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Saturday ~ November 30, 2013

San Miguel Mission (Chapel)

Built in 1610 and completed in 1626
The oldest church in the U.S.A.
Damaged in 1680
But it didn't go away.
Weathering the elements and the conflicts of the day.
Standing strong and proud in Santa Fe.

Damaged in the Pueblo revolt of 1680
The Spanish rebuilt it in 1710, they say,
Holding its own upon the land in Santa Fe.
A statue of Saint Michael stands waiting inside,
Added in 1798 it resides there today
And it didn't go away.

Original thick walls have remained intact,
No matter what happens it keeps coming back
This Romanesque fortress stands to this day,
Alas, it didn't go away,
Still holding mass: the oldest church in the U.S.A.
A friend to the people, it remains to this day in Santa Fe.

~ Derek Lamar

Not a bone of his shall be broken,
Not one wall shall blow away. ~ DL

“Strike it now and you shall hear, Sweet and soft, and silver clear,
Such a note as thrills your heart, With its tender, magic art,
Echoing softly through the gloom, Of that ancient, storied room,
Dying softly, far away, In the church at Santa Fé.” — W.S. (written of the bronze bell)
A side note: Beat poet Neal Cassady died on the railroad tracks just outside of the town, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, known for the Mexican War of Independence. (no connection, just an oddity for me since I cared for him in Hollywood the week before he left for Mexico.)

Friday ~ November 29, 2013

Installment still pending.

Thursday ~ November 28, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

Most people think that Las Vegas is in Nevada
It ain't necessarily so,
here's one from the history books and it's the place to go.
On the Santa Fe Trail right there in New Mexico.

It's got a lot of history and stories to tell,
People of renown and some straight from Hell,
Murderers, robbers and a lot of petty thieves,
Gamblers and swindlers, and vagrants that wouldn't leave.

Notorious individuals and legends of the West:
Doc Holliday and Billy the Kid stood the test,
Jesse James and the gang with Pat Garret on the attack
Proved the Santa Fe Trail would be fixed on the map.

A railroad station was created for the town,
And an electric street railway for all to travel around,
It became the largest city for a Southwest town,
Turn of the century history bound.

Duncan Opera House opened and a Carnegie Library
A famous Harvey House Hotel was built along the Highway.
Santa Fe's refrigerated cars made headlines for the railway
As they waited for the cinema to film its heart away.

Easy Rider with bikers and Jack Nicholson in a jail cell
Hi-Lo Country and All The Pretty Horses, ring a bell
John Carpenter's Vampires, seemed to find some life to sell
And Kevin Costner in Wyatt Earp was filmed there as well.

The famous unknown Las Vegas is hidden there in plain sight, it's true,
Nothing could obscure it better than a Hollywood movie debut,
Step right up and buy a ticket and watch what they can do,
Or better yet, take the tour and buy some antiques too.

~ Derek Lamar

What happens in Las Vegas
can be seen in a theatre near you ~ DL

Wednesday ~ November 27, 2013

Lost In The Vastness of Nothingness

I used to rule the world
There was nothing else.
Then I learned a lesson,
I must learn to rule myself.

If I am to succeed
I must know it is already done.
If I would then be free
Then the moon could be the sun.

If I am to succeed
I must look at all I've done,
If I can face myself
I will know that I am the One.

If I am the One
Then you are everything
For you are in my vision
And I am an underling.

~ Derek Lamar

I awaken from a sleep
in which there was no rest. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ November 26, 2013

Cave Creek

I went to a cave in New Mexico
It was at Cave Creek near Pecos
Something oddly familiar
In the imagery of such a place
It look a lot like Golgotha
And the image of a face.

Eyes staring out across the creek
Empty and open and wide
I had to stand at a distance
I went to the other side
It felt like I was staring deep into my soul
The cave was more than an isolated hole.

Quiet and peaceful
Near Tererro, New Mexico
It is known for hiking
And a peaceful place to go
Look into the eyes of the cave
And you will see just what it means.

~ Derek Lamar

I fall into your eyes and I see
deep into my Self ~ DL

Monday ~ November 25, 2013

Falling In Love In New Mexico

What are words for?
What's this feeling with a life of its own inside of me?
Do I want to be in bondage, set me free.
I am trapped discovering my inner journey,
Seeking some relief...
Is it my search for someone or some place,
Or is it inside of me?

As I live and breathe
Do I not seek to discover a heart and what it feels?
Do I want to be lonely, help me feel fulfilled.
I am reaching out and reaching within,
When does it begin...
Is it my struggle for someone or something,
Is it outside of me?

Please release me
How do I climb this mountain only to slide back down?
Is it some kind of cosmic test, give me a hint.
I am tied in knots trying to be joined again,
When does it end...
Is it my destiny for a higher realm or state,
How long must I wait?

~ Derek Lamar

I believe if I fall in love with you
it will be forever ~ Stevie Wonder

Sunday ~ November 24, 2013

Crossroads of Civilizations
Through A Wormhole in Time

New Mexico is a land of knowledge,
It is filled with ideas and mysteries.
The land of pueblos, spirits and prophecy
An ever unfolding history of things to see.

Echoes of dreams and of past life happenings,
Fixed in the ethers of the mind,
Knowledge and dreams of another world,
And sought after from another time.

In many ways from a parallel universe
And the knowledge is revealed as in a dream.
What is known by the people of time
Is just not always what it seems.

A vision quest becomes just such a journey
And is an experience upon one's heart and soul.
The intention is to reveal one's destiny,
And the shadows that obscure what one should know.

A dimension in mind is just such a tunnel
Through which one crawls beyond space and time
An expedition that is personally chosen
Sometimes beyond any reason or rhyme.

Some think one enters a
mystical plane
While others experience levels of the soul
But the ancients knew there are many worlds
And delusions one must face in order to grow.

~ Derek Lamar

Everyone is on such a journey and
often it can last ten thousand years. ~ DL

Saturday ~ November 23, 2013

Sons of The Pioneers

Cowboys living in the highs and lows
Singing in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Guitars strumming far and near
Called the Sons of the Pioneers

Singing by the campfire till the dead of night
Cattle drives and rodeos with the moon in sight
Coyote howling on a hill in the rocks
Hoot owl calling where the woodpecker knocks

Cattle in the distance barely make a sound
The wind kicks up slowly all around
The low moos continue as a herd of cattle feed
Nearby rustle some tumbling tumbleweeds

Everyone stares deep into the campfire
The wind in the mountains sounds like a choir
Riders in the sky paint the moon with clouds
The rocks in the area seem to whisper out loud.

A yodal and a twang like a whisper in the wind
Croon in the night from beginning to the end
Songs of love and cowboy lore
The shifting sands call out for more.

The sun breaks day in a rainbow of color
Everyone turns and they look at each other
Someone stokes the campfire and feeds it once again
It flickers back and forth as it wrestles with the wind

The sound of the cowboys draw attention to the day
The few stars left begin to fade away
They put out their fire as the moon turns pale
It's time to fit the horses for the Navajo Trail.

~ Derek Lamar

The dark side of life fades a little as each new day is born
and the sun begins to shine. ~ DL

Friday ~ November 22, 2013

Black Ops New Mexico

Truth or consequences,
Black Ops New Mexico
Los Alamos, White Sands
Entrance at an old Texaco

An underground buzzing sound
Shadows and you look around
Doesn't seem so enchanting
When the dial is amping

Alchemy and insanity
Secrecy and vanity
Witchcraft and H.P. Lovecraft
Still wonder where it's at

Vibrations speed through the inner space
Men in black all over the place
Space station on the sand
Hyper space, a brand new land

Everything is out of place
Visit Kirtland Air Force Base
A dossier on a secret drive
Queen bee hiding in the hive

Pass key is the face on Mars
Is it theirs or one of ours?
The Kings behind the ancient grid
Are now protected and so well hid

Changing history one last sign
Teutonic plates will shift in time
Those think they own the Earth
Will fall beneath the layers of dirt

~ Derek Lamar

Everything is revealed and yet truth is denied
by its simplicity. But the answers are always there
right in front of your face. ~ DL

Thursday ~ November 21, 2013

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor
Red Man, White Man, Indigo

Traveling through time
In a dream-state of mind
Infinite variety merging as One.
Changing, rearranging
Always ever engaging
Mind unfolding yet feeling I'm undone.

Fleeting moments making sense
Is it just coincidence?
The Truth is always there inside.
Emotions, like oceans
Merging toward a notion
And joining in the ride.

Deserts, rivers, rainbows and ice
Life is there, just take a slice
Reach out and reach within
Sand, wind, Sun, Fun
Just beginning, never undone
Well planned out and just on a whim.

~ Derek Lamar

No matter where you are,
That's where you are supposed to be. ~ DL

Wednesday ~ November 20, 2013

Ghost Towns of The Old West

Ghost towns are forgotten memories
That have no life of their own
They stand like shadows as they fade away
Like tumbleweeds long ago blown

Ghost towns are memories
Left to be forgotten
What was once standing strong
Dries up and becomes rotten

The wind blows debris here and there
And nothing is left to explain
No one around to hold onto memories
Often they have lost their name

Ghosts are echoes that still have a voice
But a ghost town often stands silent
A saloon door creaks in the desert wind
A graveyard of outlaws once violent

Old miners of gold and silver
Are stories in the hearts of the dead
Gunfights long forgotten
Stand quiet where the sand was red

Stagecoaches and cattle drives
Are frozen realities of the past
Not even the curious scorpion
Can find the first or the last

The history of what was activity
Is a memory now lost to the wind
Long since blown along with the dust
To find a new place to begin.

~ Derek Lamar

The only ghost chosen to stand and remain
is a pillar of stone left alone on the plains. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ November 19, 2013

Carlsbad Caverns

What a strange place to find oneself in
A hole deep in the ground,
A cave, a grotto, or a cavern
Some might say you've gone away
And spent too much time in tavern

But Jim White explored these tunnels
Back in 1898
First he saw a plume of bats and he just couldn't wait
They appeared to be rising from the desert hills
And just what would be his fate?

Was it a volcano or a strange violent whirlwind
When would it end or even begin
Such a strange event for a 16 year old kid
Traveling the Chihuahuan Desert as he clearly did

Of this discovery he did say:
"I found myself gazing into the biggest and blackest hole I had ever seen" on that day
"...out of which the bats seemed literally to boil."
The cave was like a castle, something unique, and clearly naturally royal.

"Standing at the entrance of the tunnel I could see ahead of me
a darkness so absolutely black it seemed almost solid."
He made his way down into the cave and found two tunnels,
And it was the level one that he then followed.

This was the one where the bats did live. He then he went on to the other.
At this point he entered a gigantic cavern
where stalagmites did seem to hover.
So bizarre and beautiful, it was the most magnificent o
f things below the ground.
Intuitively he did seem to know that nothing else like this cave could be found

He then found chandeliers, stalactites, soda straws and flowstone,
Pools of water and rimstone dams and other formations of the unknown.
He dropped stones into the mysterious deep which would be a memorable endeavor
He found a boulder and rolled it over into a pit that seemed to go on forever

His lamp gave out and he couldn't see into the seemingly endless black hole
He then reloaded his lantern with oil so he could know just which way to go.
But he would return again and again to discover just what it all means
To explore and discover and realize for himself, the experience of one man's dream

~ Derek Lamar

The only thing more grand than discovering a cave
is to realize the treasures within. ~ DL
Tombstone is in Arizona. ~ DL

Sunday ~ November 17, 2013

Killing Geronimo

Born in 1829, Geronimo became a raging medicine man.
Fighting in the New Mexico area, in this Indian land.
Admired and respected by Mexicans and Americans alike
Geronimo was undaunted in his will to fight,
The most famous Apache in the day or the night:

So famous was he that soldiers in the air and on the ground,
would yell out his name as a battlecry sound.
Whether entering into battle or jumping out of a plane,
it was common to to gird one's loins and yell out his name:

He wasn't a chief as many must assume, but rather a medicine man,
under the light of the moon, his hatred and vengence against the European man
made Geronimo the most bloody handed murderer in all of the land.
Vowed to kill as many as he could, no one ever doubted that he would.
Geronimo died in 1909, a fighter to be known til the end of time:

~ Derek Lamar

Love is strong and loyalty is great,
But nothing destroys like mindless hate. ~ DL

Saturday ~ November 16, 2013

Road Runner

There's a road runner lying in the road.
He's pretending that he's dead
And he's ready to unload.

Wiley Coyote is coming round the bend
He was hanging out in Rio Rancho with a friend.

Wiley likes to take his time
He knows it really blows the bird's mind
Pretending that he doesn't really care
But he will do most anything on a dare.

The Road Runner decided to paint the road tan
So Wiley would confuse it with all of that sand
But even so Wiley won't go
Without a hot air balloon and an anvil in hand.

Road Runner says "What a bummer, does he
really think that I am that dumb?"
Or should he have said:
"Beep beep beep beep beep and then some."

Wiley just wants to get his hand around Road Runner's neck.
He doesn't care about that female coyote.
Sometimes I think he might be gay. Why? What did he say?

Wiley said "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
There goes the Road Runner. He's off to Las Cruces.

~ Derek Lamar

Baby you can drive my car... beep, beep, beep, beep, yeah! ~ DL

Friday ~ November 15, 2013

I Dreamed I Saw An Angel

I dreamed I saw an angel
Flying high up overhead
I asked myself "Was it real?
Or just someone that was dead?"

The sky was filled with color
It was garish, bright and loud.
I thought I saw an angel
But I'm afraid it was a cloud.

The breeze was barely moving
As I watched the sky float by
The power it was holding
Could really catch your eye.

I dreamed I saw an angel
With wings so far and wide
"Was it just a vision
Or someone that had died?"

Could it be Georgia O'Keeffe?
Looking down from up above?
Could it be Tony Hillerman
Another one that I love.

I could see the Indians
High up on the hill
All were sitting on horses
They were very still.

I dreamed I saw an angel
Dancing in the sky
Was it just an illusion
Or a tribal chief that died?

I finally put on my glasses
And I wiped away my tears
As the last cloud passes
There's a sound that I can hear

There are drums and trumpets playing
I can hear it in the sky
It must be that Easy Rider
Sonny Barger finally died

I wipe away my tears
And look up one last time
Every cloud is different
And every one a sign.

The colors are so beautiful
The orange, the purples, the reds
They still look just like angels
Are they just there in my head?

I look back at the mountains
There are ghosts deep in the sand
A dust devil is blowing
It becomes an angel's hand

It reaches out and captures
A tumble weed going by
It's tossed about for quite awhile
And is eaten by the sky

Billy the Kid still wanders
The desert with a knife
The Apaches stole his horse
And Pat Garrett took his life.

I dreamed I saw an angel
Flying high up overhead
There were clouds floating in the sky
But nobody is ever dead.

~ Derek Lamar

No one dies in New Mexico because
Tombstone is in Arizona. ~ DL

Thursday ~ November 14, 2013

Installment still pending.

Wednesday ~ November 13, 2013

I Love Hatch Chiles

I love Hatch Chiles
I love them on the grill
Turn up the flames, they'll taste the same
Or maybe better still

I love Hatch Chiles
Roasted and tossed with scallops
And topped with chopped Cilantro
That's the way to really go

I love Hatch Chiles
From Hatch, New Mexico
With delicious fresh hot corn bread
And with eggs inside a burrito

And with bacon, mac and cheese
Just as pretty as you please
They're sweeter and less bitter
But you know they're always better

I love Hatch Chiles
Roasted and peeled for an enchilada sauce
Make a quesadilla or a fritata lightly tossed
Infuse some tequila
And the day is not a loss

I love Hatch Chiles
Roast 'em, remove the skins
Chop them finely and mix them in,
Add them to some goat cheese shredded
If you don't... you're gonna regret it.

I love Hatch Chiles.

~ Derek Lamar

They're really good but better yet
Check them out on the internet. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ November 12, 2013

Installment still pending.

Monday ~ November 11, 2013

Don't Sleep On The Railroad Tracks

I was tired and it was starting to get cold.
I could see the train tracks ahead
They used to say: "Don't sleep on the railroad tracks
You're bound to end up dead."

I knew it would be warm on the railroad tracks
The sun was just now going down
The iron rails and the chisled stone
Would retain heat, I have found.

I heard the last train an hour ago
It was whipping in the wind
It let loose it's horn as it rushed past the river
An hour till it's back again.

I dropped my backpack on the wooden rails
It made a great pillow for outside
I proceeded to lay myself down
I looked up and stared at the sky.

It was colder than usual and I fell right to sleep
Immediately I began to dream
But instead of the usual nighttime dream
I slipped out of body it seems

I began to soar all over the land
And the area along the tracks.
I could hear the train off in the distance
But I was frozen and couldn't look back.

I could hear the whistle blow
And I knew the train was in route
I struggled to regain my consciousness
But I was beginning to have some doubt

Closer and closer the train did come
I did everything I could to get up
I could see its approach moving down the line
But seeing was just not enough.

I began to scream but no one could hear
It was all just deep in my mind
Suddenly I awakened and I lifted my head
I thought I would lose my mind

I could feel the weight of my physical body
And knew I could finally stand
As I struggled to rise up from the tracks
I could see the watch on my hand

My eyes were still blurry as I strained to see
The time as it kept ticking by
I struggled to make out the dial in the dark
But only five minutes had slipped by.

I rose to my feet and grabbed my bag
And moved far away from the tracks
I guess it was a dream, but whatever it was
I didn't want to ever go back.

~ Derek Lamar

Out of your body, out of your mind,
Get a motel if there is a next time. ~ DL

Sunday ~ November 10, 2013


Bats in the desert
Bats in the belfry
Bats in Carlsbad
Just where they oughta be.

Bats in the summer
Flying out with all their might
Straight out the Cavern
In search of Beetles in the night.

They're kinda cute critters
Little mice with floppy wings
Nothing seems to phase them
Scorpions or things that sting.

They are very high tech
Packed with sonar all around
Hanging from the ceiling
That's the place they can be found.

Then again there's rabies
Along with all their guano
A popular fertilizer
Not a place you wanna go

Lock up all your attics
Basements and your chimney space
They are desperate creatures
Feeding almost anyplace.

Call on your "Bat Patrol"
They're the ones you have to know
Garlic and a Rosary
Carry a cross and watch them flee.

~ Derek Lamar

I saw a kid with a pet bat once, it crawled right out of his shirt,
I, of course, jumped out of my pants and landed in the dirt. ~ DL

Saturday ~ November 9, 2013

I Saw A Man With Tears In His Eyes

I was hiking one day
Away from the cities and highways
I wanted to find the real New Mexico
I just had to do it my way.

I trampled through the desert brush
And climbed over the rocks
I kicked at the hard red earth
In the absence of office clocks.

I stood and gazed up
At a really tall pine tree
And the air exploded
And the noise seemed all around me.

I was dazed and stunned
I looked down at my hands
Don't ask me why
I just didn't understand.

Finally I turned
And I saw a single man
He was standing frozen
With a gun in his hand.

Just a short distance
lay a horse upon the ground
The world was in slow motion
And then the man turned around.

Immediately he saw me
As I stood in my place,
He was lost and dumbfounded
Tears were running down his face.

We both knew in that moment
The sadness he felt
The love for his horse
As he turned, as he knelt.

Suddenly a wind kicked up
And I turned and walked away.
I returned to my journey
As the man sat and prayed.

~ Derek Lamar

Sadness has its rewards only in its honesty,
But sometimes our trials are brutal and cruel. ~ DL

Friday ~ November 8, 2013

Going down the trail from Santa Fe

I could hear that it was raining
And we folded up the teepee
We gathered up our things
And the horses got up freely
and then we felt the

I remember it was windy
As we loaded up the wagon
The trees were swaying gently
As we set out with abandon
Moving farther down the trail

I woke up, it was freezing
And I heard the men outside.
The horses were quite noisy
They were awake and ready to ride
Into the valley below.

I sat up and looked out the window
And we began to leave the station
The whistle blew down the line
And we gave our salutations
As the train began to roll.

The car stood there shaking
As we warmed up for the ride,
I scraped the ice off the windows
And finally climbed inside,
We drove on down the road.

I pulled on my sweatshirt
And tied my luggage to the rack
I mounted my bike and rolled ahead
And gave a quick look back
As I left my weekend abode

Oh Albuquerque
How long will it take to arrive?
500 years or 200 years
I hope we will survive
As we venture on down the Rio Grande

Maybe just 100 years
Rolling quickly into town
The wind is blowing at our backs
As the tumbleweeds roll down
An adventure filled with wind and sand.

~ Derek Lamar

History is like a dream as it unfolds a different view
You feel confused as to what is real and what is really true. ~ DL

Thursday ~ November 7, 2013

The Dark Wind Blows Across The Land

The Navajo believes there are dark forces at work
And one must be on their guard.
When someone does something evil
Working against the flow makes life hard.

A dark wind that enters the soul
Grows and obscures the Light.
It rarely happens all at once and
Seldom arrives overnight.

Usually this darkness shuts the door on Truth
And the harmony of flow is closed down.
Life becomes a painful journey
And its effects are hard to be around.

Light is light and darkness is heavy
And a toil for those who must wander
The burdens they carry from place to place
Destroy the life that they have now squandered.

~ Derek Lamar

When a dark wind has entered the soul,
It often becomes a prison for a lifetime.
It is a false personna that pretends to exist
always seeking its level for attention. ~ DL

Wednesday ~ November 6, 2013

Tony Hillerman: Graffiti In Stone

I thought I saw the Dance Hall of the Dead
Maybe it was just in my head.
It could have been a
Dark Wind
Or a
Sinister Pig on the highway.
Perhaps the
Wailing Wind is singing in my dreams
Even though
A Thief of Time is just not what it seems.

I do know now that the
Coyote Waits
The Fallen Man is still seeking to open the gates.
The Blessing Way is out of reach
And beyond the grasp of what I teach
But the
People of Darkness still stand in line
Hoping to avoid those words until another time.

The Ghost Way is the easy way
When one only walks with the dead.
The Listening Woman puts her ear to the ground
To hear the
Sacred Clowns instead.
Talking God issues forth a decree
And the
Skeleton Man is finally set free.

The First Eagle lifts a feather to the sky
To connect our words with heaven
Hunting Badger can be a distraction
I have seen him so many times, maybe seven.
But the
Skinwalkers leave evidence
As they disappear in the night
The Shape Shifter disappears
In the shadows from our sight.

Tony Hillerman claimed this place
New Mexico finally claimed him.
He held his ear close to the ground
And did so on more than a whim.
He emptied himself of an ordinary life
As his stories gave birth to this land.
You can hear drums far off in the distance
As his ink spills out on the sand.

~ Derek Lamar

A fly on the wall was finding the moon,
And one is seldom disappointed.
But when the spell of New Mexico appears
The Indian country is annointed. ~ DL

Tuesday ~ November 5, 2013

Ghosts Upon The Land

There are ghosts upon the land
They are walking on the sand
They are swimming in the streams
They have entered all our dreams

Drums are heard in the distance
A steady beat of insistance
One, two, three, four, and counting
The beat continues mounting

Spirits manifest and fade
A price is always paid
The principle is out and back
What is Truth and what is fact?

What you see is what you get
Once in motion it is set
The energy unleashed upon the sand
Ancient codes hidden in the land

What's a dream and what is real?
How is it started and how is it sealed?
Music appears high in the clouds
Footsteps marching soft and loud

Be still and listen deep within
Soon you will hear it and you will begin
To finally hear that invisible place
That is hidden in back of time and space.

~ Derek Lamar

Secrets in the mountains, mysteries in the land,
Ancient codes and formulas, whispers in the sand,
Voices chanting far beyond, some right where you stand. ~ DL

Monday ~ November 4, 2013

Dreaming In The Land of Enchantment

The land of New Mexico
Has Spirituality embedded in its location.
It is in the grid lines, in the aura of the land,
In the water and deep within the sand,
Vibrations in the air you breathe and the
Movement there at hand
A conciousness of enchantment.

The sky of New Mexico
Has the colors of the aura of its Essence.
It has been transformed by its Being on a molecular level.
It is within and without as you walk about
You can feel it in the air as it embraces you.
It is non dimensional and yet it is real
It reaches out and touches you and that is what you feel.

The soul of New Mexico
Has Healing rising upwards to the Sun
It is eminating all around you and coming from the One
It is a template of Creativity as it Transforms your Soul
It is particles and waves as it rises and rolls
It reaches out and touches you
You feel yourself become Whole.

~ Derek Lamar

Some healing is from within,
And some comes from without.
When it comes you awaken healed and anew
When it happens, there is no doubt. ~ DL

Sunday ~ November 3, 2013

In The Middle

There's a skull just sitting in the middle of the road
I pull over to take a look, but then it's gone
I look everywhere on both sides and beyond
There's a cloud just hanging in the sky

Wouldn't usually matter but it's just hanging there
Just floating like a balloon, way up in the air
Suddenly it turns colors and rises high above
And I can see it sweep across the landscape

I stand there staring and I am all alone
I reach for my cell phone but it cannot be found
The balloon floats back and lands upon the ground
Now it's a hot air balloon and I want to climb down.

It rises so high and then I realize I'm dreaming
I'm dreaming but I cannot get down
I'm dreaming but I am lost inside
And I fear that I'll never be found.

Finally I wake up and I move about the room
There's a picture hanging on the middle of the wall
I walk over to check it out
But change my mind and that's not all

I am looking for my keys and I start to shake
It drives me crazy, just how much I can take?
How can I go anywhere without my keys?
I stand there staring at a skull in the trees

~ Derek Lamar

Stop what you're feeling, you're the one in control,
Stop what you're dreaming, you're the one to know,
Inhale, exhale, let it all go out, this side that side,
Cancel all the doubt. ~ DL

Saturday ~ November 2, 2013

No Way José (A Dead End Street For Joe) cont.

Joe knew that life was a gamble, it's true
So often it seems there's nothin' we can do
We look for advice but it doesn't work out
We're even more confused as to what it's about
However, often when we're stuck something clicks
Just open your mind, that's your bag of tricks
Aim toward the sun and fly down Route 66.

~ Señor Derek Lamar

Push the pedal to the metal and hope you can fly,
Don't let anyone say that you won't try,
Know the answer's there when you finally ask why,
A rush comes upon you while you're dreaming. ~ DL

Friday ~ November 1, 2013

No Way José (A Dead End Street For Joe) cont.

Now a fifth of water just ain't right
Even the Father would sneak in late at night
His countenance was palor given night vision
And he said but coming here was the right decision
I'll tell Mother Superior that this was fixed
Even a jug of mule will give some kicks
And he kept on driving down Route 66.

~ Señor Derek Lamar

Cross your heart and hope to die,
So many things that you can try,
Best be the one where you don't cry
Head held up, oh my, you must be dreaming. ~ DL

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"Oh seclusion... it often is way too alone" ~ DL

We are hoping and praying for a new world to emerge but unless we change our consciousness it will not happen. If you think you have changed but the world has not yet caught up to your achievement then something is not right. You get back what you put out in the "NOW" therefore if your world is still not meeting your standards then you must change your viewpoint, your consciousness, your perspective, your belief system. Remember that "Out and Back" is Universal Reality and that whatever you are perceiving is part of your perception.

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