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Thursday ~ October 31, 2013

No Way José (A Dead End Street For Joe) cont.

Big Mac and fries said to Old Crab Louie
That's sounds like a lot of Santa Fe Hooey
Who be this and who be that
Won't anybody answer, as to that
I know the answers seem like tricks
I just don't know what's gonna get fixed
And it is all happening on Route 66.

~ Señor Derek Lamar

You can shake your head and lose your comb
But the dreams get dark when you're feeling alone. ~ DL

Wednesday ~ October 30, 2013

No Way José (A Dead End Street For Joe) cont.

I met a medicine man who always knows
Healthcare ain't something that he had chose
His grandfather knew Jesse James
To anyone else Mr. Howard was the same
Medicine Vicks he had to go
There was only one place for sure that I know
He wasn't one to take no licks
He did it quick on Route 66.

~ Señor Derek Lamar

Bobby Dylan was visiting Lou Reed,
John Lennon was the one who brought the weed.
You can get anything you want,
At Kokopelli's Restaurant. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ October 29, 2013

No Way José (A Dead End Street For Joe)

Standing on the corner of ABQ and Vine
I knew I'd just seen an old friend of mine.
I felt faint, I began to paint, even if it was a "No Parking" sign.
I checked my watch, I looked at the time,
Sometimes I think that I am losing my mind.
Jose said where you want this painting fixed?
The "Light" said out on Hwy 66.
Yeah, that's right, on Route 66.

~ Señor Derek Lamar

When you're driving, keep your interest rates low.
You might want more out of life, but don't let anyone know. ~DL

Monday ~ October 28, 2013

Zombies On The Horizon

Someone stopped me the other day,
And they asked if there were vampires in New Mexico.
I said "Why would you have vampires when there's salsa almost everywhere?"
First he looked confused and then he fell into a stare.
He said: "no, no, no, they would have to have blood."
And I said, "If they don't have blood, what is running through their veins?"
They looked at me as if I was insane.

Aliens of course, in Roswell it seems,
But what about those giant ants
From the radioactive 50's
Maybe there are zombies walking to and fro,
Victims of the atomic testing ground zero,
Sounds like an arrow,
Pull back the bow and shoot a fellow.
"Hello? Hello? Hello?"

Indians, cowboys, the Baron from Arizona,
Is it true he died from advanced carcinoma?
Spanish land grants and gunfights in the streets,
I think the baroness should be played by Meryl Streep.
Chanting in the distance, it sounded like a ghost.
Laughter in the trees that sounded like a boast.
Visions in a dust storm brewing in the North,
A whistle in the air that sounded like a tuning fork.

Silence. Suddenly there isn't a movement in the air.
The tent flaps fall heavy and there's silence everywhere.
Footprints... that are glowing right where we had stood.
It's an evil wind that blows nobody good.
But what is it when it isn't there at all?
What do you make of that when the Spotted Owl gives a call.

It's a "whoop wu-hu hoo" call from the darkness under the moon,
Is it too late, or is it too soon...
You search your thoughts but you are so confused.
You stand there shaking not knowing what to do.
You turn to run but where can you run to...
When you know there is nothing from which to escape...
Or where to escape to. Isn't that true?

Something silent causes movement in the air.
You squint your eyes but you see nothing everywhere.
What should you do and where can you go?
You don't know. I don't know.
It's dangerous outside and you just can't win.
The only safe place is to go within.
Silence. Now you hear nothing and you are still afraid.
Just keep in mind that it's okay.
Just keep in mind that it's okay.

~ Derek Lamar

When you need a light to see what's in the dark,
Keep driving till the sun comes up. ~DL

Sunday ~ October 27, 2013

The Moon Shines Twice As Bright In New Mexico

Standing in the shadows of
A time gone past in a cloud of revelation
Comets and asteroids go flying by
Across the Indian nation.

Bright lights and strange events
Are stories told from long ago
About people who came and went
And presented from the Archipelago

Located in the Atlantic between
Africa and South America
Where the birds still fly over the water
Where the ancients deemed it fair to love.

Sometimes worlds come and worlds go
And its not for evil deeds.
Often it is the end of a road
When and new world must proceed.

Out of the mouth of babes proclaim:
"I see them in the Light"
Now we hold our breath and then
We see them late at night.

Treasures of technology bring fear
To the leaders of today
Fearing they will lose their empty control
Of the people they keep at bay.

Rise up and look up to the stars.
The angels are mirrors of our life.
They are not aliens but a new world tomorrow
Our future is finally in sight.

~ Derek Lamar

When you need a map for tomorrow
Lift your eyes to the sun. ~DL

Saturday ~ October 26, 2013

Wading For Godot

I'm waiting in the river.
I'm baptized by the sky.
I'm floating in the Rio Grande
Wading till I die.

Flowers floating downstream
A multi-colored dream
Geese fly overhead
Nothing as it seems.

I reach out to a stranger.
They seem to disappear.
Another memory fleeing.
Something that I feared.

My life is like a movie.
The soundtrack of my soul.
Costumes red and turquoise.
Dropping down a hole.

Faith is the first victim.
Leaning toward the wind.
Lost in recollection
Of smoke signals that I send.

Hoping for assurance
And faith that what survives
Will win out through endurance
And save all of our lives.

Lost in desperation.
Grasping for a straw.
Deep inside a memory.
The lonliness I saw.

I'm waiting in the river.
Illusion finally dies.
I'm floating like a vision.
Waiting till I cry.

~ Derek Lamar

When you need a shoulder to cry on,
turn your face to the wind. ~DL

Friday ~ October 25, 2013

Life Is Just Illusion

When is real ever real?
Why is the vision just another dream?
How does one clarify?
The memory from a scheme?

Do I cry in the morning?
Do I laugh at night?
Do I yell at the midnight sun?
When will I know what's right?

I guess it's just illusion.
At least that's what I dreamed.
Filled with much confusion.
Or at least that's how it seems.

Follow me in silence
And listen to the sounds
You will hear the bird that whistles
And find the broken egg upon the ground.

~ Derek Lamar

Leave no stone unturned until
you finally understand. ~DL

Thursday ~ October 24, 2013

A Fire Pit Outside

I'm staring at the embers
As they glow in the dead of night
Just outside of Albuquerque
And everything's alright

I'm sitting in a fold-up chair
And glancing at the moon
It's just a little bit chilly
But going to bed is too soon

I don't know what it is
I see a light pierce the sky
And no one near to tell it to
And no one to ask "why?"

I hear some noises
Out in the brush
I'm not compelled to venture out
I don't see the rush

It's life outside the city
Here in New Mexico
I am not a prisoner
But there's no where else to go.

~ Derek Lamar

Darkness and light, dances in the night,
Embrace the moon and sigh ~DL

Wednesday ~ October 23, 2013

The Rain In The Sky

There is a rumbling in the mountains
Beyond the hills that I can see
The blackness in the sky
And the wetness in the air,
Is just a prelude to a lightning storm that's reaching out from there.

I've checked all the windows
And the dog is in the house
I hear a crack off in the distance
And I can tell just from where
It's a rumbling roaring lightning storm and it just isn't fair.

My art supplies are ready
And my camera is in hand
I have several treated canvases
And everything is planned
But it just ain't gonna happen, at least from where I stand.

Another flash of lighting
Bursts across the sky
I suddenly haved a brainstorm
I laughed until I cried
I'm gonna use my watercolors and give it a yeoman's try.

So I make it to the mountains
Right where the pine trees stand
I get out of my pickup truck
Just like I had planned
And I open up my watercolors and they poured out on the sand.

Now if that's not a sand painting
Then I don't know what it could be
But I am still left with a problem
Sort of a mystery
How do I save the sand without it getting all over me?

~ Derek Lamar

Wise man looking in a blade of grass,
Young man looking in the shadows that pass,
Poor man looking through painted glass for dignity
~ Bob Dylan

Tuesday ~ October 22, 2013

The Wind in the Desert

There is a wind in the desert tonight
You can hear it whip at the window.
There's a rattle you haven't figured out yet.
Don't you want to know if the wind blows?

It's easy when the rain comes
And patters on the patio.
And if it comes with thunder
It howls just like a rodeo.

You peek out your window
And there's something running by.
It's just an angry tumbleweed,
And you never wonder why.

There is a banging
And you just can't make it out.
You put on your jacket
'Cuz you have to check it out.

You pull your hat brim down
To weather out the storm
You quickly check the area
The awning just got torn.

In the dusty darkness
Something enters your head.
You walk out a little farther
'Cuz you have to check the shed.

The door is open
And it's flapping in the wind
You tie some string around the latch
And go back in.

There is a wind in the desert tonight
You can hear it whip at the window.
Now the shed is locked up tight
And so are all the rainbows.

The sky is blurry
There are culverts full of sand.
You lock the back door tight
There's a wind upon the land.

~ Derek Lamar

The pump don't work 'cuz the
vandals took the handle. ~ Bob Dylan

Monday ~ October 21, 2013

Church (Made With Human Hands)

A Sunday perfume
Will fill up a room,
Like smoke in a burned out home.
People will gather
But nothing matters
You leave still feeling alone.

~ Derek Lamar

Find church within... a sanctuary
of Higher Knowledge. ~ DL

Breakfast In Santa Fe

3 Fresh
4 Strips of Bacon
Hash Browns crispy, just for the takin'
Just Squeezed OJ mixed with chilled champaigne
4 Buttermilk Pancakes with Berries from Spain
2 Slices of Whole Wheat Toast
With coffee, milk or tea
Finally to top it off a Breakfast Roll for free.
Ahhhh... and a comfortable bed to dream all of this in.

~ Derek Lamar

Land of Enchantment Motor Inn
Lincoln Continental Breakfast ~ DL

Sunday ~ October 20, 2013

Georgie O'Keefe

Georgia O'Keeffe was a flower without a leaf.
She was a woman emboldened by love.
A torment within, she would cast out her sin,
And choose art to reflect what is above.

Lonely and sad, happy and glad,
A mystery to many of her fans.
An enigma it seems, she painted her dreams
Using the colors strewn about in the sand.

New Mexico, her haven, knocking on heaven's door.
Sculpting with paint on an old saloon door.
Tearing at her soul, she painted over the hole,
Telling some that there was no more.

But she stood proud and tall
And over shadowed the empty and the small.
Little minds never ask for more.
And never, ever, would they open that door.

When they said "what's forbidden,
Should always be hidden."
She laughed while she cried inside.
But she reached deeper within herself
nd painted what they tried to hide.

Some are lost and some are found.
And some will live on forever.
Some might criticize, but look in their eyes,
Their struggle would become her endeavor.

The critics would fade away,
Leaving behind her contribution.
And what she would discover inside.
Some thought isolation was the best recommendation
And others would continue to cry.

Georgia knew better to reach within
And produce a beauty unseen.
Those who still question, would give her no mention,
They'll never understand what it means.

~ Derek Lamar

Sometimes it is not happiness that we seek,
but a deeper acceptance within. ~ DL

Saturday ~ October 19, 2013

The Wind Talkers

World War II with the world on fire
Native Indians were working on the wire
Code talkers were busy night and day
A code the Axis couldn't crack in any way

The Germans just couldn't break this code,
No one else knew the language they wrote,
Into the air and across the sea
The Indians now would break us free.

Some were wounded but none were killed,
They served their country and they did until
The code talkers finished this electric fire
Sending their messages out on the wire.

Choctaws and Navahos, and Comanches were there
Cherokees and Meskwakis, Lakotas did their share
The Indian nation worked hard and fast
To try and make this war the last

~ Derek Lamar

Indians are honored for fighting this fight
to strengthen our nation during that dark night. ~ DL

Friday ~ October 18, 2013

The Matachines Dance

Dance, dance, dance,
The Indians wrestle within their soul.
Dance, dance, dance,
So much that we don't know.

The land is filled with invisible pain,
The conflict within falls like the rain,
Is it right and is it sane?
To relive it over and over again.

A native girl in white does dance,
Her masked partner all crowned and grand,
Struggle and transformation ensue
What is to happen, what shall we do?

The Matachines dance and the energy flows
So much to learn, so much to know,
A boy, a girl, a bull and two clowns,
Violin and guitar are the only sounds.

Dance, dance, dance,
Drama between ideas and love,
Dance, dance, dance,
Is it from within or perhaps from above?

Is it about land, is it about the water?
Could it be the son, or is it the daughter?
What is the mystery which eludes us?
What is the anguish which removes us?

What is religion but a journey to one's Soul?
Spinning in some ecstacy until we feel we're whole.
Does it really matter and just when can we let go?
No, no, no..... it happens slow.

~ Derek Lamar
Matachine or Mattachine from the Arabic word which
means "the mask wearers."

Visions from within just make it harder for us to know.
Where is understanding but deep within our soul.
Peace be still, we must let go, until we are at rest...
Moving in that direction hidden deep in the Southwest. ~ DL

Thursday ~ October 17, 2013

Curandero From Outside Taos

A Curandero from Outside Taos
Was walking along the road.
A woman with a child in her arms
Was carrying a heavy load.

The little girl was crying
And the mother soon burst into tears.
She pleaded with the healer
That he settle all of her fears.

He reached into the air
And produced some ash in his hand.
He placed a dot upon the forehead
of the child now in his hands.

He reached up high
And waved it across her face.
The little girl stopped crying
And a smile soon graced her face.

The woman grabbed the child
And her eyes had filled with tears
She turned to give her thank you's
And the healer disappeared,

~ Derek Lamar

A vision is an experience that no one else can prove.
But the outcome joined with a healing is quite a thing to do.
The miracle is the change that happens deep within.
To realize the perfection that can happen again and again.
~ DL

Wednesday ~ October 16, 2013

Vortexes, Sacred Sites and Mystical Places

Some say this is overrated
And possibly this is true.
But one thing that one cannot deny
Is that New Mexico is one too.

Why are there so few people
In an area so vast and wide?
It is because only some can handle
These things they find inside.

Everyone is different
And many have connections, it true.
We travel in different circles
But we come full circle too

Every space has its uniqueness
And qualities which mirror one's soul
And a destiny where geography matters
When one knows no where else to go.

This might mean one feels lost,
But more likely they seek to be found.
In the silence and deep vibrations
They will find this all around.

In the invisible realm of Being
There's a mathematical space,
Which has its own healing
And proceeds at its own pace.

Sometimes it causes one to reflect
And others feel things they need to see
Often it allows for a release
Of the way one really should be.

In certain cases Love is needed
And real friendship can be found.
Other times inner seeking
Before one discovers their bounds.

Solitude is common
And creativity becomes one's life.
Working with one's hands
Cutting through the pain to lessen strife.

Some seek the energy
Which creates a certain mood.
It guides their restless nature
And changes their attitude.

While others will attract new answers
To lifelong mysteries they pursue
They will find strength in the messages
And finally realize the truth.

~ Derek Lamar

Climb that mountain but stay awake, do not fall asleep,
For one must attain it with eyes open wide,
it not for the faint or weak. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ October 15, 2013

Walking Is Meditation

Walking is a form of meditation.
Something that you do on a vacation.
Moving, breathing, burning energy,
Observing, discovering, and enjoying all that you see.

Viewing is a way we get to know our self,
Ultimately there is nothing else
Except the allness of what we be...
From here and on to infinity.

It is difficult to separate,
What is within and what is without.
But what we see, we see within.
And as to that there is no doubt.

How do you know it, but in your mind?
Otherwise there would be nothing to find.
Remember, "seek and ye shall find."
A foolish generation asks for a sign.

Pursue and observe and remember the mirror.
In all that you see there is nothing to fear.
The journey will take you where you need to go.
And when you arrive there, you will know.

~ Derek Lamar

Light, light, all is light, knowledge, and truth
and what is right. Nothing to lose and nothing to win,
for all that you seek you will find within. ~ DL

Monday ~ October 14, 2013

As In A Grain of Sand

There is power in the wind
And there is power in the sun,
There is power in the water,
And there is power in the mind

There is a vision in the sky,
And there is insight in the clouds
There is solace in the trees
And all the land around.

There is understanding in the mountains,
With a knowingness at hand.
There is a plan for all your happiness,
As in a grain of sand.

There is structure which begins
from the stones so large and great,
And the glass which holds such promise
As you see right through and wait.

When the vision comes upon you
And the feeling holds you close,
The emotions you feel rising
Are the ones which hold the most.

Like the Great Wall of China
Which winds across the land,
It began with one idea,
As in a grain of sand.

~ Derek Lamar

Out of sand comes the glass
which allows us to see, far off visions,
and the future that shall be. ~ DL

Sunday ~ October 13 , 2013

San Miguel Church in Santa Fe

Imagine a church in Santa Fe
That is older than even the U.S.A.
It was built in 1626 but was destroyed
During the Pueblo Revolt
They didn't have a clue and they didn't have a hope.
Destroyed, they say in 1680.
And rebuilt, finally in 1819-1821
But that wasn't all and it wasn't yet done.
In 1930 there were some new additions
and in the 1960's more extensive revisions.
It now stands as a monument to change
and attracts many visitors from far and wide.
Everyone wants to go inside.
A beautiful addition to New Mexico style.
Poke your head in and stay awhile.

~ Derek Lamar

Stability and change are constants in life.
You experience them through good times and strife.
~ DL

Saturday ~ October 12, 2013

Birds In New Mexico

So many birds in New Mexico
Where do they come from, where do they go?
The Mountain Chickadee sitting calmly in an old pine tree.
The Flammulated Owl... who?
The Whooping Crane, a painting in the wind and rain.
A Black Throated Sparrow resting on a Yucca's sharply pointed leaf.
A Spotted Owl, posing on a tree branch trying to get some relief.
And the Painted Redstart, knows just where to begin,
While the Gila Woodpecker sporting such form, residing in the Mimbres Valley.
Don't miss the
Greater Roadrunner hanging out in an alley in Santa Fe...
looking for Wiley Coyote.
We cannot forget our hummingbird friends,
Adorned so royal, they're the living end,
Seeking out the nectar as they flit from flower to flower,
Theirs is a Soutwest majesty and the bird of the hour.
Montezuma Quail sneak across the road, single file, every once in awhile.
Long-billed Curlew posing for Southwest Aviary Monthly.
Lesser Prairie-Chicken hiding from the Colonel.
Harris's Hawk is not a Chicken Hawk and it isn't a Black Hawk.
But if you're looking they're not afraid and they rarely let out a squak.
The Bridled Titmouse is hiding in an abandoned house
While the Mountain Plover is napping in some clover
It's relative, the talkative Killdeer, is checking out a John Deer
Over here. Something I overheard, over here.

~ Derek Lamar

Tippi Hedren would feel right at home. So many birds she wouldn't feel alone.
But when the woodpecker knocked upon her door, Tippi said "never more." ~ DL

Friday ~ October 11, 2013

Ghosts Upon The Land

Spirits filled with memories
And lifted above the soil,
Ancient sirens singing
And far beyond life's toil
Ageless time in memorial
Rise higher than life within
And speak with tongues of wisdom
To those who have lived it once again.

A divine sense of being
In a forgotten far off land
Discover a space that is keeping
Our true selves here at hand
On the edge and counting
For the time that is yet to come
As Heaven opens to show us
What can happen to all or some.

Delivered beyond our reason
One is lifted to a Higher Plane
A place where Insight and Wisdom
Occurs over and over again.
Releasing a sense of self
That one has never known
A heart felt region where
Only Love and Life has grown.

Looking beyond the pain
And soaring through the sky
One sees Infinity
Through the Perfect Eye.
The Heart of Universal Being
Rises up within
Instantly one realizes
Their True Self begin.

Allness and Completeness,
Perfection and Divine
The Wholeness of Reality
that is real and yours and mine.
There are no boundaries,
Nothing left to understand.
Simply accept this Infinity
And discover you are the "I AM."

~ Derek Lamar

And so it is. ~ DL

Thursday ~ October 10, 2013

Roswell, New Mexico 1947

Stories of doom and weather balloons
You don't need a weather man to know that it's noon.
Sun straight up and plenty of light.
You don't need a psychic to know what happened that night.

A craft was crashed for a purpose it seems.
A contact of sorts, maybe CIA dreams.
Werner Von Braun not very far away.
The government just didn't know what to say.

Military soon running all around.
Space debris scattered all over the ground.
Anyone's guess about where they were from.
Jeeps and helmets and plenty of guns.

Roswell Daily Record hit the streets.
Air Force Captures Flying Saucer, it seems.
Major Jesse Marcel and the CIA,
Were rushed to the ranch where the crash remained.

A metalic substance like foil was found.
Along with the other debris on the ground.
You could wad it up like paper does,
But it instantly returned to the shape that it was.

Soon it was told there were bodies found.
It was said that there were three on the ground.
Later the story came out about weather balloons,
Time compression, and people that spoke too soon.

Most believed there was a cover-up.
And they will stick with that until...
Someone explains what happened there,
On the day the earth stood still.

~ Derek Lamar

Are they from space or a parallel universe?
Did they crash on purpose?...for what it'
s worth
Were they robots or actual alien beings?
Or did they come from the Inner Earth? ~ DL

Wednesday ~ October 9, 2013

Feeling The Energy of the Land

Being in New Mexico
Is like being transported into a dream.
You feel the past and the present
And the future is yet to see.

The people's faces shift and change at will.
One moment an Indian, later, the air is still.
An event takes place and a stranger walks on by.
You feel a chill, like in a dream,
You ask yourself just "why?"

You look into their faces
Like you look into a mirror.
Is it them that you recognize?
Or yourself that you might fear?

You begin to even wonder
If you are in the now, or sometime before.
You find yourself standing,
Then you're walking out the door.

Footsteps are calling as a great hawk flies overhead.
You were going home but suddenly you're called to the river instead.
You walk on down to the water's edge.
But you wake up in your bed.

Dreams, dreams, visions of a time,
You begin to question the life you live,
"Is it yours, or theirs, or mine?"

Like past life experiences you know they're yours, of course.
You ease into this life like a saddle on a painted horse.
Nothing you can do to change the vision you have seen.
And nothing will alter your present course except your Destiny.

But that is an abstract illusion whirling in your head.
There are things that can be done and choices you have instead.
You must learn to make some changes inside,
To free you from the past.
You must learn to face yourself in time before the die is cast.

~ Derek Lamar

"Breathe in the smoke, but let the fire become an ember.
Let go of the heat, for you've almost reached December. The
past is but a memory and nothing bad is about to appear. Do
not be intimidated, you will see there is nothing you should fear." ~ DL

Tuesday ~ October 8, 2013

Generations of Greatness

Apache, Comanche, Isleta and Cochiti,
Nambe, Navajo, Zia, and the Zuni,
So many tribes in the land of New Mexico,
A proud line of peoples all throughout the pueblos.

Manso, Mescalero, Ohkay Owingeh,
Quarai, Sandia's, the Suma's and Tesuque,
Smoke of the mountains communicating many ways
Many people and many places doing things the old ways.

Picuris, Pojoaque, Jemez and Teypana,
The Pueblo's, the Taos and then there's the Tewa,
Knowledge and destiny carrying on the ancient tradition,
An underlying current of holding a deep vision.

The Ute, the Jano, and also the Senecu
The Jocome and Tompiro, and even some Hopi's too,
Living in the Land of Enchantment where the sky is blue,
And red, and orange, and even purple too.

Listen to the music and the drums off in the distance,
A oneness with their environment, they stand as nature's witness
Life is alive in the land so rich in history,
A legacy so spectacular, surrounded by awe and mystery.

Dancing in the valleys and hunting for their tribes
A history of great virtue, with bravery deep inside.
These people of an ancient world, live their lives today,
Working hard to serve their land, and they are here to stay.

~ Derek Lamar

"Wind, fire, sand and rain, deep in meditation, one endures the pain,
when the tribulation is gone and the clouds clear away, a prayer is said
and there's a brand new day." ~ DL

Monday ~ October 7, 2013

The Rio Grande

I love the Rio Grande as the water rolls on by.
I love the Rio Grande when I see it from the sky.
I love the Rio Grande when my car is sailing by.
I love the Rio Grande when the geese are flying high.

So many rivers have a life so well known.
Filled with so much emotion,
Power all their own.

Always they are rolling with a destiny inside.
Jump into the river and
Be prepared for a wild ride.

I love the Rio Grande sitting in a raft.
I love the Rio Grande whether all are sitting aft.
I love the Rio Grande wherever I have sat.
I love the Rio Grande when I cried or when I laughed.

Rivers carry emotion and it always feels like love.
Gaze upon it from the bridge and
Feel the sun above.

Toss a coin into the water and see it sink below.
Let it go real fast and easy
And think of someone you know.

I love the Rio Grande as it rolls with summer wind.
I love the Rio Grande from the beginning to the end.
I love the Rio Grande as it turns around the bend.
I love the Rio Grande... it's now a lifelong friend.

~ Derek Lamar

Water is emotion as it wells up deep inside. Feel its pulse and
it's emotion and all the things it hides. It flows with imagination
and it often lets go a cry. But the tears always wash away the
pain one feels inside. ~ DL

Sunday ~ October 6, 2013

A Place To Get Lost, A Place To Be Found

Sometimes people move to a place
So they can end up lost.
Sometimes people find themselves
At almost any cost.

Who am I and where am I going?
The light I seek I am showing.
How many times have I felt alone
And then I am found again.

Life has its way of reuniting us
With our inner friend.
We seek so much when we feel lost
And often are blind in the end.

Why do we wake up when we are alseep,
If it is not a natural process?
Why do we fight it and try to keep,
The emptiness and losses.

The desert can be a lonely place
If we do not wish to be found.
You must look yourself in the face
And listen to that sound.

It's music of the spheres that's all around
And swirling within and without.
Do not let it pass you by
Do not give in to doubt.

If you want to find yourself,
Just get yourself a mirror.
The only thing standing in your way
Is that frozen proverbial fear.

~ Derek Lamar

"God will punish you for that."
"He's doing alright." ~ Shirley MacLaine (The Children's Hour)
- Lillian Hellman

Saturday ~ October 5, 2013

Dust, and Dirt, and Empty Space

There are those who left Santa Fe
And found their way, way far away.
There are some who couldn't take the time alone,
Or the distance between now and then.

Often people pass through not knowing what to do,
While others never knew what was real and what was true.
There is an essence deep in this rich land,
Made of dirt, blood and sand.

You can't resent those who leave
Because life is ongoing and change is a need.
But for those who feel the vacuum and identify with this space,
There just isn't any other place.

~ Derek Lamar

Some find the words while others find the color,
and others find the shapes which are like no other,
and yet still, there are those who are filled with the spirit
of the land around their neck like a collar. Wear it loose, or
wear it tight, find the fit that feels just right. ~ DL

Friday ~ October 4, 2013

Changes Within and Without

It's all about change, within and without
And with that certainly, there is no doubt

Mind Unfolding just never stops,
Though there are no Universal clocks.

Nothing is stagnant and time doesn't stand still,
Life continues as Infinity will.

Pause awhile and know the Truth,
Even in that moment of Infinity is proof.

It is ALL in a snap like a mathematical table,
But is perceived in a roll as we are able.

Reality cannot simply burst on the scene,
Even though sometimes that's the way that it seems.

Allow for the exactness of Reality to be,
And in the illusion of time, you will finally see.

~ Derek Lamar

Religion is just one way which often causes confusion,
but also keeps the door opening for continuing discussion, and
inner dialogue. May the wrestling with our own personal confusion
bring us all together into the Oneness of Mind that is Reality. ~ DL

Thursday ~ October 3, 2013

The Skull (Golgotha of the Desert)!

Some see the skull upon the ground
And they cringe and turn away.
It is the death that it represents
And they want it to go away.

But the skull is a symbol of Consciousness
And the seat of mentality.
It isn't the image of carnage
But of immortality.

Bones represent the framework
Which is the strength that carries on.
Horns are symbolic of power
And the control of the land they are on.

Natives respect and emulate
These attributes they see.
They know they are of Divine origin
And they feel them as they "Be."

Whether from ten thousand years ago
Or only from yesterday.
These relics contain all language
And their Essence never fades away.

~ Derek Lamar

Not a bone of his shall be broken, reflects the symbology
that we can see. The bone is the framework, the blueprint
of Consciousness, and in understanding helps set us free. ~ DL

Wednesday ~ October 2, 2013

Turtles, Road Runners, and Horses, Oh My!

I saw a turtle cross the road today.
I was so glad I was driving slow.
He didn't turn his head, or speed up, or stop.
There was no need for a traffic cop.
Sand on the horizon and the sun beating down.

Road Runners everywhere it seems, zooming near the highway.
I didn't hear a "beep, beep" but they really hustled past the cactus.
Such a regal bird with somewhere to go.
They had no need to ask us.
Packed with intention at hand, they slicked back their feathers
and zoomed on down the road.

I love the horses standing tall, above it all, and resting 'neath the sun.
A few are grazing off in the distance,
There's rarely only one.
But when there is, she is standing proud and gallant all alone.
Listening to the poetry in the wind,
As she is writing some of her own.

Placitas is one of their playgrounds,
Facing the Sandias and enjoying their canyon fun.
Often you'll see a photographer not far from one.
And always you'll see them kicking up dust all around.
Feeling like a hundred years ago and a hundred miles from town.

~ Derek Lamar

Treasures, them all, living in the sun and relaxing
in a Santa Fe breeze. The music of the mountains plays
in the air all around as the sun paints its reality upon the ground. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ October 1, 2013

Coyotes, Lizards, and Snakes, Oh My!

I saw a Cayote today running down the road,
So free, but a little bit apprehensive.
He kept looking back to see
If I was following too
And being a little bit too intensive as I do.

I laughed and said: "Don't worry,
I don't eat coyotes
And I swear I could see him smile.
But he wouldn't give up that serious look
Until he was down the road a mile.

I turned around and a lizard ran,
He stopped and looked back to see,
They never want to waste their energy
Or needlessly have to flee.

I began walking through the brush
and came upon a mound of rocks.
I knew not to go sticking my fingers
Where they oughta not.

I bent down to peer into an existing dark hole.
I could see a pair of eyes and could hear the flick of a tail.
Suddenly I discovered that I could run
And I high tailed it out like a scared quail undone.

~ Derek Lamar

Scattered about endlessly life is expressing infinity,
If not you, and if not me, the kingdom still abounds
for Eternity. Life is endless. ~ DL

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"Oh seclusion... it often is way too alone" ~ DL

We are hoping and praying for a new world to emerge but unless we change our consciousness it will not happen. If you think you have changed but the world has not yet caught up to your achievement then something is not right. You get back what you put out in the "NOW" therefore if your world is still not meeting your standards then you must change your viewpoint, your consciousness, your perspective, your belief system. Remember that "Out and Back" is Universal Reality and that whatever you are perceiving is part of your perception.

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