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Tuesday ~ September 3, 2013
I think I could live in a hotel, forever, in Santa Fe
Just don't tell me it's over and I have to... go away.
I don't need any room service or concierge at my beckon call;
I just need the "Palace of the Governors'" framed and hanging on my wall.

I don't need midnight maid service or a mint on my pillow.
I don't need the State Flag on my wall in golden yellow.
I don't wish for anything beyond just what I've said:
I just need to be in Santa Fe and remain right in this bed.

I don't need free tickets to the Santa Fe Opera House.
I don't think the Georgia O'Keefe Museum is what it's all about.
I do think it's kinda neat about the Mission in 1610.
But when I get the urge, the concierge will let me in.

The Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe keeps ringing in my ears.
And when it's time to go away I hope that they're still here.
But until that time when someone says: "HEY!!! Today's the Day!"
I'll be dreaming in my room and right in Santa Fe.

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

"Is it a dream or just a brochure? Is it something I can procure.
All I know is I feel the lure... pulling me inside... and that's for sure." ~ DL

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Monday ~ September 2, 2013
Drifting, drifting across the landscape of New Mexico
In a brightly colored balloon
I know I am high and I know it is almost noon
And yet I wonder as I express such laissez faire
Just why and where?

The landscape is barren here and there
And the weather is wonderful and fair
Am I drifting or is a destiny waiting out there?
Quick, someone grab the rope before I zoom out to the moon.

No I am certain my movements are within.
It no longer is something to begin,
But whether or not it is all up to me?
I am free, I am free, I am free.

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

"So much is said about having certainty,
and yet room to wander into infinity...
gives way to the openness of the endless reality
from where we come and go. ~ DL

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Sunday ~ September 1, 2013
Lingering in the skies is a cloud which never seems to be a cloud, but it is.
We often wonder what is real and what is not and yet we never choose to stop
and wonder what is real or true about ourselves.
Oh we've made up our minds and what we find always paints the best picture
which will stand the test of time, and our frame of mind,
forever to be a sign of our commitment to goodness and love.
But what of "above" and is there Truth? Or does one really
have to be a sleuth to discover what is undercover
when it comes to the flame we try to smother
to keep our own role of ignorance at bay.
When do we finally fall upon our faces and decry the role
we play in keeping Truth from ever crossing our path?
Time is running out, we say, in moments like this.
But we are always way behind in accepting our destiny
and what we settle for is so much less a remedy
than what could shake the foundations of the world.
This is when wherever we are we must stand
and reach as far into ourselves and declare: "I AM."

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

"Even in the sand is the idea of glass at hand,
and the visions that are hidden at our feet.
We must continue to walk our path, and one day at least,
We will awake from our anguish of defeat. ~ DL

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Saturday ~ August 31, 2013
A smoke ring explodes as it and a beam of sunlight merge
in the curtained room, and for awhile they flow together.
There's a sound outside.
I pull myself up from my daydream and I check the mail.
Two bills and a supermarket circular.
I slip back below the sunlight into that solitary reality I know so well
and dream myself into unconsciousness. I find myself spinning
down a tunnel. The tunnel disappears and I become a thought
floating through space. I become amazed at the millions of stars.
Out of the corner of my eye I see myself feeling separate from what I am seeing.
I forget I am what I see and that what I see in me, of me, from me.
Suddenly I feel a thrust. The tunnel encircles me, my eyes open, and
a smoke ring explodes as it and a beam of sunlight merge
in the curtained room, and for awhile they flow together.

~ Dr. Derek Lamar (poem from 1974)

"Stillness in the space of timelessness and flow is all I know.
I look up and realize that I am looking down watching me.
I think it is a dream and suddenly I am standing in the sand
watching the traffic rush by. I look at my watch and it is midnight." ~ DL

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Friday ~ August 30, 2013
You walk through a tunnel of swirling light,
You feel it must be more than really bright,
You have a sunburn deep inside...
You're the One... Your the Sun.

Science has done away with superstition and myth,
No longer can the world expect us to worship an alien ship.
But God is not a spaceman,
As some did once believe.
It's time to find our inner soul before we have to leave.

You say there is no time.
I say there is all time.
You say everyday is relative.
I say it depends on Truth.
You say there is no good.
I say there is ALL good.

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

"I once heard music in the sky. It was almost classical, almost choral, but it was played on heavenly instruments. I would have later thought it was a dream... but it woke up both me and my wife. It was in the sky, it was in our minds, and yet we both heard it. It was not some weird publicity stunt. It was not of this earth... and yet... it was." ~ DL

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Thursday ~ August 29, 2013
The lights are out and the moon is full,
And the time escapes as the night unfolds.
And you find your place, and you know you're One
You're the Sun... You're the Sun.

The stars become a thousand dreams,
And you wonder then just what does it mean?
And you find yourself, and you know you're One...
You're the Sun... You're the Sun.

I wish I could go back in time for awhile.
I would tell them of new dreams and power.
I would sing them songs, I would tell them stories:
Of the Mind they have every hour.

But it's easy to see I might destroy
What I think is me... what I think is clear.
If I could only change their thoughts, I might disappear

If I could change their thoughts on my own
There wouldn't be a reason for me to appear.
If I could do that all alone, I would never have to be here.

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

"Bouncing from cloud to cloud
between the Jemez and the Sandias
I become the ping to their pong, I am the sing to their song." ~ DL

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Wednesday ~ August 28, 2013
It can get hot in New Mexico but it is even and it's dry.
The slightest breeze is heaven sent and it always comes from on high.
It makes you want to take off your shirt and run wild and free.
Sometimes you take off your pants and go swimming beyond the trees.

Freedom, life, and love so fine just waiting to make itself known.
Cooped up in the mountains and feeling all alone.
I know you are reading this and wish we could have just met.
Falling in love in the Southwest makes my body feel hot and wet.

Sometimes you just lay on your cot and watch the Jaybirds peck at the ground.
Sometimes you let your eyes shut slowly and imagine all kinds of sounds.
Always it's easy to drift inside and wish upon upon a star.
I can see your face in the shadows and I know just who you are.

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

"Oh seclusion... it often is way too alone" ~ DL

Tuesday ~ August 27, 2013
Nighttime in New Mexico is always a surprise.
You never know how you will discover the sky.
The colors are incredible and varied and the hues,
Your best friend is the camera and a battery or two.

The morning is gorgeous and that to be sure,
but the nighttime has its light show that occurs.
The light with the darkness creates it own show,
And the mixture is something you never will know.

Often it is like the embers of a fire,
While other times it's a kaleidescope of desire.
A bolt of lightning always thrills in the midst,
And rays of light are a pleasant little twist.

It's cool, it's hot, it's unearthly and not,
but never is it boring to perceive.
Sometimes you have to pull to the side of the road,
So you don't become a statistic and leave.

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

"Oh reality... it changes like the clock" ~ DL

Monday ~ August 26, 2013
Movieland New Mexico is really quite bizarre
So many films made here you forget just where you are.
"Into The Badlands" and also "Lonesome Dove".
Even "Buffalo Girls" makes you fall in love."

"3:10 To Yuma" and "Billy the Kid"
Are two great movies New Mexico did.
"All The Pretty Horses" and "Route 66"
were made, of course, for more than just kicks.

"Silverado" and "Desperado"
And a "Journey To The Center of The Earth".
Not to mention "Cowboys And Aliens" and
"The Man Who Fell To Earth."

Odd that "The Men Who Stare At Goats"
"In Plain Sight" are "Sitting With An Ace In The Hole"
Are lined up with "The Hole In The Wall Gang"
And "Butch Cassidy" knows just where to go.

There's always "Gunsmoke" in the air,
When you hang out with "Young Guns."
And if you make "Contact" with "The Outlaw"
"The Cowboys" will leave you undone.

It's a "Desperate Trail" with "Easy Rider"
And "The Man From Laramie"
When you find you must include "Lust In The Dust"
To unfold such reverie.

Apparently Tab Hunter was making a last stand,
When "he rode the West... and the girls rode the rest"
And "Together they ravaged the land!"

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

"Oh reality... by dawn's early light" ~ DL

Sunday ~ August 25, 2013
Shaman sittting down by the river one day,
Shaman was quiet had nothing to say.
I said to the Shaman was he going away,
He said, "Not till the sun sets one more day."

Curadero busy packing all his healing herbs
I asked if he could give me one prophetic word.
He barely looked up and said "Have a nice day."
My mouth was still open as he road away.

A pure blooded witch doctor stood in the street,
He had a dead chicken that he held by its feet.
He swung it in the sky in a circle of three.
I was shocked when it hit the ground by me.

All alone sitting looking in the well,
I can remember when the neighbor girl fell.
She was standing right here when the water did splash,
I was so relieved it was only the trash.

Sometimes deaths will happen in threes,
Sometimes crows will talk in the trees.
Sometimes the "Taos Lightning" is surreal,
Sometimes the mockingbird says: "Get real!"
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Remember the dust you kick up at dawn,
Don't forget the words that go to the song,
Try real hard to keep your windows drawn
Don't let the dead man hang too long. ~ DL
(flashbacks on the highway)

"Have a nice day, Nette" (on the reservation in Elko)

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Saturday ~ August 24, 2013
So much happening in New Mexico, I love it.
I always wanted to climb those mountains, be above it.
Higher and higher, where am I going?
So much to learn, so much knowing,
I didn't know just what it was showing me.
I didn't know just where it was leading me.
I found myself pleading to be set free...
Where am I going?

So many feelings in New Mexico, I need it.
I always wanted to discover its secrets, believe it.
Deeper and deeper, what was I feeling?
So much to let go, so much thinking,
I didn't know just what it was revealing to me.
I didn't know just what it was revealing to me.
I found myself letting it be with me...
Where have I been?

So few disappointments in New Mexico, I live it.
I always wanted to find my soul in the air, and breathe it
Fuller and fuller, what satisfaction,
So much more to experience, don't ya' know?
I didn't know just where I would be inside
I didn't know just where I would be inside of me.
I found myself getting it and falling in place...
Where have you been?

~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Remember you have been led by the Higher and the Lower.
Remember that perhaps instead you will always want more.
Learning how to interpret both levels and see the Truth somehow.
Feeling that Being that's deep inside you forever in the now. ~ DL

Friday ~ August 23, 2013
I love watching the hot air balloons floating over head.
I love seeing them soaring even as I lay in bed.
I sometimes look through the skylight and see them in the sky.
Other times I am driving and I let my truck just fly.

I picked up my girlfriend and went down to the river.
As we layed along the water my fantasies were delivered.
Suddenly up in the sky the balloons began floating by.
All of the colors of the rainbow drifted past my eye.

It was getting warmer there even in the breeze.
My girlfriend laughed and winked her eye, she is always such a tease.
I took off my shirt and laid it on the ground, and spread out such a surprise.
We began eating the lunch I brought, but you know that time really flies.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

A moment later we were done and a balloon landed nearby.
It was really so much fun just you and my wandering eye.
We got back in the truck and left for ABQ just down the way.
I will never forget that tasty lunch on a warm summer day. ~ DL

Thursday ~ August 22, 2013
You can close your eyes and wander through the deserts filled with sand,
And imagine you are being led into the Promised Land.
The ancient ruins and painted rocks are testaments to time,
The dwellings carved out of mountains suddenly begin to align.

You feel the very nature of Spirits and Inner Lights
Dancing across the mountain tops from morning until night.
Starship trails streak across the open sky and you
See the clouds that cover-up what's there for you and I.

The animals are spirits that commune within our soul,
Dancing in the moonlight helps us walk through the time warp hole.
In and out we march through time, here now, there then
As Above and So Below we do it over, and over... again.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

A lifetime of discovery follows us as we live our daily life.
It's quiet but it's always there in the day and in the night.
Suddenly like a big large bird it swoops in and lands nearby.
Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, and sometimes we just let go a sigh. ~ DL

Wednesday ~ August 21, 2013
I have had some sadness in my life and always it is a focus of change.
You can't be involved of only outward reflection or you would always stay the same.
Being in the Southwest is often a time for holding up a mirror.
You are always straight away forced to face your fears.
New Mexico is a rather Eternal location where sometimes time stands still.
But change is always engaging movement and it will not wait until...
You are soon feeling pressure to adjust your self and discover something new.
Nonetheless you will learn that it is something you must do.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Each time we wrestle with the hills we cannot climb,
We discover there is an inner strength that appears right on time.
There is no before or after but "Order" is the Universe.
And that being said, it is a clue, that one must think of that first. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ August 20, 2013
I was walking and talking to myself, in my mind
And there was often so many things I couldn't find
Things that would sweep in from the rain,
Things that just couldn't adhere to my brain.

I went horseback riding in the Jemez mountains.
After an hour the group of us came upon a fountain.
It was a stream which was bubbling out of the ground.
It had a essence, a feeling, an odd familiar sound.

I laid my head against a rock and it was like the land began to talk.
I couldn't make out the words but somehow I began to talk.
I cried out out: "Why? Do you turn your back on me?"
A voice whispered: "I don't, you don't listen to me."
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

We hugged and prepared to continue our journey.
The quietest ride I had ever been on.
Not just the quiet of the land, but the calmness I felt inside.
It was a marvelous day and a Divine ride.
~ DL

Monday ~ August 19, 2013
It was a sunny day when I went hiking in the Sandias.
But I started late and soon it was dark.
I saw lights in the distance, they were luminous.
At first I was very alarmed.

You can imagine what I first thought
But it was worse, they were not of this earth.
Actually they were spirit beings,
Which also means not of this Earth.

At first their voices were unintelligible
But soon I could hear them with my mind.
They told me that actually it was inevitable.
And it hit just what I would find.

Traces of Beingness from deep within,
As well as from way up high.
I was to learn it might happen again,
But that in Truth none of us die.

I was to learn that matter and mind,
Are in fact just one and the same.
And that guilt and anger and sadness are lies,
Because there is no one to blame.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Rise up from your places as you lay prostrate in the sand.
Stand up, raise your faces, you are in the Promised Land.
The lights above are Angels and they're here to pass on the Word.
All that you know of Divinity is True and rightly you have heard.
~ DL

Sunday ~ August 18, 2013
I used to live in Los Angeles and I loved that concrete and steel.
But now I sailing high in the clouds with a rainbow sky unreal.
When I need to get away I just drive a ways out town.
I find it's just like meditation to exam the rocks on the ground.

I go out into the desert and I take my camera too.
I feel at one with nature even if it's hot, I really do.
I watch small critters race across the sand and even a snake or two.
The freedom in facing nature is an amazing thing to view.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

White sands are blowing and I see a Yucca or two.
Animals keep well hidden till the stars come into view.
Look straight up and watch the sky, a circus is in town.
We don't need Area 51 to see those lights come down. ~ DL

Saturday ~ August 17, 2013
I believe that rocks are things which hold within them time.
I am certain that if we could see that are connected to some kind of mind.
Atoms and molecules, particles and waves, there is energy beyond what we thought we knew.
As you close your eyes and open your mind it's beingness that pulls you through.

Every rock or grain of sand holds within it answers to things.
It's not a myth or a fantasy to know that a canyon can sing.
Deep within the bowels of the earth is land which no one understands.
Much of it is similar to Southwest and the New Mexico land.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Drifting through the highways of time,
There are answers that can be found.
Sailing through the Cosmos with an open mind,
Will open doors all around. ~ DL

Friday ~ August 16, 2013
People talk about "lights" in the sky which can be seen in New Mexico.
Often people ask me about this as if I will tell them where they should go.
How could a UFO be so miraculous just hanging there in the sky?
When the Universe is teeming with life and is constantly flying by?

The unknown is strange and yet completely normal. How can this be denied.
What is normal and what is strange? What else have you tried?
Close your eyes and imagine something unearthly and measure it by what you have seen.
It really is never that much to imagine beyond a normal nightly dream.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Dreaming is just thinking without your hands tied.
Open your heart and enjoy the ride.
Feel your body and your mind rise as your spirit is lifted within.
Accept it freely and don't deny and you will enjoy it again. ~ DL

Thursday ~ August 15, 2013
I love the sound of autumn rain
It's so peaceful in that steady beat,
I love the sound of thunder in the distance,
Lightning lighting up the street.
I love the feel of raindrops on my skin,
Even when it's cold outside and I run back in.
It's so free living out under the desert skies,
The blows against me and I never ask why.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Thinking 'bout the rush of sunshine on my face,
A prism of colours all over the place,
Another day in the SouthWest light,
An artists dream, a lover's delight.
~ DL

Wednesday ~ August 14, 2013
It was a lost horizon when I could only draw a blank,
Slip sliding down a snow blown hill beneath a propane tank.
I could hear a coyote yowling and my heart just almost sank,
As I realized there were two green eyes staring from the bank. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

I don't think I will ever find an easy way to hike,
Not in the daytime and certainly not at night,
Even when the Santa Fe is screaming in the morning light,
I'll always remember the things I do not like. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ August 13, 2013
I'm sitting in my hotel room and gazing at my kiva,
I know that I'll be traveling soon, my mind is filled with memories.
I feel compelled to fall asleep and dream about my journey.
All along the way I'll see the essence of Eternity. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

I don't understand but a tear sits alone in the corner of my eye.
Soon it's met with another and it doesn't ask why.
I exhale knowing it was a time to reminisce tommorow,
A time where I will be reaching out for emotions I can borrow. ~ DL

Monday ~ August 12, 2013
Railroad cars clicking down the track... getting louder.
Highway straight, I turn and look back... getting closer.
Mountain view pretty good at this bend... getting clearer.
So glad in Santa Fe I met a friend... getting closer. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Hey now, now, now... geese are flying overhead.
Don't look now, they've turned into ducks instead.
I love the Rio Grande in the springtime, so green.
I love to swim there naked, cool and clean. ~ DL

Sunday ~ August 11, 2013
The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World, Are the Ones Who Do. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world... are the ones who do. ~ Steve Jobs (Apple Computers)
There is a shadow on the land and it isn't from the Sun.
There is a dark cloud looming and the rain won't be much fun.
There's an indian dancing for a new world yet to come... say a prayer.
There is a thunder in the distance but you cannot hear a sound.
There is lightning on the horizon but it hasn't hit the ground.
There is song being written but no one is around... say a prayer. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Hey now, now, now... can you hear the footsteps walking?
Way down, down down... where the stranger lost is stalking.
What town do you think the birds are really mocking?
No where can you find a welcome soul. ~ DL

Saturday ~ August 10, 2013
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Waiting as well. ~ DL

Friday ~ August 9, 2013
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Waiting as well. ~ DL

Thursday ~ August 8, 2013
Kicking a can to the side of the road some quail were stirred in the bushes,
I was startled at first but soon forgot and went back to making up wishes.
I wished that I was a millionaire and was free to roam the land.
It came to me that's what I was doing but still felt like pounding sand.
Why couldn't I feel like I had arrived and simply give thanks to the sky?
It was then and there I gave myself over to giving that dream a try.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

It's always one moment that we can trace back
That reveals our intent and decisions.
It's always one dream we finally grab hold of
That doesn't need any revisions. ~ DL

Wednesday ~ August 7, 2013
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Waiting as well. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ August 6, 2013
Drifting here through space and time
Alone and lost in my self,
I sometimes forget what's right and
Let it affect my health.
Reaching out to the Shaman that is standing on the hill,
Looking deep within myself and facing why I was ill
I rose above the confusion and rode high across the sky
Nothing else but God within can ever tell me why.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Backed into a corner one must always rise and proceed,
Discover what you want to know and what you really need
Shuffle the cards within your mind and learn to take the draw
You will soon discover you are there to rise above it all. ~ DL

Monday ~ August 5, 2013
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Waiting as well. ~ DL

Sunday ~ August 4, 2013
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Waiting as well. ~ DL

Saturday ~ August 3, 2013
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Waiting as well. ~ DL

Friday ~ August 2, 2013
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Waiting as well. ~ DL

Thursday ~ August 1, 2013
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Waiting as well. ~ DL

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Tuesday ~ July 2, 2013
I was visiting a friend in Edgewood and I didn't know where I was at
I went for a walk and when I got back I said "Damn, this place is so flat."
My friend did laugh but he knew what I meant, and I told as soon as I hit the cement
that I couldn't find a slope in my mind, nor was I so inclined
"Just what difference does it really make?" he yelled as he spotted a rattlesnake.
"There's the difference, right at hand, you've lost yourself in a treacherous land."
"I don't think so" said he to me, "It's not like something I planned."
"My truck broke down one sunny day and I found myself at this ranch.
Before I could let my engine cool, I decided I'd give it a chance."
"I ended up living here now twenty years and you know I never looked back."
"Whether it's flat I do not care, at least I know my truck is there."
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Standing on the side of the road, holding out my hand,
What's the difference I am told, it's all New Mexico land.
The air is clean and the snow is cool, and the food is good,
at least as a rule, and I know deep inside it's all been planned.
Here I stand. ~ DL

Monday ~ July 1, 2013
I don't kick no cans down the road, it isn't natural and it isn't real.
It was different when they were steel and would rust, but the aluminum cans you just can't trust.
I just don't like the way they feel, and they don't degrade and they don't conceal.
I don't toss paper because it's a visual distraction, it grabs your mind and it gives no traction.
Give me critters, keep your litter, and don't try and tell me that I am just too bitter.
~ Dr. Derek Lamar

I am out on the road, in the water, up in the sky,
and it is a thrill to see it clean and not see a plastic bag floating by,
or a condom on a bus bench or a cigarette butt on the street,
The asphalt is there for the cars and my feet. ~ DL

Sunday ~ June 30, 2013
Pouring rain, I'm soaking wet, I know my friends would say "that's what you get," but really there is nothing like a Southwest rain to bring it all home again. Lightning flashes in the sky, raindrops hitting you in the eye, you try not to blink, now that's a good try but don't bother. Thunder crashes again and again, you count the seconds but you can't win, there's just no way to stay ahead of the water. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

The gutters will roar in a flash flood, your driveway will soon fill up with mud,
Close the garage door and bundle up, in the end the puddle just will not matter.
Put on some coffee and throw on a log, the time will fly if you don't get fog,
but don't be surprised when the raining frogs start to splatter. ~ DL

Saturday ~ June 29, 2013
I was sitting in the coffee shop when I looked up at the wall. I could see shadows of some cowboys, I could hear them call. I looked around and nothing caught my eye. I turned my mind to other things but began to just ask why. I thought I heard some arguing from the second floor. I found out that no one goes up there, they just keep things there to store. I could hear a old piano but there was nothing there to see. I could hear strange laughter but it was only heard by me. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

The Southwest is the kind of place where you find your mind can wander.
Often this will happen if you send yourself off yonder.
But the important thing to calculate is what do you want to know.
And if that thing is not on your list, it's not a place to go. ~ DL

Friday ~ June 28, 2013
I met some people in Placitas and I couldn't believe my eyes. They had horses on their property and that was quite a surprise. Of course I saw the rolling hills and the open spaces around, but still I wasn't prepared for what I found. I wanted to get out and touch them but they weren't really into that. I tried to slowly move in close but immediately they moved back. I wish I'd had some carrots or maybe an apple or two, I'll be thinking about that next time I decide to hike on through. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

The land is ripe with history and the wind kicks up a storm.
You feel that you've been there before, before you were ever born.
You imagine a cowboy hat on top of your searching head.
Or better yet, maybe you'd find some feathers there instead. ~ DL

Thursday ~ June 27, 2013
New Mexico is a continent all its own, it is floating in a sea of mystery. I am amazed at the dots that can be connected as one encompasses its history. Ancient civilizations, stones, and relics there to find. Geological features which memorialize things only found deep in a stranger's mind. I feel like even I am a stranger in a strange land, so many formations, rocks and endless sand. As I wander now for exercise I see a pattern in my life, always searching and discovering to find out what I like. Looking high and low, not sure just where to begin, and yet like always, I know it's all within. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Cliffs with shadows and history we still don't know.
Ancient occasions where another's soul does go.
In Space and in Dreams are the maps to one's very soul.
An endless ritual of discovery finding out what's there to know. ~ DL

Wednesday ~ June 26, 2013
Is it different in New Mexico, than any other place? I've lived in California and it's still the human race. Am I really comfortable or do I feel out of place? I'm fine, I love it here. I see that things are different but I know I'm where I belong. I never feel I should be somewhere else and it never ever feels wrong. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

It sometimes feels like Tehachapi or Topango or Ojai
Those feelings now are foreign and I just don't really know why.
Sometimes I feel I was abducted and brainwashed in my sleep.
But everything feels so normal except the cliffs are really steep. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ June 25, 2013
I was sad one morning, some would say depressed... they said think about others, I said leave that to the rest... I couldn't get beyond it, I was lost on an empty shelf... I wanted so much to run away, but I would end up feeling myself... So I took my "self" to the riverside, felt like jumping in, but then I saw my reflection, and I knew that's where to begin... I saw myself and felt my pain and suddenly knew from where it came... I reached inside and yanked it out, I wanted to know what it was all about... I cried so long, I just couldn't stop and I realized it was quite a lot... but I also realized that what I could see, was not about them, but was all about me... I finally yelled and screamed and had my say, I felt release and went on my way. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Breathe in deep and stand up tall... you know that you can have it all...
Breathe in deep and rise above... at that point you will feel the love... ~ DL

Monday ~ June 24, 2013
I feel the energy rising and whirling around the hillsides under the stars. I feel myself to be alien whether it be Epsilon Bootis or Mars. A stranger in a strange land I reach out for the Light. Sometimes you see it even in the darkest night. The rolling thundering energy usually found deep within, can often be heard in a summer breeze when there is so much yet to learn. My invisible friends who walk the path just nod and give a smile, since they all know that all one needs to do is pause awhile. Seek within as you look without and looking without with a little doubt, it's true you must question the world. But never more important than to do this now as Consciousness begins to unfurl. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

Breathe in deep and be satisfied... to feel the force within...
Breathe in deep and do not hide... it will happen again and again... ~ DL

We are hoping and praying for a new world to emerge but unless we change our consciousness it will not happen. If you think you have changed but the world has not yet caught up to your achievement then something is not right. You get back what you put out in the "NOW" therefore if your world is still not meeting your standards then you must change your viewpoint, your consciousness, your perspective, your belief system. Remember that "Out and Back" is Universal Reality and that whatever you are perceiving is part of your perception.

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