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Friday ~ December 27, 2013

Doorways To Reality

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. ~ William Blake

If one's understanding of reality were fully realized, humankind would assume the True Role as the Divine Being we are: Whole, Complete, Perfect and Infinite. ~ DL

Wednesday ~ December 25, 2013

Buffalo Skulls

Buffalo skulls won't you come out tonight?
Come out tonight, come out tonight?
Buffalo skulls won't you come out tonight?
And stare into the eyes of the moon.

Buffalo skulls won't you come out tonight?
Do you really think it's too soon?
Buffalo skulls don't you know that it's right?
To disappear into the deep lagoon.

Muscle skulls won't you do it right?
Do it right? Do it right?
Muscle skulls won't you do it tonight?
And slip beneath the shadows of noon.

Santa Fe town all dressed in white
Dressed in white and frozen all night.
Christmas time is there all right,
Hiding 'neath the frozen desert moon.

The Rio Grande keeps moving on down,
Moving on down, moving on down,
The Rio Grande slides passed my town
And I walk right passed it at noon.

The sun rides high on a sunny day,
Sunny day, sunny day,
The Sun rides high on a sunny day
And sunset comes too soon.

Don'tcha know that the lizard runs fast
Lizard runs fast, lizard runs fast,
I could see it run right passed
And then I heard a mighty big boom.

Man with a gun and an evil eye,
Evil eye, evil eye
Man drew his gun and let it fly
And the lizard was lost in the dunes.

Buffalo skull did bake in the sun,
Bake in the sun, take in the son,
Golgotha skull for his sake was done,
For some it was none too soon.

I am full on Christmas day,
Christmas Day, Christmas Day,
I give thanks that it ends that way
And I can think of you.

~ Derek Lamar

Because Christmas is celebrated in both loving and insane ways, it continues to withhold the mystery for those who need to know. ~ DL

Saturday ~ December 21, 2013

Christmas Is Forever

Christmas is forever
As long as it lives in you.
Christmas will endeavor
To capture the best of you.

Christmas in Placitas
With horses running by
The snow upon the ground
And some sunshine in the sky.

Waiting for a Shaman
To slowly pass right by
Snowflakes and rainbow clouds
Appear in mind's eye.

A glimmer of tomorrow
Hanging in the sky
A flock of geese are honking
As they seem to breeze right by.

Christmas is forever
A kiva and a log
The Yuletide season ringing
And breaking through some fog.

You never pause to wonder
Where you need to go
You know it's always Christmas time
In old New Mexico.

~ Derek Lamar

Christmas isn't what you give and it isn't what you get. Christmas is what you see that you really didn't get. Christmas is letting go of the failures of the past. Christmas is keeping all the insight that before just didn't last. ~ DL

Thursday ~ December 19, 2013

I Want To Be Happy

I want to be happy,
I want to be blue,
But I want to be all the other colors too.
I want to feel all my sadness,
And learn to let it go,
I want to be happy,
I want to feel it so.

I want to be happy,
You know the time is due,
But I don't want to end up color blind,
I want to know what's true.
To be set free at last
I want to be happy,
And let go of my past.

I want to be happy,
And know just who I am,
But I don't want any demons dancing in the sand
I don't want pretending,
I want to see the light,
I want to be happy now,
And everything be right.

~ Derek Lamar

Happiness is truth revealed in the out and back motion
of the Universe. ~ DL


Friday ~ December 13, 2013

Rising Up Into The Light

You can walk the paths of silent stone,
You almost never feel alone.
You can raise your sites up to the sky,
You soon discover exactly why.

You climb the mountains and catch the view,
You always discover something new
You take a deep breath and let it go,
You relax inside and view the show.

A sacred rain falls upon the plains,
A cherished moment on a quiet lane.
A thought remembered when you found love,
A place you discovered a truth from above.

Never let go of such things so pure,
Never withdraw from what you've endured.
Always reach out and touch those you love,
Include some strangers making it more than enough.

There is a reason and rhyme for your life,
There is so much more to discover inside.
The insights to change your life you will find,
They await patiently within your own mind.

~ Derek Lamar

Love is not simply caring for someone else,
it is the presence of the divine within. ~ DL

Thursday ~ December 12, 2013

Ghost Towns of the Mind

Many towns, many places around,
Within the mind, is it a sign?
You can walk the invisible plank
Of a road along the well worn bank
Of the Rio Grande, a spirit land.

A fun house of mirrors
Often plays on one's fears
But there are options in life
Whether it be laissez faire or strife
Upon the sand, ain't life grand?

One can almost be looking through the veil
Reaching deep into the subconscious tale
Of millions of years from a rolling train's view
To understand our many selves as a clue
Within Mind's eye, always knowing why.

An Indian stands reflecting an age of demands,
The European Conqueror becoming a confused wanderer,
The individual screams amidst their own dream,
The collective tribes yearning for Oneness, it seems,
Self-Discovery a quest of both the East and the West.

Written on invisible walls in the land,
Ideas blowing in the wind as if on sand,
Rainbow visions painted in the clouds of the sky,
Tumbleweeds become lifeforms as they roll on by,
Everything a moment to ponder and ask "why?"

~ Derek Lamar

Is this real life? ~ DL

Tuesday ~ December 10, 2013

Bonnie And Clyde
Lived Inside New Mexico

Remember the "Hole In The Wall Gang"?
Good ole Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Who also did what they done did.
Bonnie and Clyde should have been called
The "Living In The Hole Gang"
They lived in Carlsbad in the 1930's
Surrounded by the bats and all the birdies.
Carlsbad Cavern is a hole in the ground.
They thought it would be a good place to hang around.
Left there to die in Louisiana below Texarkana.
From Carlsbad straight across Texas to die in Sailes, Louisiana,
Faye Dunaway and Warren Beaty as Bonnie and Clyde,
Do you think Shirley Maclaine knows all that they did hide?
Which way the wind blows through the canyons of the mind
So much in New Mexico that one can find.
Connections, connections, it is a cosmic game,
Some call it intriguing, some call it insane.
Natural born killers dying inside,
Lash out against themselves through the ones outside.
Cowboys and aliens, the men who stare at goats,
Hang 'em high in the wild, wild west, living like ghosts
Everything in plain sight but one's soul is far out of reach,
A desert can be an oasis and a requiem fading on a beach.
There is nothing romantic about the death of one's own being,
Better to stand and face the sun and know what it is you're seeing.
Look within and face the change, see what is good and real,
Place your dreams and desires in love and follow what Truth has revealed.

~ Derek Lamar

Life is a mystery, learn to interpret its movement. ~ DL

Monday ~ December 9, 2013

Bonnie And Clyde Lived Inside New Mexico

Remember the "Hole In The Wall Gang"?
Good ole Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Who also did what they done did.
Bonnie and Clyde should have been called
The "Wall Around The Hole Gang"
They lived in Carlsbad in the 1930's
Surrounded by the bats and the birdies.
Carlsbad Cavern is a hole in the ground.
They thought it would be a good place to hang around.
Left there to die in Louisiana just below Texarkana.
From Carlsbad straight across Texas to die in Sailes, Louisiana,
Faye Dunaway and Warren Beaty as Bonnie and Clyde,
Do you think Shirley Maclaine knows all that they did hide?
Which way the wind blows through the canyons of the mind
So much in New Mexico that one can find.

~ Derek Lamar

Isn't love grand? ~ DL

Friday ~ December 6, 2013

Pretty Little Indian Girl

Pretty little Indian girl
Moccasins on your feet
Pretty little Indian girl
Ride your bike down the middle of the street

Pretty little Indian girl
Playing rhythms on a drum
Her head sways side to side
As her hands beat softly until she's done

Pretty little Indian girl
Stands up and she does a dance
Pretty little Indian girl
Speaks some ancient and mysterious chants

Pretty little Indian girl
She draws pictures in the sand
Pretty little Indian girl
Extends her hand and she understands

Pretty little Indian girl
Is a woman in a deep dark dream
Beautiful and mystical
She's floating through the clouds it seems

Pretty little Indian girl
Is a medicine woman throughout the day
Pretty little Indian girl
The world is smoke and it blows away

Pretty little Indian girl
Paints a doll made out of clay
Pretty little Indian girl
Grows up to be what the legends say

Pretty little Indian girl
Is a hidden voice for all the tribe
Pretty little Indian girl
Feeling, healing, no more do they have to hide

Pretty little Indian girl
Stands up high on the mountain top
Pretty little Indian girl
A new age coming when the pain will stop.

~ Derek Lamar

We try so hard to forget and then
work so long to remember. ~ DL

Thursday ~ December 5, 2013

Area 52 Is In New Mexico Too

Don't be confused by the rumors and the lies
Their foolish answers are just what logic defies
What is up and what is down
Don't think they will let you look around
The coyote howls at the moon and then it cries

Drive on down that dusty road and see
Another car appears behind you as you flee
You speed up and so do they
You slow down they follow the rest of the way
You look again they're nowhere to be seen.

Noises in the night beneath the ground
Lights in the sky as they flicker all around
You adjust your jacket and you look at your dog
You move down the highway where you once chopped a log
You continue to hear an unearthly sound.

A streak of green is drifting through the sky
The moon is yellow and you really don't know why
There's a chill in the late night air
You adjust your coat and toss your hair
You have a funny feeling deep inside.

There's a vehicle behind you moving in close
A gust of wind lifts you a little, at least almost
You look in the rear view mirror
You're starting to feel the fear
Your engine dies and you start to coast

You pull to the side of the road where the road doesn't show
You're exactly where you didn't really want to go
You unlock the door but you don't get out
No one is there as you look about
Now your engine's running real low and time is moving slow.

You step on the gas because you fear for your life
The acceleration of the car begins to cut like a knife
Everything around you begins to blur
It is almost more than you can endure
An explosion of emotions is unleashed in your fright

Suddenly it happens like the beginning of it all
You drop out of reality and slip into a fall
An explosion of feelings and fear and pain
You border on the notion you are going insane
Where time and space and change approach that of a crawl

You begin to lose consciousness and slide into a void
You lose sensibility and feel like a toy
You are twisting and turning as you are lifted and hover
It becomes a realm of illusion like that of no other
The fabric of reality is a torn, faceless realm you wish to avoid

You suddenly drop onto a solid space in the middle of the road
There is nothing that you recognize and little that you know
Your senses are no longer responding to your view
Your memory is playing tricks on you
Suddenly it's over, silent, and moving very slow.

You look out your window and question "what can it be?"
It seems funny except for what it might mean.
What is up and what is down?
Don't think they will let you look around
The sign says "Next stop is Area 53."

~ Derek Lamar

"This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality: you're on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable...Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. . .
Next stop The Twilight Zone.” ~ Rod Serling

Wednesday ~ December 4, 2013

Mel's Hole Is In New Mexico

It's not in Pahrump, Nevada
And you know they always hadda shot,
It's not in Death Valley, California
But you never know what they got,
Mel's Hole is in New Mexico,
But you ask how do I know?
It's the only place inside out that's got
Kokopelli dancing in the snow

It's not in Apache Junction, Arizona
And a Tehachapi Kawaiisu just laughed
It's not in Lake Havasu City, Arizona
That's a watering hole on the path.
Mel's Hole is in New Mexico
But where you ask, could it be?
It's hidden there in plain site, you know
Beneath the Honey Locust Tree.

It's not at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah
It is a whole lot deeper than that,
It's not in Pecos, Texas
Unless it's a rodeo trap
Mel's Hole is in New Mexico,
But you sigh and disbelieve.
It's right where it seems so obvious
And difficult to conceive.

It's not where the sky is falling
Looking up is not the clue
It's not in Durango, Colorado
And Pagosa Springs will never do.
Mel's Hole is in New Mexico
At the Blue Hole Mystery Cave
If they tell you that it's not really true
What do you think they're gonna say?

~ Derek Lamar

Daniel was in the Lion's Den, and
the Devil might take your soul,
but every now and then you will
think about what's in Mel's Hole. ~ DL

Sunday ~ December 1, 2013

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled." ~ Mark Twain

Do not walk behind yourself unless you're texting. ~ DL

You can contact me here. I will answer your email personally:
Write me... ask one question... I will give you the answer... begin the dialogue for Truth.

"Oh seclusion... it often is way too alone" ~ DL

We are hoping and praying for a new world to emerge but unless we change our consciousness it will not happen. If you think you have changed but the world has not yet caught up to your achievement then something is not right. You get back what you put out in the "NOW" therefore if your world is still not meeting your standards then you must change your viewpoint, your consciousness, your perspective, your belief system. Remember that "Out and Back" is Universal Reality and that whatever you are perceiving is part of your perception.

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