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Wednesday, March 31st

" The difference between today and tomorrow is a Quantum Leap! We are experiencing the worlds collide. It is a paradigm shift and this shift is an awakening within our consciousness. Not an awakening as earthlings. We are not earthlings. We are consciousness. Our deathist mindset with its self defeating habit patterns of live and let die, kill and be killed, birth and death, as we compulsively try to destroy others in an attempt to kill ourselves in so many way is but a computer loop which continues to operate. We finally have managed through our science to come up with nuclear warfare, chemical warfare and biological warfare. Each capable of destroying mankind how many times over? A fitting bumper sticker would be: "Man Is Dead; Get A Life!" ~ Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead)

Unfoldment continues...

Tuesday, March 30th

"You can see now for yourself the incongruity of the belief that we are man! The fact is, man is not a being of any kind, but a position of inversion,-- a turning away from Reality and Perfection." ~ Lillian De Waters (The Great Answer: The Message of Ontology)

Enlightenment continues...

Monday, March 29th

"I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion If a plant cannot live according to its nature, it dies; and so a man." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Eternity continues...

Sunday, March 28th

"It was Buddha who said: "Everything is mind, and what a man thinks he becomes." And it was Jesus who said "As a man thinks in his heart (unconscious) so is he." It is clear that our consciousness is what rules our life and our world and therefore of the utmost importance what our thoughts are and what they are based on. Are we going to continue to fill our minds with unfounded facts that attract lack, disease, poverty, violence, slavery, war, ignorance, strife, disasters and a multitude of variations of this imperfection or are we going to be receptive to the mind of the 21st century and allow Oneness our goal and completeness, wholeness and perfection our virtue? ~ Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead)

Translation continues...

Saturday, March 27th

"We must not only cut asunder the snare of the mind and the senses, but flee also from the snare of the thinker, the snare of the theologian and the church-builder, the meshes of the Word and the bondage of the Idea. All these are within us waiting to wall in the spirit with forms; but we must always go beyond, always renounce the lesser for the greater, the finite for the Infinite; we must be prepared to proceed from illumination to illumination, from experience to experience, from soul-state to soul-state..." ~ Sri Aurobindo (Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness)

Infinity continues...

Friday, March 26th

"If one is unhappy with himself and he knows that as he changes himself he will change how he feels about himself then should we not remember that those others out there we do not like or get along with, if we but change how we think about them, we also change them and therefore we can feel better about them as well. It is rarely who they are that disturbs us but how we react to them that causes most of our problems." ~ Derek Lamar

Love continues...

Thursday, March 25th

"Rather than anguish in not knowing, achieve joy by discovering, and begin by discovering the things which you may not know. There is no shame in not knowing, but there is danger in denying it. For the only difference between knowing and wanting to know is acceptance. Denial is to ignore and to ignore is ignorance. Enter into the unknown with a sense of awe and skepticism, but do not deny what sets you free simply to stay chained to what one feels comfortable with. Tommorow will enslave you soon enough when it will be time for a change again. Do not fall behind and remember: the view is better at the front of the line." ~ Derek Lamar

Discovery continues...

Wednesday, March 24th

"In 1920 the leaders of Theosophy discovered a young Indian boy named Krishnamurti, whose quality deeply attracted them. They brought him to England, educated him at Cambridge, and nurtured him to become the new Messiah and the leader of the Theosophical movement. But the young man's vision and integrity blossomed into more than they had bargained for, and at the age of 21, before a vast gathering of Theosophists, he officially renounced his position. In a memorable speech, he told the gathering that to 'lead' them was to encourage the sheeplike adulation which had traditionally stifled the 'experiential' essence of religion; and that he was a leader only insofar as he could awaken the inner teacher in every individual, and that since the inner teacher was different with each of us, it could only be discovered alone." ~ Lawrence Blair (Rhythms of Vision)

Perfection continues...

Tuesday, March 23rd

"Here too is the 'Work' started by G. I. gurdjieff, who died in 1949, and around whom a world-wide literature is developing. His system and world-view embrace, reinterpret and extend the findings of modern science in harmony with the perennial teachings of esotericism, Gurdjieff's basic teaching is that man is born as a 'seed', but that the development of his 'higher bodies' depends on intensive personal effort within the framework of a highly technical esoteric discipline." ~ Lawrence Blair (Rhythms of Vision)

Work continues...

Monday, March 22nd

"My flaming spirit must be given to the flame, all else is consumed. Knowing this I still find that my ongoing is not the casting off of a garment, but that it is a skin that I am tearing with my own hands. The impersonal is upon me. Ready am I to come in with eagerness waiting for the spirit to catch my wings and lift me along." ~ Thane of Hawaii

Work continues...

Sunday, March 21st

Fish Money Story...

"I heard one person argue that when Jesus told Peter to go catch a fish and he would find a coin in its mouth, that he simply meant that Peter was to sell the fish and bring the money to the Temple. This is absurd! I'll sound like a fundamentalist and scream, "Ye of little faith, you generation of vipers!" I believe the story "literally." I think Peter did just as Jesus commanded and found a coin in the fish's mouth. Why not? I was even forced to deal with this in a strange way myself. In the Los Angeles area, in fact almost at the beach in the Santa Monica mountains there is a place called the Self Realization Foundation. It was built by Paramahansa Yogananda. Anyway, there is a beautiful lake with swans, turtles and fish and it is all very meditative even as a walk. Well, there was a little ramp that extended a few feet over the lake where you could look down into the water and see all of the beautiful Coi swimming about, back and forth. Also, on this ramp, was a coin operated machine that dispenses fish food. I didn't have much money at the time but I love animals and so I wanted to feed the fish. What the hell, I'd splurge and put my coin in the machine. Out poured the pellets of fish food into my hand... along with a coin. How convenient! I thought the machine must have been jammed and I was receiving a previous person's coin but no, each time I got food, my coin was returned to me. I was thrilled and the fish were thrilled. SRF wasn't hurt because of this because I always leave some sort of donation as I pass through there anyway. And who's to say that any of the food supply was depleted anyway? But I couldn't help but think of the fish, the coin, and the "mouth of the fish" which was to receive the food and reflect on the Biblical story of a seemingly invisible source. One "miracle" is no different from another. Some of you are probably thinking that the machine was broken. I shall continue...... But for my situation it worked perfectly. Not only that, other people came and went using the machine and they didn't get their coins back. Yet I would go back again and again and each time this was my experience, this was my "miracle". The invisible source must be understood however, and then the miracle is not a miracle, but rather a commonplace event that is an appropriate outpicturing for a specific state of consciousness. I shall continue.... To reach into a fish's mouth and take out a coin has equally symbolic meaning beyond the event itself. Animals are symbolic of our thoughts. Fish represent thoughts that are beneath the surface and water is emotion. So Peter had to reach down into his subconscious to bring forth what was needed. The fish's mouth relates the "word" that issues forth and in this case the word that pertains to "fish." His own inner self was where he need to "fish." And in this area he would find wealth: big and small. The End." ~ Derek Lamar (Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teachings; Spirit Press)

Abundance continues...

Saturday, March 20th

It isn't in learning more stuff that will set you free. If you were a bird that needed to be set free one would understand that there was something holding you down, gravity, weight, baggage, burdens, something which had to become loosened and let go of and then you could fly. So it is with true spiritual freedom, it is in the letting go, not the piling on of more knowledge which shall set you free. There may be some tools and techniques which you will learn to aid in this process but in time, or outside of time, even they must be left behind." ~ Derek Lamar

Unfoldment continues...

Friday, March 19th

"The Peacock Story...

My wife and I went to the Los Angeles Zoo years ago and we were watching some of the peacocks on the way in. One of the peacocks started to show his tailfeathers but stopped and was too hard to see but there was one adult male in front of us and I concentrated on his opening up his fantail! NOTHING. I concluded as I worked through this that I had to become the peacock within my own consciousness, to become one and to open up MY FEATHERS as I shared that reality. I let go and approached it in this manner and instantly the feathers opened up and he walked around and turned and put on a great show. But the really weird part was this little girl about 12 standing there looked at me and said "Mister, how did you do that?" I was speechless... there were maybe 30 people around at the time... but she knew unconsciously." ~ Derek Lamar

Oneness continues...

Thursday, March 18th

"He that's not busy being born is busy dying"- Bob Dylan

Unfoldment continues...

Wednesday, March 17th

"Wholeness is flowing movement. With the hologram, the movement of interference patterns of coherent light enfolds a subtle range of structures and orders. In a similar, but unthinkably vaster, way, the whole movement or "holomovement" of the universe carries the implicate order and allows us to see and experience our four-dimensional space-time world."- Briggs and Peat, Looking Glass Universe

As Above, So Below continues...

Tuesday, March 16th

"The death of art has been spoken of since Hegel, and it was precisely in this period, with its romanticism, that an accelerated process of transformation was begun." ~ Aldo Pellegrini (New Tendencies In Art)

"Art as it was known in the past is finished." ~ Georges Duthuit (Art Historian and Theorist)

"The new art requires wholistic involvement." ~ Derek Lamar

Creativity continues...

Monday, March 15th

"Insight is an intelligence beyond any of the energies that could be defined in thought. Insight directly transforms matter; it sort of by-passes thought as of little consequence." - David Bohm, in RE-VISION 1

Reflections continue...

Sunday, March 14th

"Destiny is not under control of our heart. Being is the means of reaching non-being. There is someone who looks after us From behind the curtain. In truth, we are not here. This is our shadow." -Rumi (13th century)


"Don't Wait. Plunge yourself into the sea of exhaltation. In order to do that, you must pass out of your self. Plunge into that sea. It will give you life. Once you are annihilated." -Rumi (13th century)

Life continues...

Saturday, March 13th

"Be still and know that I am God"

Remember the I AM for that is your inner voice. You are every role ever played, every voice you have ever heard, for there is but ONE MIND and you are it. Listen to the voice of clarity within. Of the many roles you play these are just roles and you are the I AM which is all there is. ~ Rama L. Kered

I AM continues...

Friday, March 12th

"Somewhere, sometime, you were a child. This is one of the great obvious, seemingly meaningless and forgotten common denominators of adult life. Yet the fact that you were once a child has an important bearing on your life today."

- W. Hugh Missildine, M.D. (Your Inner Child of the Past)

Unfoldment continues...

Thursday, March 11th

"As Above, So Below" - Hermes

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Esoteric/Exoteric  ~  Intrinsic/Extrinsic  ~  Implicate/Explicate  ~  Macro/Micro  ~  Male/Female

Within / Without  ~  Inner/Outer  ~  Internal/External  ~  Conscious/Unconscious

"Earth is the edited version of Heaven" ~ Derek Lamar

Oneness continues...

Wednesday, March 10th

"Looking-glass scientist, David Bohm, criticizes the current effort of quantum theorists to achieve a grand unification theory because he believes the pursuit of the ultimate particle, the ultimate quantum, or the ultimate force makes a fundamental error -- it assumes that the universe is made up of parts. By pursuing nature as if she were made up of parts, scientists have found parts. Bohm thinks, however, that no ultimate part will be discovered, only more and more parts -- parts which will keep elusively dissolving into themselves." -John P. Briggs, Ph.d., & F. David Peat, Ph.d (Looking Glass Universe)

Oneness continues...

Tuesday, March 9th

5D (Fifth Dimension)

Oh how is it that I should come out to here and be still floating and never hit bottom but keep falling through just relaxed in paying attention. All my new dimensional boundaries were gone I had lost to them badly. I saw my world crumble and thought I was dead but I found my senses still working. And as I continued to drop through the hole I found all around me to show me that joy innocently is just be quiet and feel it around you. I opened my heart to the whole universe and I found it was loving I saw the great blunders my teachers had made scientific delirium madmen. Oh how is it that I should come out to here and be still floating and never hit bottom but keep falling through just relaxed in paying attention.

- Jim (Roger) McGuinn (The Byrds)

Universe continues...

Monday, March 8th

"To see the universal and all-pervading Spirit of Truth face to face one must be able to love the meanest of creation as oneself. And a man who aspires after that cannot afford to keep out of any field of life. That is why my devotion to truth has drawn me into the field of politics; and I can say without the slightest hesitation, and yet in all humility, that those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means."

~ Mohandas K. Gandhi (The Story Of My Experiments With Truth)

Knowing continues...

Sunday, March 7th

"When you make the two one, and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male will not be male and the female (not) be female... then shall you enter the Kingdom." ~ The Gospel According To Thomas

"The New Man is androgynous. He will feel with his mind and think with his heart. He will give as well as receive and speak as well as listen. He will wash feet and allow his feet to be washed." ~ Derek Lamar

Oneness continues...

Saturday, March 6th

"To do is to be" - Nietzche

"To be is to do" - Sartre

"Do be do be do" - Sinatra

Harmony continues...

Friday, March 5th

"We are facing self destruction. And we are facing it on many levels. Our constructs, our belief systems, our habit patterns, are many times very self destructive on that level where we need to change. But also we are facing self destruction because we are being reborn. This transition... this threshold which we must cross... this leap we must make seems like we are leaving something behind... and we are... our old self. Man is dead." ~ Derek Lamar (Man Is Dead)

Unfoldment continues...

Thursday, March 4th

"If you could get rid of yourself just once,

The secret of secrets would open to you.

The face of the unknown, hidden beyond the universe

Would appear on the mirror of your perception."

~ Mevlana Rumi, circa 12th century ( Crazy As We Are) translated by Dr. Nevit O. Ergin

Reflection continues...

Wednesday, March 3rd

"Yes, my guards stood hard when abstract threats, too noble to neglect. Deceived me into thinking I had something to protect. Good and bad, I define these terms, quite clear, no doubt, somehow. Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now." ~ Bob Dylan

Openness continues...

Tuesday, March 2nd

"This world is nothing. We are nothing. Everything is a dream or phantom. We are struggling in this nightmare. If the sleeper knew he was sleeping, he wouldn't suffer from nightmares. Yet even if he sees a dream, full of grief, if he ever wakes up from his sleep, he will be engulfed in treasures." ~ Mevlana Rumi, circa 12th century (Magnificent One) Translated by Dr. Nevit Oguz Ergin

Awakening continues...

Monday, March 1st

"The whole force of the argument of which I have availed myself to establish the existence of God consists in this, that I perceive I could not possibly be of such a nature as I am, and yet have in my mind the idea of a God, if God did not really exist." ~ René Descartes (1596-1650) Principles of Philosophy

Existence continues...


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