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Sunday ~ March 31, 2013
Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life. I thought of their unfathomable distance, and the slow inevitable drift of their movements out of the unknown past into the unknown future. ~ H.G. Wells (The Time Machine, 1895) order to see the stars you have to look up... DL
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Saturday ~ March 30, 2013
Even when we know how to change circumstances and the shadows surround them we sometimes fall into a pattern of hypnotic trance where we slide through time doing nothing but waiting to see what might actually happen instead of standing up within MIND and realizing the Truth and setting things right in Consciousness in order that the MOVIE we are living has a different and positive ending. That is how strong our subconscious control is over us. Do not let your unseen self control you. You must awaken as many times as necessary to rise above the "ego mind" of morose existence. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...there is an energy there that you can tap into and breath in the spirit of Truth as you begin to resist that mechanical self from controlling you... ~ DL
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Friday ~ March 29, 2013
The most important thing for the devout or serious student of metaphysics and psychology is to find a Teaching which they know about but do not yet understand completely. If you think you already know everything your quest will not exist but if you do not have that spark to learn you will be pursuing a ghost which never appears. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...a willingness to admit you are ignorant is the key which unlocks a very important door. The desire to learn and the willingness to let go of ignorance is the moment your life will seriously begin to change... ~ DL
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Thursday ~ March 28, 2013
The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind. ~ William James
A man is what he thinks about all day long. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
You are not happy because you're healthy, you are healthy because you're happy. ~ Emmet Fox
...a understanding of the mind wakes up the heart....
...and the waking up of the heart turns on an inner Light... DL

Wednesday ~ March 27, 2013
Self-esteem is the reputation we acquire with ourselves. ~ Nathaniel Branden
In a world in which the total of human knowledge is doubling about every ten years, our security can rest only on our ability to learn. ~ Dr. Nathaniel Branden
If we do have realistic confidence ... if we feel secure within ourselves, we tend to experience the world as open to us and to respond appropriately to challenges and opportunities. Self-esteem empowers, ennergizes, motivates. It inspires us to achieve and allows us to take pleasure and pride in our achievements. ~ Dr. Nathaniel Branden
The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. ~ Dr. Nathaniel Branden
The tragedy is that so many people look for self-confidence and self-respect everywhere except within themselves, and so they fail in their search. ~ Dr Nathaniel Branden
...a respect for individuality reveals honor within the onlooker....
...and the recepient of this observation can only be affected positively... DL

Tuesday ~ March 26, 2013
Life is a game of cards and even though you don't know what is going to be dealt to you, you can decide now whether you are going to win or lose. Learn to be a winner by discovering who you really are. When you know who you are you will find the best there is. You were created to be a perfect template of mind, body and soul. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...there are no surprises in reality....
...there is just a mirror that getes better and better... DL

Monday ~ March 25, 2013
From From the megalithic stone structures to the secrets of the mystery schools, ancient Egypt has captivated people for centuries. Moses, Jesus, Plato and others have all been initiates of the Mystery Schools.The Sphinx, the Great Pyramid, and other pyramids are located in what is called the Giza complex. No ancient land has been shrouded in as much mystery. Cracking the code of Egypt’s hidden secrets could rewrite history or reveal the meaning of life; the ultimate spiritual awakening. ~ Jane Doherty
...there are no secrets in reality....
...there are just sleeping people... DL

Sunday ~ March 24, 2013
Possibly the oldest form of "The Secret" process is found in Huna.. As a word in Hawaiian, ka huna actually means "the secret". The process itself is described in the Hawaiian proverb, Makia ke ali'i, ehuehu ka ukali (literally, concentration is the chief, energy is the follower), "Energy flows where attention goes". ~ Serge Kahili King
...there are no secrets in reality....
...and all others are but in a dream... DL

Saturday ~ March 23, 2013
You can dance to the music until you feel at one with the beingness and the rhythm of life itself and as you lose yourself in the song you discover the essence of who you are. It is whole, complete and perfect and the harmony and balance within those moments are like a healing to the soul. Do not miss out on the silence of moments or the rhythm for even in silence Infinity can be experienced. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...put forth a song and watch the molecules dance....
...and see within the life hidden from view... DL

Friday ~ March 22, 2013
What need now have I of someone’s
sweet offering of individual Love...when
in my breath all illumination is always given...
but for the opaqueness of my vision...Ahh...
BeLoved!... Remove the scales from my eyes...
I would leave these shadows behind....
I would see Thee in Thine own given... ~ Qutbuddin Loren Ruh Smith
...put forth a vision of completeness....
...and see beyond the shadows of illusion... DL

Thursday ~ March 21, 2013
Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills: —
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass:
Environment is but his looking-glass. ~ James Allen (As A Man Thinketh, 1902)
...put forth your belief in the infinite....
...and you will experience the Universe... DL

Wednesday ~ March 20, 2013
Sometimes it isn't simply the wise poetic statement which one needs to hear. They simply need to know that their life is on the right track, right here and right now. If you are reading this now you have come to the right place. Contact me. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...You are concerned about your life....
...there is an answer to your question... DL

Tuesday ~ March 19, 2013
How hurtful it can be to deny one's true self and live a life of lies just to appease others. ~ June Ahern
The human mind is not a terribly logical or consistent place. ~ Jim Butcher, Turn Coat
Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not. ~ C.G. Jung
For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then? ~ George Orwell
...You are a thinker... keep on thinking....
...and keep your eye on the feelings... DL

Monday ~ March 18, 2013
It was his subconscious which told him this---that infuriating part of a person's brain which never responds to interrogation, merely gives little meaningful nudges and then sits humming quietly to itself, saying nothing. ~ Douglas Adams (The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul) were thinking without thinking about it....
...and one day when your eyes were shut you walked right into it... DL

Sunday ~ March 17, 2013
Humans have a way of making "truth" either seem so simple it is pointless or so complicated that it is impossible to discern what it really means and what its effect and importance is to our lives. Truth IS simple, it is mathematical and it is infinite. This means it is all things but still presents itself as the answer we always need no matter what the situation or question is. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...You are Truth... you are the answer....
...and you need only to be still and know... what is... DL

Saturday ~ March 16, 2013
“Think, speak, and act as the God You Are”( Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God)
“The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself” ~ A Course In Miracles
“Today I lay claim to all the attributes of God ... [and] as a Divine being ... I rejoice in my Divine nature” ~ Ernest Holmes, (Science of Mind)
"I am God. And you too are God. The only difference between you and Me is that while I am aware of it, you are completely unaware." ~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
...You are Truth... you are God....
...and you are All There Is... DL

Friday ~ March 15, 2013
Sex as a Pathway to the Divine. Tantra maintains that sex is a sacred rite and that the same glorious power that produced your body can be invoked and directed to take control of your destiny. All you need is an open mind, attention to the teachings, and a loving partner. To aid you in this virtual shortcut to spiritual evolution, Nik Douglas, who has studied under Indian physicians and Tantric adepts, has compiled this brilliant study of Tantra -- the most authoritative and comprehensive volume available to the layperson. ~ Spiritual Sex (Secrets of Tantra From The Ice Age To The New Millennium) by Nik Douglas
...You are energy... you are male and female....
...and you are As Above, So below... DL

Thursday ~ March 14, 2013
You are a rich and creative spiritual being. You can never be less than this. You may frustrate your potential. You may identify with that which is less than what you can be. But within you now and always is the unborn possibility of a limitless experience of inner stability and outer treasure, and yours is the privilege of giving birth to it. And you will, if you can believe. ~ Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics
...You are your infinite... you are invaluable....
...and your worth to yourself is immeasurable... DL

Wednesday ~ March 13, 2013
Don't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin. ~ Ivan Pavlov
There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding. ~ Erik Erikson
Great spirits have often overcome violent opposition from mediocre minds. ~ Albert Einstein
...You are your mind... take time to discover what is there....
...and what you discover you may need to get rid of, do it... DL

Tuesday ~ March 12, 2013
"Marnie" was ahead of its time. People didn't talk about childhood and its effects on adult life. It was taboo to discuss sexuality and psychology and to put all that into a film was shocking. ~ Tippi Hedren
...Psychology is not important if you only observe other people....
...and never analyze yourself; it is what is within... DL

Monday ~ March 11, 2013
Why is there no real education in personal psychology? It is not about self-esteem or relationship issues but simply what is going on in your consciousness? You can learn tools and techniques which not only can set you free but at a certain point will shift the overall mindset of the collective unconscious to be mentally free and spiritually sound. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...You are your world... change within and dissolve negativity....
...and when this is done mental health will spread like wildfire... DL

Sunday ~ March 10, 2013
Sometimes I stand out in the New Mexico desert at night, watching the stars, feeling the cool night breeze against my open shirt, and in this timeless moment I wonder if I wished hard enough would I see the light I have been looking for, for so long? I have discovered many things all these years and one of those things is that people are more frightened of themselves than the secrets that hover in the air. We call them aliens but do we know each other any better? And how well do we know ourselves? ~ James Atherton (Among Us, 1950)
...looking into the sky is like looking inside of your self.... don't know what you are going to find, but you know you must... DL

Saturday ~ March 9, 2013
Imagine when you are looking deep into space that you are actually touching the innermost infinity of your MIND, of your Consciousness, of your Soul. Touch a star and light up inside. Think a thought of Truth and blow on it gently letting its seeds, its stars, sail off into Eternity as they head toward you. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...Space is just a window into Reality....
...and a doorway to your soul... DL

Friday ~ March 8, 2013
What is spiritual? Everything is spiritual. But what does spiritual mean? Too often people think it has something to do with religion. But it does not. Spiritual has to do with "spirit" which essentially is the essence and "non-physical" reality which seems to slip by us unnoticed. It actually is the "Reality" of that which we perceive. It is the Reality in back off the illusion ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...To seek real knowledge is to know the Truth....
...and to know the Truth is to change your life forever... DL

Thursday ~ March 7, 2013
Studying esoteric material is not for the purpose of passing time, or filling one's head with more knowledge. It is all about change. It is the changing of one's own consciousness so that they have changes in their world. As you advance your understanding of "Truth," you will find your life changes and things get better. Your problems will lessen until they disappear and life will simply get more harmonious. You will be happier, you will meet interesting people and you will find that people will respect you and look up to you in ways you never understood before. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...To seek knowledge is the highest order of existence....
...and to face change and allow it to happen is a glorious adventure... DL

Wednesday ~ March 6, 2013
Quantum Metaphysics is the process of altering one's perception to clear the way for positive mutations in one's life. It includes the various "Quantum" ideas from particles and waves, to leaps and illusions and the many new ideas which open up the discussion and learning as to how all of this reveals a Teaching that allows the student to change within and begin to perceive his world change without. It is an abundant teaching of infinite possibilities which answer lifelong questions and pull together the ancient teachings into a 21st century program for the modern student of mysticism and psychology. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...We must always desire to know more....
...and to maintain the intention of positive change... DL

Tuesday ~ March 5, 2013
It is not how much you learn, but how much you are able to change in understanding Higher Consciousness. You can learn a lot but are you learning or simply recalling information you have had presented to you? The point is to learn tools and techniques and advance your understanding of Truth as it relates to Higher Consciousness. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar (Q.M.I.)
...We must always remember who we are....
...and forget what we used to believe... DL

Monday ~ March 4, 2013
Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. Albert Einstein ~ Albert Einstein
You should never express yourself more clearly than you can think. ~ Niels Bohr
The nanoscopic world is not a miniaturization of the macroscopic world. ~ unknown
The human mind treats a new idea the way the body treats a strange protein -- it rejects it. ~ Peter Medawar
The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself. ~ Carl Sagan
I maintain that the cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research. ~ Albert Einstein
...We must be remember to think....
...and forget what it will do for us... DL

Sunday ~ March 3, 2013
So many things happening in the world today. Do we become activists? Do we change our consciousness? Do we stick our heads in the sand? Do we find an island or a secret valley or a pod on its way to the moon? ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
...We must be awake....
...and continue to change our consciousness... DL

Saturday ~ March 2, 2013
Bohm, who became the major scientific figure in the quantum mysticism movement, had shown that all the results obtained with the Schrödinger equation can be obtained by familiar classical equations of motion, provided that an additional quantum potential is added to the equations to account for quantum effects (Bohm 1952). However, Bohm's theory, as it was proposed, gave no new empirical predictions; neither he nor his followers have yet produced a mechanism for generating a priori the quantum potential. _ Victor J. Stenger

I have been reading comments about "mysticism" and "metaphysics" as it pertains to "Quantum Theory" and I see that the ones from the "New Age" realm are clearly different from those in the scientific community. I understand the arguments on both sides. The scientific crowd wants clear and concise proof as to how Quantum Mechanics or Theory or Physics fits in with spirituality in a more precise and concrete formula. I could do that but it would take a two day seminar or a better asked question. However, I think the connection traces back to when people started discussing Einstein and his comments on atoms and molecules and how nothing is really solid and that atoms are always bouncing around and here one minute and in a comet flying by the next. That in itself is pretty mind blowing for the beginner. Then in the 70's the Looking Glass Theory and the Tao of Physics and others came along and expanded on that. I the 80's - 90's quite a few Holographic books and from there Quantum Consciousness books started being released. The main basis for much of this study seems to be the understanding that "consciousness" has an affect on our Universe and in fact there really is no separation from the Universe and Mind. This is because in "Reality" there is no physical reality and everything is consciousness. It hasn't yet really come to a head with the understanding that MIND is all there is and there is only One Mind and therefore everything we perceive is consciousness expressing itself and reflecting itself "out and back."

Please send any questions you have on this topic and I will answer them and get back to you. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar
...Life is infinite and....
...Mind is forever in operation... DL

Friday ~ March 1, 2013
To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you like everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”
~ E. E.Cummings

...Truth is infinite variety....
...and you must be yourself... DL

We are hoping and praying for a new world to emerge but unless we change our consciousness it will not happen. If you think you have changed but the world has not yet caught up to your achievement then something is not right. You get back what you put out in the "NOW" therefore if your world is still not meeting your standards then you must change your viewpoint, your consciousness, your perspective, your belief system. Remember that "Out and Back" is Universal Reality and that whatever you are perceiving is part of your perception.
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