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January 1999
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Sunday, January 31st
"The process of learning becomes automatic in the process of teaching. The process of teaching becomes automatic in the accelerated process of learning. It is all reciprocal and it is all ONE. The voice you hear is your own even if it is a Higher voice which you feel you cannot yet claim. There is no separateness and denial of Oneness does not make it so. It is all MIND knowing itself and ultimately expressing itself in an infinite variety of ways. Light intermingling with light, energy exchanging itself in a myriad of ways within and without itself, LOVE entwined in a kaleidoscope of realization." ~ Derek Lamar, Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute (in search of a few brave students)
Learning continues...
Saturday, January 30th
"This is neither the time nor the place to go into a full discussion of what this reveals. On the surface it would seem that for one to be balanced one must find the Center. I had neared the center of my particular phase of evolution at that time. I was suddenly enabled to see how the various degrees of Masonry and other Hermetic Brotherhoods were really represented by every day experiences. This gave me my first glimpse of the Great White Lodge. Words cannot express the enthralling beauty of that moment. All bandage, limitation, error and karma disappeared and for a fleeting moment of time I saw the unity which lies in the midst of diversity. This vision has been with me many times since but only as the faintest of realities. I used to fret because I was not able to keep that vision, until one day my master told me, 'If you had the full vision you would not be the mediator that we recognize you as being. As it is now, you have enough of the faint glimpse to give you hope, and still enough of that other to give you compassion and the ability to speak the language that is understood.' So the Order of Melchizedek was revealed in my mind as it has been revealed to countless others." ~ Eloi Sun (Old Wine In New Bottles, Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A. 1940)
The Light continues...
Friday, January 29th
"Many people write and say: 'But you have arrived at a point of light and you must not desecrate this light.' 'The hell you say!' If taking this message and putting it in terms that businessmen, and shop girls, office clerks, railroad engineers, whores and convicts understand is desecrating it, then I will take it out and walk all over it... and do a good job too! And those of my friends who do not want to go with me can go take their seats with the scribes and Pharisees... and how have you been lately? I have written all of this because of the great spiritual revival that is coming and I am ready to go with it. I am going to go all the way because that is my place and my duty. I thought I would tell you so you would know where I had gone, if someday you looked at the particular little niche you have given me and you find I am not there. Do not misunderstand me and think that I regret passing into this more impersonal way of living, for I have already tasted its freedom and I know that it is that which I have sought for many years. I must go on into the impersonal life. It calls me and I must lay down the bondage of limitation. To stay here is to freeze, to crystallize, to become static. My flaming spirit must be given to the flame, all else is consumed. Knowing this I still find that my ongoing is not the casting off of a garment, but that it is a skin that I am tearing with my own hands. The impersonal is upon me. Ready am I to come in with eagerness waiting for the spirit to catch my wings and lift me along. The search for the truth and the way to pass it on to others, that they may then pass it on to others." ~ Thane of Hawaii (Journey Of An Inner Space Pioneer)
Spreading The Word continues...
Thursday, January 28th
"The Order of Melchizedek has been presented to you simply and without fanfare, so much so that you may not be aware of the reality that it portends. The earth is in a time of cosmic transition. The separation of the wheat from the chaff has started while many people are to assist in this separation, some through constructive and others in destructive ways, our mission in the O.M. (Order of Melchizedek) is to become missionaries in every sense of the word. This means the following of high vision. It requires courageous living. It requires the speaking of Truth. We should never seek to preach but rather to teach constantly by precept and action, supplying the message of words when needed or apparently desired." ~ Eloi~Sun (Old Wine In New Bottles, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. 1936, 1940)
Truth continues...
Wednesday, January 27th
"Dreams are images which come forth to us through the unconscious in our unconscious state. These images represent ideas which we are dealing with in our consciousness on the subconscious level and our dreams are usually pretty accurate indicators of what is important for us to be working on. What we perceive is symbolic and rarely literal. But we must also begin to interpret our waking state in much the same manner. We literally are in a dream and what appears literal is symbolic as well and has a deeper meaning which we must learn to decipher." ~ Derek Lamar
Dreams continue...
Tuesday, January 26th
"The word in Greek means "mask," specifically the mask that the ancient Greek actors wore in their plays. Significantly, from persona comes the word "personality," e.g., the outside self or face that we let the world see most of the time. But personality, like the persona, is no more the sum total of the entire man than the glimmer is the sum total of the star. Personalities and personas are made not born, and they can have little or nothing at all to do with who we really are inside." ~ Norman Winski (Understanding Jung)
"The false personalities we choose are not done haphazardly. We pick roles to play which are tools or even weapons, if you will, in our battle to survive what we feel about ourselves. If we feel weak we often take on what we consider a false mask which represents the strength that we fear we are lacking. Or we find a role which though weak, becomes a passive strength which is insidiously potent in its ability to manipulate others. For what are masks for if they are not for others. And what are masks for if they are not forms of dishonesty. Understandable and at times commendable in viewing the strength and ingenuity of mankind to persevere but nonetheless not Truth or even personally factual and in the end become the stumbling blocks which we must tear down to discover true freedom. But that being the case, these false personas become lighthouses leading us directly to the shadows which haunt us on our path of self discovery. Do not hate them; instead reach out to them and make them your friends for they are just afraid and waiting to discover who they are as well. But be careful for they are clever and will not easily accept your sincerity because they were born out of the lies told to them as children and are not willing partners in your journey. Instead you must enlist the clever approach to caring for them and they unfold who you really are. " ~ Derek Lamar
Personas continue...
Monday, January 25th
Dear Cassius,
Are you still working on the Y-zero-K problem? This change from BC to AD is
giving us a lot of headaches and we haven't much time left. I don't know
how people will cope with working the wrong way around. Having been working
happily downwards forever, now we have to start thinking upwards. You
would think that someone would have thought of it earlier and not left it to
us to sort it all out at this last minute. I spoke to Caesar the other
evening. He was livid that Julius hadn't done something about it when he
was sorting out the calendar. He said he could see why Brutus turned
nasty. We called in the consulting astrologers, but they simply said that
continuing downwards using minus BC won't work.
As usual, the consultants charged a fortune for doing nothing useful.
As for myself, I just can't see the sand in an hourglass flowing upwards.
We have heard that there are three wise men in the East who have been
working on the problem, but unfortunately they won't arrive until it's all
over. Some say the world will cease to exist at the moment of transition.
Anyway we are still continuing to work on this blasted Y zero K problem and
I will send you a parchment if anything further develops.
~ contributed by Heartbeam (too funny... had to put this one up)
the Millenniums continue...
Sunday, January 24th
           The Man Without A Planet
"They put me in a travel warp to spear me through the skies.
And as I spin throughout the stars I still can see their eyes.
Pleading for an answer, they put it on the line.
It was then I took my chances as I lost all space and time.
   I'm the man without a planet though the names hold memories
   I'm the man without a planet with a quasar's history.
They said that it was treason and they tried to take my rights.
But my honor it is written throughout the heaven's skies.
They said that it was foolish and they tried to make me see.
But Earth was just a moment with what was yet to be.
   I'm the man without a planet though the names hold memories
   I'm the man without a planet with a quasar's history.
And the colors lost all density and sounds became my dreams.
And dreams became the pyramids of light years yet to see.
And the faces of my comrades became a mirrored sea:
Reflections of a hidden past deep inside of me.
   I'm the man without a planet though the names hold memories
   I'm the man without a planet with a quasar's history.
       ~ Derek Lamar (excerpted from Man Is Dead ©1999, song: The Man Without A Planet ©1974 Derek Lamar)
the Universe continues...
Saturday, January 23rd
"Identification with ideas and things and hopes and dreams can hold one into a locked position preventing one from flowing freely... unfolding... growing... being... take time out of your day to sit and simply let thoughts come to you and immediately dismiss them. Make this an exercise for you. It is a type of meditation but also it is a discipline which will help you have more control over your own mind. It is shocking how little control we seem to have... or how controlled we are by our base senses which rather than being our tools become our master... once they become our master they are no longer our friend." ~ Derek Lamar
Letting Go continues...
Friday, January 22nd
"A Spiritual Path is one where we can learn who we are and what Truth is. The incredible enlightenment which will ensue is the realization where both come together and the seeker discovers not only Truth but that they are one with this Reality." ~ Derek Lamar
Discovery continues...
Thursday, January 21st
"It is impossible to love God by conscious choice. One does not simply get up one day and decide to love God. One begins by no longer hating themselves. In letting go of self hatred one begins to feel the love that has always been there. In this process one will finally know God and themselves. We are all ONE therefore we are all reflections of each other. As we love each other we help to dissolve the barriers each of us may have regarding this isolation we find ourselves in. By loving others we work to enlighten others simply by the fact that we are the same mind that they are and in doing this, in making this effort of recognizing Truth, a part of their own mind is waking up to who they are. The end result is that we discover a little more about ourselves. Just because there is no one else." ~ Derek Lamar
Love continues...
Wednesday, January 20th
"I have been here before, but when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door, the sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.
You have been mind before -----
How long ago I may not know:
But just when at that swallow's soar
Your neck turned so, some veil did fall --- I knew it all of yore" ~ D.G. Rossetti (Sudden Light)
"I claim you still, for my own love's sake!
Delayed it may be for more lives yet, through worlds I shall traverse, not a few;
Much is to learn and much to forget, ere the time be come for taking you." ~ Robert Browning
"I hold that when a person dies, his soul returns again to earth;
Arrayed in some new flesh-disguise, another mother gives him birth.
With sturdier limbs and brighter brain, the old soul takes the road again." ~ John Masefield
Cycles continue...
Tuesday, January 19th
"As soon as you think you are good at something and your pride and vanity enter this idea that you are good at something, you will always find that you are most sensitive here and most liable to become violent. In other words, you are being something. If you could see all the mistakes and blunders that you make yourself, if you could see your contradictions, if you could become conscious of your failures, in regard to what you think you are good at, you would no longer be sensitive or violent but tolerant and at the same time would have more understanding. Sometimes people cannot allow that they are not good at things because of a certain inner weakness in them. What is this inner weakness due to? It is due to this unacknowledged side, the dark side, which, as it were, contains, amongst other things, all that they are not willing to accept. You may be good at a thing, but you must also acknowledge gradually, especially as you get older and need a wider consciousness, that you are not good at it at the same time and realize, in short, that you are not what you thought. Then you no longer identify in the way you did and you become simpler inside. This letting in of the other side, of the dark or not observed side, does not weaken you, but really strengthens you. Someone asked: 'Is it bad, the dark side?' You must understand that everything you do not acknowledge appears at first sight bad. It is the devil because the devil is always what is unknown, unacknowledged or not understood." ~ Maurice Nicoll (Psychological Commentaries)
Observing continues...
Monday, January 18th
"The dual vision that divides Mind into human and divine, forms a concept of man giving itself up to man through struggle and hardship. In this picture the 'old man' is put off through crucifixion instead of through Science. In Science, there is no double-mindedness. the vision is single, and the 'whole body is full of light'. In this vision -- the radical reliance on Truth -- there is no 'old self' to head or educate, no evil to overcome, no mortal to attain immortality. 'The human being is spiritually immortal', and we might add if he were not Spirit he would not appear to be at all. Spirit is visibility. By this thinking we prove our immortality." ~ Margaret Laird (Radical Reliance On Truth)
"By Science, Ms Laird is meaning the Mind Science by which one has linked with their Higher Self through Axiomatic Thinking and "realized" what is True and what is illusion. Once this realization process takes place there is a refiling in consciousness and nothing is changed but one's awareness... which is consciousness... and being that Consciousness is all there is... the appearances are changed as well. But you are not changing the physical world because there is no physical world... you are changing consciousness, your consciousness and consciousness is all there is." ~ Derek Lamar
Mind Science continues...
Sunday, January 17th
"You may believe that you have a world separate from the awareness that is you and as long as you believe in the reality of that illusion, you are in for a difficult time. You have no such world. Everything exists as the God-idea, meaning that nothing has an independent existence outside of Mind, your Mind. 'Mind is its own great cause and effect.' Let the understanding of this fact change your belief. Mind-I-Us is the equation to use for proving that Being is One." ~ Margaret Laird (Radical Reliance On Truth)
Awareness continues...
Saturday, January 16th
Krishnamurti: "No. If there is nothing, and therefore everything, and everything is energy... We must be very careful because here, the Hindus have this idea too, which is that Brahman is everything. You understand? But that becomes an idea, a principle, and then functioning is once more in the brain. But the fact of it is, there is nothing, therefore there is everything, and all that is cosmic energy. But what started this energy?"
David Bohm: "We are not talking of time. Many things like this have been said over the ages."
Krishnamurti: "There is nothing, and everything is energy. What is this?"
David Bohm: "Well, is there something within the energy?"
Krishnamurti: "This is not different from energy. This. But the thing that is inside says, 'I am totally different from that'."
David Bohm: "The 'I' encloses itself and says, 'I am different, I am eternal.'"
Krishnamurti: "Why has it done this? Why has the separation arisen? Is it because outwardly I identify with a house and so on, and that identification has moved inwardly?"
David Bohm: "Yes. And the second point was that once we established a notion of something inward, then it became necessary to protect that. And therefore that built up the separation."
Krishnamurti: "Of course."
David Bohm: "The inward was obviously the most precious thing, and it would have to be protected with all our energy."
The Ending of Time by J. Krishnamurti and Dr. David Bohm (April 1st, 1980 Ojai, California)
Questioning continuing...
Friday, January 15th
"He, the Highest Person, who is awake in all of us while we are asleep, shaping one lovely sight after another, that indeed is the Bright, that is Brahman, that alone is called the Immortal. All worlds are contained in it, and no one goes beyond." ~ The Upanishads
"Why should there be so many different faiths? The Soul is one, but the bodies which she animates are many. We cannot reduce the number of bodies, yet we recognize the unity of the Soul. Even as a tree has a single trunk, but many branches and leaves, so is there one true and perfect Religion, but it becomes many as it passes through the human medium." ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948) Yervada Mandir
"All that a man has here externally in multiplicity is intrinsically One. Here all blades of grass, wood and stone, all things are one. This is the deepest depth and thereby am I completely captivated." ~ Meister Eckhart (1260-1327) Sermons
"This is the truth: as from a blazing fire sparks, being like unto fire, fly forth a thousandfold, thus are various beings brought forth from the Imperishable, my friend, and return thither also." ~ The Upanishads
"Even as one closes there own mind all that they know that is exists within their mind, and so it is with the Reality of all Mind which knows all that it is as ONE and nothing beyond or outside for all is within and without here and now in the I AM." ~ Derek Lamar
Oneness continues...
Thursday, January 14th
"Do not think of Jesus as a religious character, or even a historical personality. Think of him as a Quantum physicist of the mind for the 21st Century. When Yeshua, as he was called, or Joshua, maybe Josh by today's standards but he is a physicist mind you... therefore.. Dr. Nazareth; I say that because I had a chiropractor named Dr. Christ for a time... But imagine those words where Jesus said: 'Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words will never pass away.' In Quantum terms this must be understood that heaven represents the implicate order and that earth represents explicate order. I would say that the words, or the Word, as in the Logos, represents the Absolute Order. The Absolute Order, or as I learned it said when I was a kid: in back of time, space and change there is a fundamental reality. This never changes which is to say yesterday, today and forever or linked to Eternity. In this sense Mind or Consciousness can change which would reflect the Absolute Truth of ongoingness or infinite variety but still there must of necessity be an Absolute Mathematicalness of Infinite proportions which encases all of this variety. We can call this the I AM THAT I AM. It is from this Absolute Consciousness which we can colorfully imagine the words issue forth that these words shall never pass away. When Mind changes, when the foundation of thought is shifted and the outpicturing of those ideas dissolve, what we have is the fading of one reality and the emergence of another. In this sense we can imagine that previous constructs of consciousness shall pass away and their reflections shall pass away but the I AM which makes this possible shall never pass away." ~ Derek Lamar
The Finished Kingdom continues...
Wednesday, January 13th
"Skeptics scoff at theories about past civilizations and the lack of evidence of advanced technological breakthroughs in other cultures in ancient times. But that is because Man does not understand Consciousness. If we get back what we put out and what we see is a perception not only based on our state of consciousness but everything created with that state of consciousness is manufactured from mind stuff then a massive shift in consciousness will alter matter at the instant of a great shift in consciousness similar to what is projected to happen in the coming Quantum Leap. We have ruins around the world built out of stone, carved by human hand, not unlike the manner erosion alters the terrain over thousands of years and this process is with mind matter but based on a more receded and previous consciousness which has been collectively referred to at times as God, but the technology of the times in between is an offshoot which though it shifts with the going out of one age and the coming in of another, the backdrop of the planet in its geological integrity may stay the same except for some earth changes which would also reflect a shifting and moving consciousness." ~ Derek Lamar
Change continues...
Tuesday, January 12th
"The religion of love is apart from all religions. The lovers of God have no religion but God alone." ~ Jalal-Ud-Din-Rumi
"Creation is simply an act of divine love and cannot be accounted for on any other supposition than that of immense and eternal love." ~ Frederick William Faber (1814-1863) Creator and Creature
"God's nature is love, God's form is love, God's substance is love, God's color is love." ~ Dadu (1554-1603) The Bani
"It is clear to us that human love is but an offshoot of the divine love, for without that divine love no love could be aroused within our heart." ~ Nahum of Czernobel (1730-1798) Meor Enayim
"Love is the awareness of the Oneness of the Self. This is why so much need for love is the need for unity within the self much more than the joining with another. When one realizes love within they will find others to love and be loved by. Without that you walk a lonely road." ~ Derek Lamar
Love continues...
Monday, January 11th
"I ran and jumped on the train just as it was starting to move. It was noisy and I almost fell off from the jerking motion as the cars started to edge forward. I walked down the aisle looking for a seat with my suitcase banging back and forth as I made it through the crowded car. I found a seat at the back of the next car and tossed my stuff up onto the rack and slid down into my seat and stared out the window with a sigh. I could see the paniolos in the distance moving their cattle. God I was hungry. I hadn't had time to eat the night before. I was so busy getting ready to go and by morning I was late and barely made it to the bus station so I could make it on time for my train departure. Unfortunately I almost didn't have money for the train. The bus cost more than I thought it would and I didn't plan on not eating. Maybe I could sleep through and not have to deal with food at all. 'How'd you enjoy the train ride?' my friend Kapona asked as I got off. 'I don't know, I slept.' 'Was your meal any good, Bro?' he asked. I told him I didn't eat, didn't have enough money. He laughed. I didn't think it was so damn funny. Then he told me a meal came with the ticket. A little bit like life as you sleep through the trip not knowing what is waiting there for you if you only ask." ~ Richard Kula
Abundance continues...
Sunday, January 10th
"Thoughts do not go anywhere, because thoughts do not flow through the mind. The mind goes out and grasps and get engaged with thoughts. If the desire is for God, the mind does not go out. The best way is not to get involved in the problem: how to get rid of thoughts. See all thoughts as God. Then, only God-thoughts will come. The entire mechanism of body, mind and intelligence will work in a coordinated manner for the benefit of the higher goal." ~ Sai Baba
"The only difference between you and me is that I know that I am God." ~ Sai Baba
"I had to tell you so much about my truth for I desire that you should contemplate on this and derive joy there from, so that you may be inspired to observe the disciplines laid down and progress towards the goal of self-realization, the realization of the Sai that shines in your hearts." ~ Sai Baba
Knowing continues...
Saturday, January 9th
"The teacher replies: It is the ear of the ear, the mind of the mind, the speech of speech, the breath of breath, and the eye of the eye. That one (the self), though never stirring, is swifter than thought. The senses never reached it, it walked before them. Though standing still, it overtakes the others who are running. The moving spirit bestows powers upon it. It stirs and it stirs not. It is far and likewise near. It is inside of all this and it is outside of all this. And when he who beholds all beings in the self and the self in all beings, he never turns away from it. When to a man who understands, the self has become all things, what sorrow, what trouble can there be to him who once beheld that unity?" ~ Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha (Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind by Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D. ~ 1899) Gautama the Buddha 563 BC? - 463 BC?
Unity continues...
Friday, January 8th
"Dreams reflect your unconscious. Most people know that who are into the mind at all. But what many people do not know is that everything reflects your unconscious. This is because your world is your mirror. What you see is what you get based on your belief system. There are other factors as well but even these agree with the reflection factor and all of this is based on the Principle of Out & Back. You get back what you put out and what you are putting out is the energy produced by "mind" as it expresses your belief system. As it appears to overlap the lives of other people this is where you will find an agreement among people as it relates to each others' belief systems. It has been said by Gurdjieff and others that even our waking state is a dream and that we are asleep. Most of our awake period is spent in an unconscious mode where we are simply reacting to situations and always giving the same responses and the same answers and the same body language. We are rarely awake in the True Spiritual Creative sense whereby we evaluate everything as a new experience untethered by our past and our constructs. We live in a dream and this dream unfolds itself and expresses our unconscious in the activities and reactions we undergo during the day as well as the night. In this way we can interpret the day like a dream just as one who interprets the dreams of someone who sleeps. Many people will react to this because they will want to feel that they are in control of their lives but if you want to actually be in control of your life you must first desire to control your life... and in order to do that you must admit that you are asleep; that you are asleep and that you desire to wake up." ~ Derek Lamar
Waking up continues...
Thursday, January 7th
"Being on a path has nothing to do with being nice. One would hope that appropriate change would take place and that becoming more spiritual would express LOVE but being nice is not the goal. Being nice is the result of becoming spiritual. Because it has nothing to do with trying to be nice... it has to do with all of the things in one's life which prevent them from being a loving, caring and sharing person to begin with. And all of those attitudes are what prevent one from being nice. But pretending to be nice does not make someone spiritual. And it does nothing but cover up what needs to be uncovered. So pretending to be nice rather than doing what should be done so that one naturally expresses a harmonious attitude is actually going backwards. That posturing will only cause one to take longer than necessary to realize the change which is necessary." ~ Derek Lamar
Change continues...
Wednesday, January 6th
"St Augustine says that it is wonderful not to sin, but greater still not to be able to sin. This same rule applies to all acceptance of reality; it is wonderful to be able to perceive reality, but far greater to be unable to perceive anything else. These are the eyes too pure to behold iniquity, not because of blindness, but because the illumination of truth is in the power of perception." ~ Genevieve Burnell
"Who is this self that becomes aware, and what is the horizon of his awareness? '...in thy light shall we see light.' (Psalms 36:9) It is the I receiving the light that sees all by means of the light; I, a self existing in a sense of inwardness reflecting to all objectivity." ~ ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality: The Search For Truth and The Emergence of The Universal Pattern, 1967)
"Man is God's masterpiece; therefore man has built into him -- that is, he is provided with -- a standard equipment for giving and receiving God's glory. He has been given a mental instrument capable of illumination, and with it, power to use this illumination to return glory to God." ~ Genevieve Burnell
"Is it not written in your Law: 'I said, you are gods?'" ~ Jesus quoting Psalms 82:6 (John 10:34)
Gods continue...
Tuesday, January 5th
"The sacred writings are likewise in agreement that nothing but good comes from God. David's meditation on the providence of God has its point of agreement with all other religions; all seem to recognize that the earth is overflowing with all that is good and beautiful, if we but open our blind eyes." ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality: The Search For Truth and The Emergence of The Universal Pattern, 1967)
"Actually by dissolving with the light of divine intelligence the points of disagreement, the world is found to be worshiping the same God. This, of course, must be, if God is One, The superunity, and this oneness of God is a point of agreement among all thinking people of every religion. They all agree that what God means is Absolute -- and beyond what is known and manifested -- undivided, incomprehensible, unchangeable, eternal, unconditional, indefinable by any combination of words -- in fact, unnameable." ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality)
"There is a universal and inevitable truth, an Absolute Truth by which all ways and means derive authority. The great need is to keep this truth so pure that no external difference of opinion can divert the seeker." ~ Genevieve Burnell (The Golden Thread of Reality)
Burnell points out that Augustine, in his Confessions thus stated: "If we both see that what you say is true, and if we both see that what I say is true, where do we both see this, I pray? Neither do I see it in you, nor do you see it in me: but we both see it in the unchangeable truth which is above our minds."
Truth continues...
Monday, January 4th
"Discovering there are no needs in the Higher Planes of realization is incredible. But to realize that needs actually multiply beyond our imaginings is at first disarming... until we realize that those needs on that level are always fulfilled. In Truth they are fulfilled on all levels but until we realize this we do not REALIZE this. It does not become REAL for us and we long for the answer when all along it has always been there. Consciousness needs itself completely. This complete need and subsequent supply of itself is ONENESS." ~ Derek Lamar
Oneness continues...
Sunday, January 3rd
"Sexuality is the ongoing expression of Consciousness. It is Principle. It is the out and back of the yin and yang. It is the I AM knowing itself completely. It is the Eternal Male/Female Principle giving and receiving itself to itself. It is the Creativity of God knowing God." ~ Derek Lamar
"The original human nature was not like the present, but different. The sexes were not two, as they are now, but originally three in number; there was man, woman and a union of the two, having a name corresponding to this double nature, which once had a real existence, but is now lost, and the word 'Androgynous' is only preserved as a term of reproach." ~ Plato (Symposium)
"Adam and Eve were not two separate persons but rather the original Adam is symbolically expressed as being created male and female in the image and likeness of God. As a result of accepting the state of consciousness of Duality we see a split manifested as it outpictures our consciousness and we then have a male and a female. But the word in Hebrew which has been translated as rib can also be translated as "side" and in metaphysical terms the body expresses both male and female: the right side being male and the left side being female. Thus Adam's side was removed meaning that his female nature was split from him and we have what we have today.... a race of people forever attempting to rejoin and experience their true nature... just as GOD is ONE .... so do we wish to achieve a sense of wholeness." ~ Derek Lamar
Out and Back continues...
Saturday, January 2nd
"The search for Truth, the studying to know, every concept or human step 'leading to perfection,' must be evaluated as Truth demanding recognition. All concepts are Reality coming to view in the only way it can be seen on our belief level. The Truth that we are is the Reason for the search for Truth." ~ Margaret Laird
"The fact that the I AM of you is called God does not mean that you, yourself, are not or that you exist apart from God. In fact, it means that you are yourself forever, and that you are yourself because the I or Ego is Mind. "God" is a term for the Mind, the Spirit, the Life, the substance or stuff that is individualized as you. The idea of the creative or revealing Principle is not only that by which it is identified but the idea is the Principle itself making the identification -- being its own evidence. Hence the equation: 'Man is conscious identity of being' -- 'All is Mind'." ~ Margaret Laird (Radical Reliance on Truth, 1962)
I AM continuing.....
Friday, January 1st
"A new year on the threshold of the millennium has a lot of meaning to all of us. It is the time to prepare. It is the time to do work. Once you get to the top of the hill things really start rolling so it is that final push to get to the top which needs that extra bit of effort. This is true now. We really need to increase our changes in consciousness. There will be a collective change which will take place but how we respond to that change will depend upon our inner work. Think of it like an upgrade. You cannot upgrade an application which is not current. If you have an old program running you need to maintain it and keep it relatively current so that the next level is not so far out of reach that is has no meaning to you. The point is to be responsive to the new data coming our way. It is based on an entirely different type of thinking than we are used to but also it is not entirely foreign to us either. But being on a path for oneself that you are dedicated to is a beginning. To say to yourself that discovering your own Divinity is what is important to you is a first step. It is time to get along on that path and at least catch up with your own Destiny.... which often is simply wanting to know... wanting to feel the love that is there waiting to be revealed... beginning to see the unfoldment of Principle around us... turning our belief into knowing. " ~ Derek Lamar
Reflections continue.....
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