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Sunday, February 28th

I See

"I look, through time, troubled eyes and weary minds and I see, I see.

I feel, the presence of a mind not so far away and I do, I do.

I know, it is me merely acting out a fantasy as you, as you.

The blame, I held for you with my misery is gone, it is gone.

We met, on strange ground in a time where there was so much to see, to see.

And now, I smile and at times at least once in awhile I see, I see."

~ words and music by Derek Lamar

Harmony continues...

Saturday, February 27th

"Until we have acquired this knowledge we can say only that somewhere between our sense organs and our mind the outer world dies, to be reborn on a different level of existence." ~ Franz E. Winkler (Man: The Bridge Between Two Worlds)

Ascension continues...

Friday, February 26th

"What is morality if it is not an attempt to express ourselves at the highest level of our inate goodness as a community? What is the highest level of inate goodness we feel we can muster up today? We do not strive for our greatest moments, we defend our lowest mishaps. In the time wasted defending the indefensible we lose any hope of greatness. We will overcome this period of darkness but not without first looking at ourselves." ~ Derek Lamar

Unfoldment continues...

Thursday, February 25th

"A ball thrown against a wall will return with the same force it is thrown. The ugliness of the human mind will return automatically to the sender if it strikes against a wall of confidence in the Power of God. If tomorrow you are filled with human belief, the ugliness sent forth easily penetrates and produces a problem." ~ Walter Lanyon
"No man shall see my face and live," saith the Lord. Do you want to be the exception? Any man who sees the face of God dies instantly to all he formerly knew. It is all so wonderful, this revelation, how you will see that the "nothing" you want to see actually is nothing. Out of this great nothingness comes the everything. It is all so precious and so deep in its interpretation. Be still for a moment or two, will you, and let some of this lovely light filter in and then you will not questions, nor will you again "take thought of the journey, scrip, purse, etc." -- and you will find they are all supplied." ~ Walter Lanyon (both of the above from Without The Smell Of Fire) re-edited by Walter Lanyon, never before published
"Can there be something to nihilism?" ~ Derek Lamar

Nihility continues...

Wednesday, February 24th

"It is precisely among the heretics of every age that we find men who are filled with the highest kind of religious feeling and who were in many cases regarded by their contemporaries as atheists, sometimes also as saints. Looked at in this light, men like Demoncritus, Francis of Assisi, and Spinoza are closely akin to one another." ~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955) The World As I See It

One Man's Heresy continues...

Tuesday, February 23rd

"When a man has learned to understand the workings of the universe and has realized that there is nothing so great or all inclusive as this frame of things wherein men and God are united, and that from it come the seeds from which are sprung not only my own father or grandfather, but all things that grow upon the earth, why should he not call himself a citizen of the universe and son of God?" ~ Epictetus (1st century) Discourses
"All that a man has here externally in multiplicity is intrinsically One. Here all blades of grass, wood and stone, all things are one. this is the deepest depth and thereby am I completely captivated." ~ Meister Eckhart (1260-1327) Sermons
"This is the truth: as from a blazing fire sparks, being like unto fire, fly forth a thousandfold, thus are various beings brought forth from the Imperishable, my friend, and return thither also." ~ The Upanishads

Oneness continues...

Monday, February 22nd

""HISTORY OF MEDICINE" submitted by Jolene Price (Winchym at SWC)
2000 B.C. -- Here, eat this root.
1000 A.D. -- That root is heathen, say this prayer.
1850 A.D. -- That prayer is superstition, drink this potion.
1940 A.D. -- That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill.
1985 A.D. -- That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic.
2000 A.D. -- That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root."

Healing continues...

Sunday, February 21st

"You want to feel important don't you? Everyone wants to make a name for themselves or at least thought to be of some worth. No one wants to be thought worthless... yet we do not teach people to recognize their own worth and what they can do to become valuable. You must seek yourself, not who you want to be or who you think others need you to be but who you really are. In doing this you will open doors for millions of others who didn't quite have the strength that you do because they never even knew. The selfish act of seeking oneself is the most selfless act one can do. Because in doing this, you must also give yourself up completely: and this is love." ~ Rama L. Kered

Self continues...

Saturday, February 20th

"Fear not the future, but the present. God orders us to take care of the present. Whoever is darkened by dread of the future has already renounced the sacred power. Whoever is with God sees the light before him and in the present is the creator of a brilliant future." ~ Nikolai Gogol (1809-1852) To a Myopic Friend

Nowness continues...

Friday, February 19th

"Wherever I look, I see men quarrelling in the name of religion -- Hindus, Mohammedans, Brahmans, Vaishnavas, and the rest. But they never reflect that He who is called Krishna is also called Siva, and bears the name of the Primal Energy, Jesus and Allah as well -- the same Rama with a thousand names." ~ Sri Ramakrishna (1834-1886) Works
"I AM ALL for I AM in all and all is in me. I am the wind and I am the dew, I am the light and I am soil you walk upon. I am the shaking and I am the stillness, I AM the awake and I am the asleep. I am the moment before and the moment after and I am you forever more." ~ Rama L. Kered

Allness continues...

Thursday, February 18th

"Only when his heart becomes purified through the practice of spiritual discipline does a man attain to wisdom. He then becomes convinced of the existence of God through realizing Him in his own soul. There is, however, something greater than this attainment. To become convinced that fire lies hidden in the wood is one thing, but greater is it to light the fire, cook food, and satisfy one's hunger." ~ Sri Ramakrishna (1834-1886) Gospel
"To worship God but to deny you are God is to say arrogantly that there is something that God is not. To pray to God but to say you are not his voice is to foolishly say Heaven lacks your knowledge, to deny God's miracles by feeling unworthy is to close the door on life itself. Reach out and receive yourself." - Derek Lamar

Acceptance continues...

Wednesday, February 17th

"You can only apprehend the Infinite by a faculty superior to reason, by entering into a state in which you are your finite self no longer -- in which the divine essence is communicated to you. This is ecstasy. It is the liberation of your mind from its finite consciousness. Like only can apprehend like; when you thus cease to be finite, you become one with the Infinite. In the reduction of your soul to its simplest self, its divine essence, you realise this union -- this identity." ~ Plotinus (205-270) Enneads
"As man recognizes that he no longer is and never was, he is born into the realm of I AM and I AM is forever." ~ Derek Lamar

Infinity continues...

Tuesday, February 16th

"Positivity and negativity are complementary parts of the whole universe and of God himself. To become godlike, then, and universal, we must become both positive and negative; we must become completely androgynous." ~ Gina Cerminara (The World Within)

Androgyny continues...

Monday, February 15th

"Ultimately we are speaking of Cosmic Law because we are talking about a God who as Infinite Consciousness is an Absolute mathematical formula. To put this in our minds tells us we shall be conscious of this consciousness and to write it on our hearts means that it shall be rooted deep within our unconscious. This will become an understood principle which will operate freely within us. This will result in the outpicturing of "godlike" miracles eminating from a race of people who had once been human. The "God" who is speaking, as it is related in its original source in Jeremiah states equivocally that "it is Yahwe who speaks." The original texts use the term Yahweh which is often transliterated as Jehovah or obsurely as Lord. But the Yahweh interpretation brings with it the revelation of Moses, the stranger in a strange land, who has his "I AM" experience: the spiritual experience of God revealing the ancient formula of the infinite cycle of Beingness as expressed in "I AM THAT I AM." It is this "I Amness" which states "I will be their God and they shall be my people." This relates a relationship of spiritual Oneness which has long been understood by past Truth Seekers, before the advent of New Age Movement, as Christ Consciousness." ~ Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead)

Quantum Leaps continue...

Sunday, February 14th

"God is love, and the object of love: herein lies the whole contribution of mysticism. About this twofold love the mystic will never have done talking. His description is interminable, because what he wants to describe is ineffable. But what he does state clearly is that divine love is not a thing of God: it is God Himself." ~ Henri Bergso (1859-1941)


Happy Valentine's Day

Love continues...

Saturday, February 13th

"The humorous thing about our culture is the irony that it is those women hating sexists, who openly would rather spend their time with "the boys," who are often brutal physically, verbally and mentally, are homophobic to the max, and yet they are drawn back to the female web like bad little boys who have fallen down and cut their lip."
" The same is true for the women. they would rather talk up a blue streak for hours with "the girls," go shopping, discuss how stupid, incompetent and brutish men are, but they paint their faces like Baby jane or Tammy Fae, glue on nails that are long enough to be called well-endowed, cinch up their push-up bras, girdles and garter belts, squeeze their size 8 C feet into size 6 1/2 B heels and purse their lips... all for three minutes of boring dehumanizing unsatisfying penetration resulting from that same survival dynamic where the biological clock doesn't tick, it moans." ~ Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead: Novus Ordo Seclorium)

Sexuality continues...

(Remember... Tomorrow is Valentine's Day)

Friday, February 12th

"Is there any doctrine of immortality that can say anything more simple yet definitive about man's fate after death? He has come from God and returns to God. From the very beginning, man is bound up with God; and this bond continues to exist, unaffected by death which befalls the body only. God's creation of man's spirit, then, must be understood as a principle whose consequence is immortality." ~ Hermann Cohen (1842-1918) Jewish Writings

Eternity continues...

Thursday, February 11th

"There is a well-know aphorism that "Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny". The long evolutionary journey of each species has left its imprint upon the embryo of the individual organism. In other words, as each embryo develops from fertilization to birth, it retraces the path of the organism's evolutionary history. For example, a human embryo begins as a tiny one-cell organism clinging to the uterine wall. It then progresses through stages of being like a fish, a reptile, a mammal, and finally becomes a human infant." ~ Thane of Hawaii

"Man differs from the animal only by a little: most men throw that little away." ~ Confuscius

Life continues...

Wednesday, February 10th

"The true Teacher must never forget that in telling the novice students that The Work demands all that one has -- all his feelings, all his thoughts, all his resources, physical and spiritual -- is equally true, maybe necessary, for the Teacher who needs to advance. And there is no escape for a Teacher's students unless the Teacher continues to escape a bit more and at a higher level, continually. It is pertinent to say to any one of you hearing or reading these words: if you go after your liberation in a half-hearted way, you run the risk of destroying your own potential. It is as imperative to a Teacher as it is to the mind of the vagrant student that it is better not to embark on The Way at all if it is to be played half-heartedly." ~ Thane of Hawaii (January 27, 1974) Leap Into Sanity

The Work continues...

Tuesday, February 9th

"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." ~ Horace Mann, 1896 Farewell Address at Antioch College
"Shame is not the intention of realization. And as we work our way out of shame we also must realize that if we do not continue to grow and discover ourselves and work individually and together to rise toward that Higher Goal which represents who we are then we have to feel a sense of failure. It should not be the fear of failure which spurs us on but rather the success we know is at hand. However, let not our lives be in vain or else our time here in this place will have had no meaning at all." ~ Derek Lamar

Purpose continues...

Monday, February 8th

"If then a man sees himself become one with the One, he has in himself a likeness of the One, and if he passes out of himself, as an image to its archetype, he has reached the end of his journey. And when he comes down from his vision, he can again awaken the virtue that is in him, and seeing himself fitly adorned in every part he can again mount upward through virtue to Spirit, and through wisdom to the One itself." ~ Plotinus (205-270) Enneads
"Our destiny, our being's heart and home, Is with infinitude, and only there." ~ William Wordsworth (1770-1850) The Prelude
"We are part of the Whole until we realize that if the Whole is Whole, then its Consciousness must be one and complete and that our Consciousness cannot be separate from the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS except by believing it to be so. In realizing there is but ONE MIND we recognize the new journey as we walk onward towards the light of our own Being." ~ Derek Lamar

Oneness continues...

Sunday, February 7th

"God looks through my eyes and is mirrored in yours. to be young is to see no end of our roads. to be old is to wait to turn the last corner with dread and despair. But as our roots are in Eternity so be the fruits of our vision and in more than just dreams are we children of the unfolding Universe." ~ Derek Lamar (2/21/76 Santa Monica)

Unfoldment continues...

Saturday, February 6th

"God will not seek thy race, nor will he ask thy birth; alone he will demand of thee what hast thou done on earth." ~ Persian Proverb
"There is a principle which is pure, placed in the human mind, which in different places and ages hath had different names; it is however pure and proceeds to no forms of religion nor excluded from any, where the heart stands in perfect sincerity. In whomsoever this takes root and grows, of what nation soever, they become brethren, in the best sense of that expression." ~ John Woolman (1720-1772) Journal
"It seems that all men, free from prejudice, who know something of more than one religion, recognize, as does Sir Edwin Arnold, that the great faiths are "Sister," or as Arthur Lillie says, that "Buddha and Christ taught much the same doctrine." ~ Richard M. Bucke (1837-1902) Cosmic Consciousness

Diversity continues...

Friday, February 5th

"Even if everyone's truth is different there must be a truth which makes that possible. And that formula, whatever it is, is called Truth. And that Truth is that which is so. Then we know that Truth is that which is so. We don't yet know what that may be for me or you or someone else at this point but we agree that Truth is what is so and what is so is that everyone may have different truths operating in their life." ~ Derek Lamar

Truth continues...

Thursday, February 4th

The Day After The Music Died....

"What is clear is that we are rapidly approaching a rebirth and the process has been communicated for thousands of years as a woman in labor struggling to give birth. But rather than spreading our own seed, it is more of a metamorphical process wherein a change is occurring to bring us to an entirely new level. It is not time to give birth to more humans because "Man Is Dead." Rather it is time to give birth to our "New Self" which will be seen as the "Emergence Of 21st Century Mind." ~ Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead, Chapter 8: "Prophecies, Predictions & Extrapolation" 1999)

Self continues...

Wednesday, February 3rd

"Who has not found the heaven below, Will fail of it above. God's residence is next to mine, His furniture is love." ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) Who Has Not Found the Heaven Below
"God does not love, as it were, upon an agreement; He does not love simply upon the preception of a cause or of an occasion. There is a fulness of His love which is spontaneous. There is such richness, and depth, and treasure, and abundance of Divine feeling, that it tends to flow over immeasurably, unless there is something which absolutely stops it. This is the pulse that beats out from the heart of God through creation." ~ Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887) Sermons
"One discovers eventually that the only thing between the love of Spirit and themselves is their own walls built to protect them from all of the painful experiences which become the cement holding the bricks into place. When the pain is let go of there is nothing left to hold the bricks and the walls fall down allowing love which was always there to be received." ~ Derek Lamar

Love continues...

Tuesday, February 2nd

"We always live beyond our margins. We leap beyond anything that is --- the here and now --- and we are by the necessity of our being concerned with a more yet that ought to be. A God who is immanent, if He is to be thought of as Spirit, is just as certainly transcendent. A God who is the foundational Life of our lives must be the eternal guarantor of all that can be or that ought to be, as well as of all that is." ~ Rufus Jones (1863-1948) Pathways to the Reality of God

Allness continues...

Monday, February 1st

"I think the soul will never stop, or attain to any growth beyond which it shall not go. When I walked at night by the seashore and looked up at the countless stars, I asked of my soul whether it would be filled and satisfied when it should become God enfolding all these and the answer was plain to me: No, when I reach there, I shall want to go further still." ~ Walt Whitman (1819-1892) Notebooks

Becoming continues...



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