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Saturday ~ December 31, 2011
The world of appearances is the blackboard upon which humanity writes its beliefs. Because a thing is on the blackboard (realm of appearances) is no sign it is true. One has to go back to the Principle of Being to be able to discriminate as to the correctness of statement. Anything may be written out on the blackboard of life, anything one thinks, be it truth or error. The blackboard (realm of appearances) is not the source of correct information. For instance: two plus two is not three even if it be so written on the blackboard. Is it? No, and furthermore, there is no such thing in reality. However, it is your knowledge of principle that gives you this discrimination, not appearances. It is the knowledge of the truth as it really is that keeps you from being deceived by what you see on the blackboard. If you had not the understanding of your mathematical principle you would not know whether two plus two equals four or three. Written out on the blackboard one is just as evident as the other. It is therefore obvious that you cannot judge by what you see. Before we can displace the old, false states of consciousness with true states of consciousness, we must find the Principle of our Being from which to reason, because you have just seen that it is knowledge of Principle and not appearances which gives to us true discrimination. Knowledge of truth shall give you right answers to your problems, not appearances. "Judge not according to appearances" must be strictly adhered to in the application of Truth. Now for the application. A multiplication table must not only be known but also applied. The secret is to believe only in God --- the One life which is perfect. "Only" means only. On one occasion Jesus was asked by his disciples how they might do the works. He answered, 'Believe ONLY in God. Can you deny disease not to get rid of it but because it is not and never was an absolute truth? If you deny it to get rid of it, all the time you are denying it you are believing you have it, are you not? Real denial is to see there is nothing in reality to deny. It is only an appearance. ~ Frances Wade Gott (The Science of Being, 1923)
To know what is true to be true and what is false to be false ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti ~ To say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no. ~ Jesus ~ To know that which is, to be so, and that which is not, is not so. ~ Thane of Hawaii
Friday ~ December 30, 2011
This nightmare could go on for another 239 years so just do what you've got to do and continue learning, changing, rising up in your understanding of Consciousness and what Reality truly is. For every change you make within yourself it is a change more easily made by others around you. We are all linked into the same MIND and ultimately there is ONE MIND and it is that Reality we need to understand as we realize that is US. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
To wake up is a good thing. We've had enough sleep... DL
Thursday ~ December 29, 2011
We can of course throw ourselves, our God-given faculties and powers, into personal efforts, and accomplish given and desired results. But unless we are truly working in perfect tune with the Infinite and doing that which is our present best and that which best meets the needs of our own soul we shall not be wholly satisfied even though we gain that which we set out to attain. ~ Myrtle Fillmore (Letters of Myrtle Fillmore, 1936)
...and to do "Work" for the children yet unborn... DL
Wednesday ~ December 28, 2011
The saying, "Be careful what you wish for" applies closely to anyone who is making the decision to pursue a spiritual path. For those who are dedicated, truly their world will be turned upside down. But then if you do not desire your world to be turned upside down, then you are not ready to enlist Higher Ideas or fantasies of personal revelation. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
To receive something Higher, you must give up something lower... DL
Tuesday ~ December 27, 2011
"I have found that in every one of the metaphysical movements there are practitioners who have attained enough of Christ Consciousness to be able to heal. It makes no difference whether they belong to the Infinite Way or to Christian Science or to Unity or to New Thought. What determines their healing ability is the degree of spiritual consciousness they have attained." ~ Joel S. Goldsmith (Invisible Supply, pg. 116, 1983)
Knowing the Absolutes to be Reality is the Metanoia... DL
Monday ~ December 26, 2011
When I pray, I give thanks for all the blessings I've received in life, because I think I'm very lucky. I'll remind myself of a variety of things, varying from time to time, such as wanting to be of help to others, or of the importance of using the talents I have to help to others, or of the importance of using the talents I have to help increase knowledge, or of how much suffering there is in the world and my hope that I can do at least a little something to lessen it. And then I usually either pray specifically for somebody else's health or welfare or to be guided in stubborn, but I pray that I'll be subtly guided to do my best and even do some good. Depending on my mood, I'll pray to different beings. If I'm in a Buddhist frame of mind, I'll think I'm praying to some Bodhisattva. Sometimes I'll pray to God; sometimes I'll think of praying to the Highest, whatever that is. I don't really know what or who I pray to, except that it's something or someone much vaster and wiser than I am. ~ Charles Tart
Knowing that Reality brings you all you need will make you lucky... DL
Sunday ~ December 25, 2011
The emerging new image of the human being is in large part a result of a movement under way to shift from preoccupation with the separation of reality into parts to an increased awareness of the essential unity of all reality. I believe we will move even beyond a sense of unity to the realization that reality is actually synergetic in nature. ~ L. Robert Keck (The Spirit of Synergy)
To cultivate one's soul is then the quest that will back up the skills of the eyes, the ears, the hands and the body with the synergetic power of the mind and ultimately will cast aside the cages of separateness. Separateness is a peculiar invention of man and it is a menace to his position within the evolving universe...... Each of us is a universal man or woman because we are of the universe. ~ Paolo Soleri, Italian architect (The Bridge Between Matter and Spirit Is Matter Becoming Spirit)
I AM ONE with all that I see, because all I see is me
Merry Christmas, and may the Light of Truth be born again within you this day!
Saturday ~ December 24, 2011
It isn't even in the words but in the consciousness which guides them to your soul. The process of an esoteric class is one where Above and Below join in communion and dance to the music of the spheres. This is what class is about. It is about listening to one's own voice from a higher octave. To hear not what the words might appear to mean but rather what they really mean in their Absolute sense. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
All who awaken have heard the "Word"... DL
Friday ~ December 23, 2011
"Let China sleep, for when she awakes, she will shake the world." ~ Napoleon Bonaparte
All who are asleep should awaken... DL
Thursday ~ December 22, 2011
A major problem for all forms of psychotherapy is to motivate the patient to do what needs to be done. He must return to "unfinished business" which he left unfinished in the past because it was so painful that he had to flee. Now, if he is encouraged to go back and finish it, it is still painful; it reactivates his misery, and from the short-run view, it is still to be avoided. How can he be kept at the task --- ultimately, how can he keep himself at the task --- when there is such a quantity of unpleasantness to live through? ~ Perls, M.D., Ph.D., Frederick, Hefferline, Ph.D., Ralph F., Goodman, Ph.D., Paul, 1951(Gestalt Therapy )
You know it can't harm you to feel your own pain ~ John Lennon (I Found Out)
Wednesday ~ December 21, 2011
"Mind is the Master Power that moulds and makes
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The Tool of thought, and shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills;
He thinks in secret and it comes to pass;
Environment is but his looking glass.
- James Allen (author of As A Man Thinketh)
Through a glass darkly I yet discover myself in horror and in joy... DL
Tuesday ~ December 20, 2011
"For while all things were wrapped in peaceful silence and night was in the midst of its swift course..." Because the same One, who is begotten and born of God the Father, without ceasing in eternity, is born today, within time, in human nature, we make a holiday to celebrate it. St. Augustine says that this birth is always happening. And yet, if it does not occur in me, how could it help me? Everything depends on that. ~ Walter T. Stace (The Teaching of the Mystics, 1960)
To be born anew today is always the option of waking to reality
Monday ~ December 19, 2011
I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. ~ Confucius
Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star. ~ Confucius
It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. ~ Confucius
When we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves. ~ Confucius
To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle. ~ Confucius
Study the past if you would define the future. ~ Confucius
Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses. ~ Confucius
Respect yourself and others will respect you. ~ Confucius
Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. ~ Confucius
The path of spiritual discovery is diverse and divine
Sunday ~ December 18, 2011
Once you are in a school, as in a religion, there is no other truth to live by than what it teaches. In one sense this is even more obligatory in an esoteric school than in an established religious discipline, for here both doctrine and method are dependent, even to the smallest details, upon the master's ipse dixit (He himself, has spoken). Thus, if a pupil should be able, after training, to set up an independent group of his own, the new and the old masters will soon disown one another as heretical or untrustworthy; for no pupil must be exposed to the temptation to play off one master's advice against another's. There is elasticity in the discipline, too, but implicit obedience to the master's generally unexpected interventions is all the more burdensome and disturbing because it remains voluntary. A pupil may simply pack up and go, as many did from Gurdjieff: many, perhaps all, were free to come and go upon their business or other occasions. But upon any point that the master decreed essential for the good of the school or his own progress, a pupil was under compulsion by the fact that he had identified his hope of self-realization with the teaching, and the teaching with Gurdjieff. This is the powerful bond which has to be broken, in due course, if the pupil is ever to regain his individuality with a new confidence in life. The rupture can be a grim experience; it is itself an initiatory ordeal. ~ Philip Mairet (A. R. Orage, 1966)
To break free of a man is liberation, to break free of a teaching is an invisible journey ~ D.L.
Saturday ~ December 17, 2011
The subconscious mind has often been confused with the Superconscious or Cosmic Mind by students of metaphysics. It is true that tremendous power resides within your subconscious mind and that you can use it to great advantage by knowing how to release its stored-up power. The subconscious is where all the racial memories are stored. When nature wants to create another human being, she releases the pattern which is held in the racial memory of all human beings. This is stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious knows how to form that child in the mother's womb perfectly in nine short months' time. The chemical formula is within the mother's genes and cells of her brain and body. The Cosmic Mind... ...holds the secret pattern for all creation, but it is the subconscious mind which is the tool within man that nature uses for evolving that pattern. ~ Anthony Norvell (Metaphysics: New Dimensions of The Mind, 1967)
The journey within one's mind will always hold infinite rewards ~ D.L.
Friday ~ December 16, 2011
"The true Teacher must never forget that in telling the novice students that The Work demands all that one has -- all his feelings, all his thoughts, all his resources, physical and spiritual -- is equally true, maybe necessary, for the Teacher who needs to advance. And there is no escape for a Teacher's students unless the Teacher continues to escape a bit more and at a higher level, continually. It is pertinent to say to any one of you hearing or reading these words: if you go after your liberation in a half-hearted way, you run the risk of destroying your own potential. It is as imperative to a Teacher as it is to the mind of the vagrant student that it is better not to embark on The Way at all if it is to be played half-heartedly." ~ Thane of Hawaii (January 27, 1974) Leap Into Sanity
The Work continues... always, and forever... DL
Thursday ~ December 15, 2011
In the One Mind there are no incurable diseases; there is only the perfection of God. In the One Life there are no dangerous symptoms, difficult conditions, no pain or suffering. The awareness of the Presence of God dissolves these troublesome thoughts and their seeming effect as "a Light shining in a dark place." ~ Jack Addington (The Secret of Healing, 1973)
This place is not a fantasy but a realization of reality...
Wednesday ~ December 14, 2011
What you perceive externally as space and time are ultimately illusory, but they contain a core of truth. They are the two essential attributes of God, infinity and eternity, perceived as if they had an external existence outside you. Within you, both space and time have an inner equivalent that reveals their true nature, as well as your own. Whereas space is the still, infinitely deep realm of no-mind, the inner equivalent of time is presence, awareness of the eternal Now. Remember that there is no distinction between them. When space and time are realized within as the Unmanifested --- no-mind and presence --- external space and time continue to exist for you, but they become much less important. The world, too, continues to exist for you, but it will not bind you anymore. ~ Eckhart Tolle (The Power of NOW, 1999)
Even illusion reflects elements of Reality if we search deep enough... DL
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Tuesday ~ December 13, 2011
Listen! There is but one God, one Self; one I; one Life; one Being. Therefore, for anyone to believe that he is another---such as image, idea, expression, man---is for him to be self-deceived... and thus at the mercy of his own misconception. To illustrate. Every time one seeks to change or spiritualize his thinking, he is unwittingly identifying himself with a personal mind. Furthermore, every time one attempts to heal his body of discord or disease through some kind of thought or prayer, he is ignorantly identifying himself with perishable flesh. So long as one ignorantly assumes the "I" to be where it is not, never can he find himself as I Am ... never can he find Wholeness, Immortality, Peace. Therefore, I Am come! I Am here! Hear ye Me! ~ Lillian DeWaters (Who Am I, 1942)
That which is True, is True NOW... if I be True, I be IT!
Monday ~ December 12, 2011
"We see a fact to be that which can be a fact today, and not necessarily be a fact tomorrow. A fact can change or even cease to be. Now what we term an Absolute Truth is that which never changes. If it is an Absolute Truth today, it remains an Absolute Truth --- the same yesterday, today and forever. To know the Absolute Truth is to be able to change facts. To change facts is called demonstration. The Absolute Truth is that which eternaly is. There can be no such thing as that which is not, hence the Truth is all there really is." ~ Frances Wade Gott (Science of Being, 1923)
Absolute continues...
"If you know that your body is made up of spiritual ideas, instead of material organs, you can control your body by reflecting God's thoughts." ~ Alexander Keene (Exposition of Ontology, Book No. 2)
Mirror of the Mind...
"O Christ! Thou Son of God! My own eternal Self! Live thou thy life in me; do thou thy will in me; be thou made flesh in me; I will have no will but thine! I will have no self but thee!"
~ Old Gaelic Rune (Science of Being by Frances Wade Gott, 1923)
Self continues...
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Sunday ~ December 11, 2011
We must eventually open to everything if we are to understand and be freed from all suffering. The way of spirituality is fundamentally about letting go. As we observe our sexuality, we see clearly that it is linked with the heart. ~ Gavin Harrison (In The Lap of the Buddha, 1994)
If we are to be open to everything we must let go of everything... DL
Saturday ~ December 10, 2011
"This is neither the time nor the place to go into a full discussion of what this reveals. On the surface it would seem that for one to be balanced one must find the Center. I had neared the center of my particular phase of evolution at that time. I was suddenly enabled to see how the various degrees of Masonry and other Hermetic Brotherhoods were really represented by every day experiences. This gave me my first glimpse of the Great White Lodge. Words cannot express the enthralling beauty of that moment. All bandage, limitation, error and karma disappeared and for a fleeting moment of time I saw the unity which lies in the midst of diversity. This vision has been with me many times since but only as the faintest of realities. I used to fret because I was not able to keep that vision, until one day my master told me, 'If you had the full vision you would not be the mediator that we recognize you as being. As it is now, you have enough of the faint glimpse to give you hope, and still enough of that other to give you compassion and the ability to speak the language that is understood.' So the Order of Melchizedek was revealed in my mind as it has been revealed to countless others." ~ Eloi Sun (Old Wine In New Bottles, Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A. 1940)
The Light continues...
Friday ~ December 9, 2011
You believe in the God who plays dice, and I in complete law and order in a world which objectively exists, and which I, in a wildly speculative way, am trying to capture. I firmly believe, but I hope that someone will discover a more realistic way, or rather a more tangible basis than it has been my lot to find. Even the great initial success of the Quantum Theory does not make me believe in the fundamental dice-game, although I am well aware that our younger colleagues interpret this as a consequence of senility. No doubt the day will come when we will see whose instinctive attitude was the correct one. (Albert Einstein to Max Born, On Quantum Theory, 1944)
Quantum Metaphysics at Q.M.I. reveals a Unified Field Theory which contains the Quantum variables... DL
Thursday ~ December 8, 2011
And the more you become aware of the unknown self - if you become aware of it - the more you realize that it is inseparably connected with everything else that is. ~ Alan Watts
So to describe myself in a scientific way, I must also describe my surroundings, which is a clumsy way getting around to the realization that you are the entire universe. ~ Alan Watts
So what I think we could aim for in the way of human civilization and culture would be a system in which we are all highly aware of our existing interconnection and unity with the whole domain of nature, and therefore do not have to go to all sorts of wild extremes to find that union. ~ Alan Watts
When the student is ready, the Teaching appears
Wednesday ~ December 7, 2011
These things I do, you can do also, when you know the Truth about yourself. that Truth is, that God is in you. You are a share in His Great Mind. If you will confidently and constantly depend upon that Mind, it will work in you, even as it does in God." What God thinks or conceives, becomes. Man reflecting and using this same Mind of God creates also by thinking. When Jesus wanted a word with which to describe this spiritual-mental sovereignty of man, he borrowed a term from his own contemporary scene, "The Kingdom of Heaven." It was a time of kings and princes and emperors and sovereign thrones; and, so speaking in the language his contemporaries easily understood, he said, "The Kingdom of Heaven (that is to say, your sovereign power) lies within you." This reflection or portion of God, which is all-powerful, is resident in every man by virtue of his likeness to God. To use the power, we need only to understand how it works, and to trust it to work for us. ~ Joseph Lowrey Fendrich (The Rediscovery of Christ, 1946)
That which comes to an end is just a door to a new beginning...
Tuesday ~ December 6, 2011
Art is a lie which makes us realize the truth. ~ Pable Picasso
Our intelligence is imperfect, surely, and newly arisen; the ease with which it can be sweet-talked, overwhelmed, or subverted by other hardwired propensities -- sometimes themselves disguised as the cool light of reason -- is worrisome. ~ Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, 1992
You cannot kill truth; you cannot kill justice; you cannot kill what we are fighting for. ~ Jean Dominique
No matter how much humanity lies about the Truth, it remains unscathed. The Truth is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
Believing is not the same as Knowing...
Monday ~ December 5, 2011
Many people do not pray because they do not know how to pray. One time I spoke on scientific prayer to a group of ministers from various denominations, members of a ministerial association. I soon realized that they were intensely interested in what I had to say. After the lecture one of the men came to me and confided that he had lately been omitting the pastoral prayer from his Sunday service and that no one had missed it. After an awkward pause, he confessed that he didn't know how to pray. I couldn't believe my ears. This was the minister of one of the largest churches in the city, a church that had several thousand members, telling me that he would like to attend my classes on scientific prayer because he did not know how to pray and had come to the point where he did not even pray in his Sunday service. ~ Jack Addington (The Secret of Healing, 1973)
Two thousands years and finally humankind is ready...
Sunday ~ December 4, 2011
One moments recognition that you are the son of the Living God, and you have attuned your ear for the Laughter of God which will put to flight all the stupid ideas, of my and yours, free you into an expression that you have not dreamed of. How can you restrain the joy that fills you when you hear this laughter which, when it is heard, causes the winter of your discontent to break into full fruition, which causes you to see literally see that " before they call, I will answer," is not a bit of euphonious language, but a positive living, glowing fact. ~ Walter C. Lanyon (The Laughter of God)
Recognize who you are and you will discover all there is to know
Saturday ~ December 3, 2011
Before you can do anything about ho you feel, you have to be able to observe or witness it. The moment you attempt to see what's going on inside of you, part of you separates off to make this observation. In philosophical terms, it's called "self-reflection"; in psychosynthesis terms, it's call "disidentification." G.I. Gurdjieff called it "self-observation," the Hindus and Buddhists called it "witnessing" and the Zen Buddhists, "mindfulness". In the last 25 years it has not been uncommon in psychotherapy circles, like Gestalt, to ask a client to "be aware" of a pattern. In Hakomi therapy recently developed by Ron Kurtz, mindfulness is emphasized. Certainly, whether we called it awareness, mindfulness, observation, or witnessing, disciplines of the East, West, and Middle East have employed it in some way to help the individual enhance personal freedom. ~ Stephen Wolinsky (Quantum Consciousness, 1993)
Be still and know... God ~ Be still and mindful, self observe, witness, self reflect...
Friday ~ December 2, 2011
"You believe in the God who plays dice, and I in complete law and order in a world which objectively exists, and which I, in a wildly speculative way, am trying to capture. I firmly believe, but I hope that someone will discover a more realistic way, or rather a more tangible basis than it has been my lot to find. Even the great initial success of the Quantum Theory does not make me believe in the fundamental dice-game, although I am well aware that our younger colleagues interpret this as a consequence of senility. No doubt the day will come when we will see whose instinctive attitude was the correct one. (Albert Einstein to Max Born, On Quantum Theory, 1944)
Quantum Metaphysics at Q.M.I. reveals a Unified Field Theory which contains the Quantum variables... DL
Thursday ~ December 1, 2011
"...the physical world may not operate according to the presently accepted conventions. In the new world that modern science is beginning to perceive, subatomic particles can apparently exist in two places at the same time -- making no distinction between space and time." ~ Charles Missler
light arrived at its destination almost before it started its journey ~ C.M.

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