise, our own sound, not to what is being said. It is extremely difficult to put aside our training, our prejudices, our inclination, our resistance, and, reaching beyond the verbal expression, to listen so that we understand instantaneously. ~ J. Krishnamurti (The First and Last Freedom)
Listen to the whispers of the wise voice within
Monday ~ November 28, 2011
The only way to self-knowledge is by thinking. Thinking is the steady holding of the Conscious Light within on the subject of the thinking. There are four stages or actions on the way or process of thinking. The first action is to turn the Conscious Light on the selected subject of the thinking; the second action is to hold the Conscious Light on the subject of the thinking and not to allow the thinking to be distracted by any of the myriad things that flock into the Light; the third action is the focussing of the Light on the subject; the fourth action is the focus of the Light as a point on the subject. Then the point of Light opens the subject into the fullness of knowledge of the subject. ~ Harold W. Perceival (Man and Woman and Child, 1951) Author of "Thinking and Destiny."
The Reality of Being awaits you within as thinking and being and Light... DL
Sunday ~ November 27, 2011
When you come to the place of belief you have come to the place of acceptance. You have come to the place where you have accepted the Reality of Being, and you are therefore not surprised nor are you dismayed at the appearance of the Power of Spirit which instantly neutralizes the beliefs of the flesh. "Let the dead bury the dead" -so the old conditions and beliefs and acts all fall from the cliff of oblivion and you stand on the heights, rejoicing in the name of the Living God which is written on your forehead. You stand on the heights, not as one balanced for the space of a few joyous moments, to be dashed again into the valley of despondency, but you stand there and rest in the new understanding which has shifted the weight of the human mind and beliefs and has freed itself from the law of human gravitation. "If ye be in the Spirit, ye are no more under the law." You are in the Spirit when you recognize the Christ within and act in accordance therewith. ~ Walter C. Lanyon (The Laughter of God)
The Reality of Being awaits you within
Saturday ~ November 26, 2011
An ordinary man has no 'Master'. He is ruled now by the mind, now by the feelings and now by the body. Often the order comes from the automatic apparatus and still more often he is ordered about by the sex center. Real will can only be when one 'I' rules, when there is a 'master' in the house. ~ G. I. Gurdjieff
Discover your objective self from the "I AM" point of view
Friday ~ November 25, 2011
Another New Age writer, Ezra Pound, said, "Orage's impersonality was his greatness, and the breadth of his mind was apparent in the speed with which he threw over a cumbrous lot of superstitions, and a certain number of fairly good ideas, for a new set of better ones."
Orage first met the teaching through Ouspensky, who arrived in London in September 1921. Orage, after years of study of Theosophy, and now hungry for a practical means of self-transformation, immediately accepted Ouspensky as his teacher. However, the following February after hearing Gurdjieff for the first time, Orage afterward declared: "I knew that Gurdjieff was the teacher. Ouspensky for me represented knowledge-great knowledge; Gurdjieff, understanding-though of course Gurdjieff had all the knowledge, too." ~ Paul Beekman Taylor
When I said, "I'm too old to begin this work - it's too late," Gurdjieff replied, "Never too late, but now it is twice as hard." ~ Solita Solano
Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave. ~ G. I. Gurdjieff
You must want to change the interior more than you want to change the exterior ~ Derek Lamar
Thursday ~ November 24, 2011
Inevitably a master represents authority. J. Krishnamurti wrote, "Authority in its very nature prevents the full awareness of oneself and therefore ultimately destroys freedom. In freedom alone can there be creativeness. There can be creativeness only through self-knowledge." There is a paradox here. The master imparts inspiration and at the same time thwarts it. He provides ideas and inhibits new ones. The student mostly learns from his or her own observations. Krishnamurti again: "I have to observe and see the fact, the actual, the what is. If I approach it with an idea, with an opinion - such as I must not or I must, which are the responses of memory - then the movement of what is hindered, is blocked; and therefore, there is no learning." ~ Basil Gala, Ph.D. (The GOD Connection, 2002)
Truth is that which is so, that which is not so is not Truth...
Wednesday ~ November 23, 2011
What is a victim? You are being victimized whenever you find yourself out of control of your life. The key word is CONTROL. If you are not pulling the strings, then you are being manipulated by someone or something else. You can be victimized in an endless number of ways.
A victim as described here is not "first of all" someone who is taken advantage of through criminal activity. You can be robbed or swindled in much more damaging ways when you give up your emotional and behavioral controls in the course of everyday life, through forces of habit.
Victims are first of all people who run their lives according to the dictates of others. They find themselves doing things they really would rather not do, or being manipulated into activities loaded with unnecessary personal sacrifice that breeds hidden resentment. To be victimized, as I use the word here, means to be governed and checked by forces outside yourself; and while these forces are unquestionably ubiquitous in our culture, YOU CAN RARELY BE VICTIMIZED UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. Yes, people victimize themselves in numerous ways, throughout the everyday business of running their lives. ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer PULLING YOUR OWN STRINGS (Dynamic Tehcniuqes For Dealing With Other People And Mastering Your Own Life, 1977)
You are the author of the greatest script there ever was... Life
Tuesday ~ November 22, 2011
The uniqueness idea, then, leads to a kind of scientifically grounded open-mindedness, a respect for otherpoints of view, a kind of democracy of the mind. On the other hand, uniqueness is one of those tools which require other tools to supplement it, for in certain respects it cannot stand alone. The reason for this is that the uniqueness idea is, in a sense, a neutral idea. When we say that an entity is unique, we are not saying that it is good or bad, superior or inferior, harmful or harmless. We are merely saying that it is one of a kind. This netral idea does little or nothing for te cause of critical discrimination among unique entities. ~ Gina Cerminara (Insights for the Age of Aquarius, 1973)
Be who you really are and you will discover you are unique
Monday ~ November 21, 2011
Why do we have bodies? What is the body for? Modern psychologists have blamed the teachings of Christianity for our inability to live with this question, taking St. Paul as the arch villain. But Paul's condemnation of the "sins of the flesh" is the condemnation not of the body, but of a wrong and self-deceiving relationship to the body, the submission of that in ourselves which is designed to rule to that in ourselves which is designed to serve. The body as such is for Paul a "servant," and good. It is impossible to say exactly when the attitude of hatred and fear of the body became associated with Christianity. Even the medieval monks who practiced "mortification of the flesh" did not necessarily understand the body itself to be the enemy was the tendency of man to form a fixed image of himself based on experiences of physical pleasure and pain. This is the essence of the idea of sin for both Christianity and Judaism: the attraction to a false or incomplete picture of one's own possibilities. In "sin," man sells himself short, as is illustrated in the biblical story of Esau, who forfeited his birthright because of an empty stomach. ~ Jacob Needleman (A Sense Of The Cosmos)
The body of God is the completeness of expression
Sunday ~ November 20, 2011
Positive prayer is receptive prayer. We have to let ourselves be helped. True prayer is not begging, but an affirmation. We do not make things happen, we allow them to come to pass. True prayer affirms the thing which is to be in such a receptive way that the white matter of the brain is revitalized by positive engrams that become a permanent part of one's being. True prayer, then, is a process, a development. ~ William R. Parker (Prayer Therapy, 1953)
Prayer is a recognition of the resolution already at hand
Saturday ~ November 19, 2011
Is one of the causes of fear comparison? Comparing oneself with somebody else? Obviously it is. So, can you live a life comparing yourself with nobody? You understand what I’m saying? When you compare yourself with another, ideologically, psychologically, or even physically, there is the striving to become that; and there is the fear that you may not. It is the desire to fulfill and you may not be able to fulfill. Where there is comparison there must be fear. And so one asks whether it is possible to live without a single comparison, never comparing, whether you are beautiful or ugly, fair or not fair, approximating yourself to some ideal, to some pattern of values. There is this constant comparison going on. We are asking, is that one of the causes of fear? Obviously. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti (April 4, 1976, Ojai, CA)
Do not compare yourself to others but discover who YOU are... DL
Friday ~ November 18, 2011
Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise. ~ Sigmund Freud
From error to error, one discovers the entire truth. ~ Sigmund Freud
I propose that when we have succeeded in describing a psychical process in its dynamic, topographical and economic aspects, we should speak of it as a metapsychological presentation. ~ Sigmund Freud
When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vital matters, however, such as the choice of a mate or a profession, the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves. In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature. ~ Sigmund Freud  To look within, or to look without, know it is you. ~ D.L.
Thursday ~ November 17, 2011
Satyagraha is the strategy of those who reject solutions that compromise the freedom or integrity of any participant. Gandhi always said it is the weapon of the strong, because it requires heroic restraint and the courage to forgive. He turned the whole idea of power upside down. When he visited the mountain hideout of Indian militants and saw their guns, he said, "You must be very frightened." ~ Marilyn Ferguson (The Aquarian Conspiracy)
Spirituality begins by changing within
Wednesday ~ November 16, 2011
Truth is all there is or can be; such is the perception of universality. Because there cannot be anything besides what is; having found out what is, we must cancel what is not, leaving what is, or truth, to be all there is or can be. There can be no such thing as what is not. Speaking truly, a lie (what is not so) is nothing at all. Thus it is obvious why all the illumined say that truth is all there is. To be at all, a thing must be what is, for how can anything be what it is not, or what is not? What a thing is, must be all there is to it. What is, is all, and must be all. Sooner or later it must become self-evident that truth is universality. What is not means nothing; therefore what is not is unthinkable since the reason cannot try to conceive of nothing without making something of it. Whatever shall be found at last to be so, will be found to be all in all. Such is the perception of allness, completeness, wholeness, health, entireness, absoluteness, universality, incomparability; such is truth. What is so plus what is not so about anything equals all there is to it. Canceling what is not so as nothing, what is so equals all. Thus truth is the same as alllness. Kant announced the allness of truth. ~ George Edwin Burnell (Axioms: The Book of Health and Science of Truth, 1902) G.E.B. was a personal student of Emma Curtis Hopkins.
Truth is all there is
Tuesday ~ November 15, 2011
The perfect Truth is he simple Truth.  The perfect Truth is the only Truth.  Spirit is all and Spiritual existence is all.  What does one gain even if he succeeds to some degree in making his so-called human existence more harmonious if in the end he hears the words, -- I never knew you; I know only Spirit; I know only I Am to be the Way; I know Divine Life, Divine Existence to be all.  Is existence something besides the Truth, something other than Spirit, something more than was established from the beginning?  Yea, there is none besides me! ~ Lillian DeWaters (mimeograph lesson: I AM THAT I AM)
I think Truth therefore I AM that I AM
Monday ~ November 14, 2011
"Go to the British Museum and you will see a gigantic stone figure, brought there many years ago by a sailing ship from Easter Island, off the coast of South America. Examine the reverse side of this statue and you will see the clearly cut figure of a handled cross. It is identical with the Cross of Life, or Crux Ansata, so often shown in ancient Egyptian representations as being carried by their deities in their hands, and so often referred to as the key to the Mysteries. This is not merely a coincidence, but a significant pointer to the fact that the Mystery initiations were not unknown across the Atlantic." ~ Dr. Paul Brunton (The Secret Path)
Mysteries continue...
Sunday ~ November 13, 2011
The act of sex is not a sin against God. In fact, in reality, in Truth, sexuality is the experience of God. Everything about sex is reflective and symbolic of the self-discovery process in which there is a wrestling within oneself, the struggle and stress of the journey which culminates in moments of ecstasy and the attainment of Oneness. All of man-state endeavors of seeking God involve this process whether it be fasting, dynamic prayer, meditation, kundalini yoga, psychological struggle, personal inner work, mind over matter, self-sacrifice, self-less service, mental anguish studying the contradictions of life, you name it... in the end one achieves a breakthrough in consciousness and a sense of self-satisfaction which appears to be a Oneness with Life, union with God. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
As you struggle, remember there is a Light at the end of the tunnel... ~ D.L.
Saturday ~ November 12, 2011
The realm of appearances is the picture-realm, your own moving-picture show, you the operator. If you do not like the old picture, get some new films (new states of consciousness). Get a consciousness of life that is God itself, a realization of life as absolutely perfect. Then watch the pictures change. That old distorted picture fades, and a picture of a life more in keeping with the realization of a life that is perfect comes forth in your affairs (your screen). Yes, it is your screen and they are your pictures. Change them if you don't like them. ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being, 1923)
As you realize the attributes of Truth, the world around you changes. ~ D.L.
Friday ~ November 11, 2011
I am cognizant of the fact that there are powerful forces at work in this country that would dominate us, substituting a kind of regimentation for the competitive system which has made America great among nations. They would attempt to destroy individual thinking and initiative, cherished ever since our Pilgrim Fathers established this country in defiance of Old World tyranny. I believe that we must continue to retain the wealth of spirit of our forefathers, for if we don't we shall find ourselves dominated in everything we do by a mighty few and shall become serfs in fact if not in name. Thus this work is written also to help develop individual thinking and doing. ~ Claude M. Bristol (The Magic of Believing, 1948)
Looking to the past to remember the future... DL
Thursday ~ November 10, 2011
Today, realizing that my life is truly a reflection of what I think, I now permit the Spirit within me to guide and direct my thoughts and emotions. The Divine influx refreshes me daily, and I feel myself saturated with the Life Essence Itself; I feel It flowing in and through me. I now know myself to be a perfect instrument in Life's Divine Symphony, in tune with Its Harmony and Perfection. My body is an instrument in, through, and upon which Life plays a Divine and Perfect Harmony. I do not search for other powers, for there is only One Power, the Power which I am going to use, the Power which I already know possesses eternity and is already at the center of my own life. I know that this Power does now heal every condition, overcome every obstacle, and free me from every false condition. And so it is. ~ Ernest Holmes & Willis Kinnear (Thoughts are Things)
Looking to myself, Life's Divine Symphony
Wednesday ~ November 9, 2011
Spirituality is natural goodness. God is not a person; God is a Presence personified in us. Spirituality is not a thing; It is the atmosphere of God's Presence, goodness, truth and beauty. Religion is a life, a living. If we could forget that philosophy is profound, that religion is spiritual and life serious -- all of which may be true -- but if we could forget all these things, and approach Reality as normally as we go about our daily affairs, we would be better off. ~ Ernest Holmes (The Science of Mind, 1938)
Science is the process of knowing the Self... DL

Tuesday ~ November 8, 2011
The fact is that no one has ever become enlightened through denying or fighting the body or through an out-of-the-body experience. Although such an experience can be fascinating and can give you a glimpse of the state of liberation from the material form, in the end you will always have to return to the body, where the essential work of transformation takes place. Transformation is through the body, not away from it. This is why no true master has ever advocated fighting or leaving the body, although their mind-based followers often have. ~ Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now)
In Reality there is no physical body... it is Mind expressing the body that is Divine... the Body of Infinity... ~ DL
Monday ~ November 7, 2011
I would end up going to this "School" where I would be immersed in a tradition of mysticism beyond all my imaginings and yet one which would answer all of my questions. I would learn to reach into my consciousness and touch the stars and fall back to earth to face the pain of being a child and why I hated "my own age" and what it all meant. I was on a new journey now, a mystical journey, one which would never end. Now when I think of meeting that man in the Blue Jay Way house I hear the words:
"There's a fog upon L.A. And my friends have lost their way. We'll be over soon they said, but they lost themselves instead. Please don't be long, please don't you be very long, please don't be long, for I may be asleep." (George Harrison, Blue Jay Way, 1967)* ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Mystical Journey...)
Life is a series of choices... and the results which follow... ~ DL
Sunday ~ November 6, 2011
Choose your leaders with wisdom and forethought. To be led by a coward is to be controlled by all that the coward fears. To be led by a fool is to be led by the opportunists who control the fool. To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen. To be led by a liar is to ask to be lied to. To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery. ~ Octavia Butler
Your world is your mirror, reflect that which you desire within you... ~ DL
Saturday ~ November 5, 2011
And the more you become aware of the unknown self - if you become aware of it - the more you realize that it is inseparably connected with everything else that is. ~ Alan Watts
So to describe myself in a scientific way, I must also describe my surroundings, which is a clumsy way getting around to the realization that you are the entire universe. ~ Alan Watts
So what I think we could aim for in the way of human civilization and culture would be a system in which we are all highly aware of our existing interconnection and unity with the whole domain of nature, and therefore do not have to go to all sorts of wild extremes to find that union. ~ Alan Watts
When the student is ready, the Teaching appears
Friday ~ November 4, 2011
If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. ~ William Blake
Just as the appearances of our reality are changed as we begin to cleanse our own consciousness. As we begin to know "Truth" in its Absolute sense, our world, our reality, our consciousness is expanded and we become engulfed in the transformation of Being. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
The window we see for our universe is within ourselves... DL
Thursday ~ November 3, 2011
To receive treatment one must want it, at least on some level. And to want it one must consider oneself to be in need of it. One must, at least on some level, acknowledge his or her imperfection. There are an enormous number of people in this world with serious and identifiable psychiatric problems who, in a psychiatrist's eyes, are quite desperately in need of treatment, but who fail to recognize this need. So they don't get treatment even when it is offered on a silver platter." ~ M. Scott Peck, M.D. (People of The Lie)
There are many people beyond the clinically maladjusted who also fit the pattern of desperately needing psychological help. However, these people, instead, need help of a spiritual nature because it is more of an injured heart than a damaged brain. But here too, it requires the desire for change by recognizing that a transformation is awaiting them and they want nothing more than to achieve this for themselves. To shed their skins of a costume which no longer fits and step forward into the light of their True nature. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
God is the mirror of Absolute Reality... DL
Wednesday ~ November 2, 2011
To receive treatment one must want it, at least on some level. And to want it one must consider oneself to be in need of it. One must, at least on some level, acknowledge his or her imperfection. There are an enormous number of people in this world with serious and identifiable psychiatric problems who, in a psychiatrist's eyes, are quite desperately in need of treatment, but who fail to recognize this need. So they don't get treatment even when it is offered on a silver platter." ~ M. Scott Peck, M.D. (People of The Lie)

There are many people beyond the clinically maladjusted who also fit the pattern of desperately needing psychological help. However, these people, instead, need help of a spiritual nature because it is more of an injured heart than a damaged brain. But here too, it requires the desire for change by recognizing that a transformation is awaiting them and they want nothing more than to achieve this for themselves. To shed their skins of a costume which no longer fits and step forward into the light of their True nature. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
God is the mirror of Absolute Reality... DL Wednesday ~ November 2, 2011
"When a man has learned to understand the workings of the universe and has realized that there is nothing so great or all inclusive as this frame of things wherein men and God are united, and that from it come the seeds from which are sprung not only my own father or grandfather, but all things that grow upon the earth, why should he not call himself a citizen of the universe and son of God?" ~ Epictetus (1st century) Discourses
"All that a man has here externally in multiplicity is intrinsically One. Here all blades of grass, wood and stone, all things are one. this is the deepest depth and thereby am I completely captivated." ~ Meister Eckhart (1260-1327) Sermons
"This is the truth: as from a blazing fire sparks, being like unto fire, fly forth a thousandfold, thus are various beings brought forth from the Imperishable, my friend, and return thither also." ~ The Upanishads
Oneness continues as the sleep which has fallen upon humankind lifts slowly... DL
Tuesday ~ November 1, 2011
Now you can say, "I know that I AM! I know that my health, my harmony, my perfection, my happiness, and my abundance of every good are not located in my body or in my affairs, but only in my real Self -- myself awake -- the I-Am-Self. Here abide my unalterable, undefilable health and wholeness; my perfect spiritual senses and their distinct activities; my ever conscious awareness of Reality as all there is; and my complete experience of every good thing. ~ Lillian DeWaters (The "I AM THAT I AM", 1938)
To awake from my sleep... is to be released from this human dream...DL

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