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October 1998

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Saturday, Oct. 31st

"Have you ever considered how dreadful it would be if our lives had no appointed end but went on forever? Can you imagine that as far as the eye can see into the future we should remain enmeshed in the desires and troubles of this life and that all the ensuing envy, hatred and malice, our own and other people's, should continue to pile up undiminished? If you have ever considered how intolerable the burden of our life would be without the understood certainty that it has an appointed end, you know that death comes to all, even the most fortunate, not as an enemy but as a deliverance." ~ Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) Reverence for Life

"The day of death is when two worlds meet with a kiss: this world going out, the future world coming in." ~ The Talmud

"Death is the twinkling of the eye as we move from one room into another surprised to find how similar the next room is, luring us, haunting us, seducing us with its temptations and causing us to wonder why we didn't look at the last room with such wonder and awe." ~ Derek Lamar

"Mortality is the realization that only truth can continue forever and eventually the nonsense must end and Reality begin" ~ Derek Lamar

Friday, Oct. 30th

"This is the Truth: as from a blazing fire sparks, being like unto fire, fly forth a thousandfold, thus are various beings brought forth from the Imperishable, my friend, and return thither also. ~ The Upanishads

"As the one fire, having entered the world, assumes the forms of all that is in it, so the One inmost Self of all beings takes on their manifold forms outside. ~ The Upanishads

"He who is one, and who dispenses the inherent needs of all peoples and all times, who is in the beginning and end of all things, may He unite us with the bond of Truth, of common fellowship, and of righteousness.. ~ The Upanishads

Thursday, Oct. 29th

"These rivers flow, the eastern towards the West and the western towards the East; from ocean to ocean they flow. They actually become the ocean. And as they do not know which one they are, so all these creatures here, though they have come forth from Being, do not know they have come forth from Being. Whatever they are, whether tiger, lion, wolf, boar, worm, fly, gnat, or mosquito, they all become That. That which is the subtlest of the subtle, the whole world has as its self. That is reality. That is the Self, and that art thou. ~ The Upanishads

Wednesday, Oct. 28th

"As an actor in a play appears in many guises, so God when His play is ended abandons the guise and appears as the One only."
                          ~ Guru Arjan (1563-1606) The Adi Granth
"One Life through all the immense creation runs, One Spirit is the moon's, the sea's, the sun's; All forms in the air that fly, on the earth that creep, And the unknown nameless monsters of the deep -- Each breathing thing obeys one Mind control, And in all substance is a single Soul."
                          ~ Vergil (70 - 19 B.C.) The Aeneid

Tuesday, Oct. 27th

"God's Being is my life, but if it is so, then what isGod's must be mine and what is mine God's. God's is-ness is my is-ness, and neither more nor less."
                      ~ Meister Eckhart (1260-1327)
"And let me know the living Father cares for me, even me: for this one of his children. Hast Thou no word for me? I am Thy thought. God, let Thy mighty heart beat unto mine, and let mine answer as a pulse of Thine."

              ~ George Macdonald (1824-1905) Within and Without

Monday, Oct. 26th

"I do not believe in a self-naming of God, a self-definition of God before men. the Word of revelation is I am that I am. that which reveals is that which reveals. the eternal source of strength streams, the eternal contact persists, the eternal voice sounds forth, and nothing more." ~ Martin Buber (1878-1965) I and Thou

Sunday, Oct. 25th

"When by means of the Self as it really is, as with a lamp, an integrated man sees the true nature of Brahman, the unborn, undying God, the Pure beyond every essence as it really exists, and knowing him, he will be released from all fetters."        ~ The Upanishads

Saturday, Oct. 24th

"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make."
                          ~ John Lennon & Paul McCartney
"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans." ~ John Lennon

Friday, Oct. 23rd

"You are a rich and creative spiritual being. You can never be less than this. You may frustrate your potential. You may identify with that which is less than what you can be.  But within you now and always is the unborn possibility of a limitless experience of inner stability and outer treasure, and yours is the privilege of giving birth to it. And you will, if you can believe."

                          ~ Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics



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