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May 1999
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Monday, May 31st
Q.M.I. Honors All Veterans on this Memorial Day!
We defend our freedoms in hopes of discovering our soul.
"Enlightenment is any experience of expanding our consciousness beyond its present limits. We could also say that perfect enlightenment is realizing that we have no limits at all, and that the entire universe is alive." ~ Thaddeus Golas (The Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment)
"Anything that really frightens you may contain a clue to enlightenment. It may indicate to you how deeply you are attached to structure, whether mental, physical or social. Attachment and resistance are appearance with the same root: when you resist by pulling away your awareness, the emotion is one of fear, and the contraction is experienced as a pull like magnetism or gravity; that is, attachment." ~ Thaddeus Golas (The Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment)
Enlightenment continues...
Sunday, May 30th
"He who sees the Infinite in all things sees God. He who sees the Ratio only, sees himself only." ~ William Blake (1757-1827) There Is No Natural Religion
"He who sees man in God will continue to blame God." ~ Derek Lamar (1950-     ) Closed Class
Perception continues...
Saturday, May 29th
"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." ~ William Blake (1757-1827) The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
"Earth is the edited version of Heaven." ~ Derek Lamar (1950-     ) Closed Class
Infinity continues...
Friday, May 28th
"There are three basic rules of living when on the path as it relates to yourself and your teacher or spiritual source, your first obligation is to your own learning, growth, changes in consciousness, the second is whatever you can do for others as it relates to whatever truth you believe in, and third is for children not yet born. This last is for future unfoldment and how that relates to the whole picture. Ultimately all of this relates to the whole picture even though it begins simply with oneself. But as one expands their awareness and their sense of self, their self expands and begins to be more inclusive of what had once seemed separate from the student on the path. In my teachings, Oneness is a crucial understanding as it relates to the self and explains the connections of the self to others now and to others yet to be which is as understood as now as well. There is no separateness but this understanding comes to one on different levels at different stages of their growth and it is a necessary process which brings enlightenment and joy to all who make these discoveries." ~ Derek Lamar
Growth continues...
Thursday, May 27th
"OUR DEEPEST FEAR IS NOT THAT WE ARE INADEQUATE... OUR DEEPEST FEAR IS THAT WE ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. It is our Light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves: Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous and fabulous? Actually -- who are you NOT to be? You are a child of God... Your playing small doesn't serve the world! There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you! We are born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us. It is not in some of us - it's in everyone! And as we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." ~ Marianne Williamson (Return To Love)
Acceptance continues...
Wednesday, May 26th
(a moment of silence)
Being continues...
Tuesday, May 25th
Happy Birthday Tom
"Time is only an illusion produced by the succession of our states of consciousness as we travel through eternal duration, and it does not exist where no consciousness exists in which the illusion can be produced; but "lies asleep." The present is only a mathematical line which divides that part of eternal duration which we call the future, from that part which we call the past. Nothin on earth has real duration, for nothing remains without change -- or the same -- for the billionth part of a second; and the sensation we have of the actuality of the division of "time" know as the present, comes from the blurring of that momentary glimpse, or succession of glimpses, of things that our sense give us, as those things pass from the region of ideals which we call the future, to the region of memories that we name the past." ~ H.P. Blavatsky (The Secret Doctrine, 1888)
"There are no secrets but our inability to understand the esoteric knowledge always there waiting to be revealed to us. The principle of esoteric thinking, understanding the Mind, Consciousness and the ability to perceive, interpret and elucidate as one finds it within themselves to elucidate, is something I am now calling the 21st Century Mind Science. This process will unlock a Universe of information more vast than the burned Library at Alexandria. But one must be willing to face themselves in the process otherwise your old beliefs will stand in the way of the new beliefs. The puzzle to this new learning is that the new knowledge must fit into the slot from where the old knowledge did once reside, once the old is removed the new may slip into its place. You cannot learn this esoteric knowledge and place it in a box on the shelf for later reading. It is like a antibody. It will become a part of you and change your Being entirely. If you are interested in this Path, please contact me immediately." ~ Derek Lamar (author of Man Is Dead and Gurdjieff, Fourth Way & Esoteric Teachings)
Knowing continues...
Monday, May 24th
"To assert that there is hope when everything looks so dark may appear a naive and pretentious illusion, but it is the kind of illusion that generates the creative faith of which Carl Sandburg wrote: 'I am credulous about the destiny of man, and I believe more than I can ever prove of the future of the human race and the importance of illusions, the value of great expectations.' It is often difficult to retain faith in the destiny of man, but it is certainly a coward's attitude to despair of events." ~ René Dubos (A God Within)
Life continues...
Sunday, May 23rd
"For many people the relating of rebellion to religion will be a hard truth. It brings with it the final paradox. In religion, it is not the sycophants or those who cling most faithfully to the status quo who are ultimately praised. It is the insurgents. Recall how often in human history the saint and the rebel have been the same person. Socrates was a rebel, and he was sentenced to drink hemlock. Jesus was a rebel, and he was crucified for it. Joan of Arc was a rebel, and she was burned at the stake." ~ Rollo May (The Courage To Create)
Spirituality continues...
Saturday, May 22nd
"Many mysteries are solved when we see that life consists of various levels of understanding. Everyone occupies a different level. For one thing, we see that we fail at many things because we try to claim the success of a higher level while still occupying a lower one. That is like trying to claim the contents of an apartment on the sixth story while actually living on the third story. To claim the rewards of a certain level, we must actually be on that level." ~ Vernon Howard (The Mystic Path To Cosmic Power)
Ascending continues...
Friday, May 21st
"There are no children, there are no adults. We are ageless consciousness unfolding and expressing and being. To understand life and our interactions with it and the affects we all have on each other we must understand this." ~ Derek Lamar
Infinity continues...
Thursday, May 20th
"Some people do not know that they have reached the end of the road until it starts to get bumpy." ~ Derek Lamar
Unfoldment continues...
Wednesday, May 19th
"Joan of Arc was a great story. One of struggle between the human self and one's Higher Self. The doubt and confusion as reflected in those around you and the often seemingly contradictory moments in the way history seems to be written. But life is a riddle simply because we do not yet totally understand ourselves and who we are. But the ongoing struggle to so is the march through hell for a heavenly cause. We all hear voices and we must learn to discern the difference between our imagination, our unconscious, clear out our filtering system as best as we can and listen as that still small voice as it booms deep within us." ~ Derek Lamar
Ascension continues...
Tuesday, May 18th
Weird stories are always fun. I heard one today. A fisherman in England found a bottle floating in the water with a note in it. That is wild enough. But this note had been written 85 years earlier in 1914. It was a love letter from a man to his wife. Both, of course, were deceased by now, but the fisherman managed to find the daughter of this loving marriage. She was two years old when the love note was penned. Still alive at 87 and living in New Aukland she was contacted and surprised by this joyous note of her father's to her mother which he had tossed into the English Channel. Quite an heirloom to hand down. I don't know if she had any family or not. Now this really is snail mail." ~ Richard Kula
Communication continues...
Monday, May 17th
"Man is asleep, must he die before he wakes?" ~ saying of Mohammed
"It is possible to get out of a trap. However, in order to break out of a prison, one first must confess to being in a prison. The trap is man's emotional structure, his character structure. There is little use in devising systems of thought about the nature of the trap if the only thing to do in order to get out of the trap is to know the trap and to find the exit." ~ Wilhelm Reich
"If a man could understand all the horror of the lives of ordinary people who are turning round in a circle of insignificant interests and insignificant aims, if he could undersand what they are losing, he would understand that there can only be one thing that is serious for him -- to escape from the general law, to be free. What can be serious for a man in prison who is condemned to death? Only one thing: How to save himself, how to escape: nothing else is serious." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff
Discovery continues...
Sunday, May 16th
"Cooking is rather like painting. You can either paint by number or you can allow the Spirit of Life itself to surge through you to create something beautiful, something festive, something alive, something filled with joy. Food should be like life. It should be varied and it should be quality. One should love what they are doing when they cook. It is like painting: the colors, the textures, the smells, the flavours... a marvelous adventure of the soul. And the presentation of the food is important as well as the preparation. There is a Feng Shui to food you know. It is a magic part of the meal." ~ Derek Lamar
Creativity continues...
Saturday, May 15th
"So many people think that life is a choice between opposites or others who have dismissed that notion and accept that everything is in a grey area. But in life there is only one real choice. Reality is already there. It is our illusions, our confusion, our chaos, our pains, our troubles, our conflict, our ignorance, our lonliness, our frustrations which must be dealt with. The Truth which is incorruptable stands firm, though often seemingly hidden, and we remain alone seeing only what ends up being a dream. But in this dream, like a shadow, we discover how to find the light which is behind all that is, the light which has always been there, waiting to be discovered. A part of us has always known this Truth but in a moment, a micro-wink of the great Cosmic Eye, we had a dream. And now is our time to work on the puzzle of this dream so that once again the picture we call US is like the one on the box... but without all of those lines showing the fragmentation of our lives. To be whole again, our seamless SELF." ~ Derek Lamar
Discoveries continue...
Friday, May 14th
"Everyone in the world must play his part in its redemption, in order to recognize that the world has been redeemed. You cannot see the invisible. Yet if you see its effects you know it must be there. By perceiving what it does, you recognize its being. And by what it does, you learn what it is. You cannot see your strengths, but you gain confidence in their existence as they enable you to act. And the results of your actions you can see." ~ A Course In Miracles
Miracles continue...
Thursday, May 13th
"The time will come when every change shall cease, this quick revolving wheel shall rest in peace: no summer then shall glow, nor winter freeze; nothing shall be to come, and nothing past, but an eternal now shall ever last." ~ Petrarch (1304-1374) The Triumph Of Eternity
Infinity continues
Wednesday, May 12th
"And when, in the final hour of suffering, death at last approaches us, we smile at him, and hear our hearts say: Come, death of sleep, come, brother, and lead me away. Take the oar of my frail bark and guide me safely to port. Some may dread you, but you are making me glad, for you are the gateway to my Father's everlasting home." ~ Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) Reverence for Life
May the fullness of God be with Sety... the Dream is over
Tuesday, May 11th
"I would flee, and I would stay. Amen. I would adorn, and I would be adorned. Amen. I would be united, and I would unite. Amen. A house I have not, and I have houses. Amen. A place I have not, and I have places. Amen. A temple I have not, and I have temples. Amen. A lamp am I to thee that beholdest me. Amen. A mirror am I to thee that perceivest me. Amen. A door am I do thee that knockest me. Amen. A way am I to thee a wayfarer. Amen." ~ Jesus the Christ
The Dance continues...
Monday, May 10th
"Glory be to thee, Father. And we, going about in a ring, answered him: Amen. glory be to thee, Word: Glory be to thee, Grace. Amen. Glory be to thee, Spirit: Glory be to thee, Holy One.: Glory be to thy glory. Amen. We praise thee, O Father; we give thanks to thee, O Light, wherein darkness dwelleth not. Amen. Now whereas (or wherefore) we give thanks, I say: I would be saved, and I would save. Amen. I would be loosed, and I would loose. Amen. I would be wounded, and I would wound. Amen. I would be born, and I would bear. Amen. I would eat, and I would be eaten. Amen. I would hear, and I would be heard. Amen. I would be thought, being wholly thought. Amen. I would be washed, and I would wash. Amen. Grace danceth. I would pipe; dance ye all. Amen. I would mourn: lament ye all. Amen. the number Eight singeth praise with us. Amen. The number Twelve danceth on high. Amen. The Whole on high hath part in our dancing. Amen. Whoso danceth not, knoweth not what cometh to pass. Amen." ~ Jesus the Christ
The Dance continues...
Sunday, May 9th
"If you want to follow the path that Gurdjieff followed out of pure curiosity or hero worship, then abandon your search, for it will profit you naught and bring you sorrow. Neither, for that matter, will following his teaching benefit you, for the Sheikh ul Mashaikh has declared that what residual baraka there was in Gurdjieff's teaching left with the beginning of the last year of the first half of your twentieth century."
"Do not forget, my friend, that in the realm of Sufi action there are the outer and inner activities."
"The teacher transmits to the pupil the baraka he himself receives from his own master. This baraka works on the pupil according to the time, place and need and the circumstances in which he finds himself."
"The baraka seeps in, often despite you, rather than being forced to wait upon the doorstep until your 'intellect' permits it to filter through in an attenuated form."
"To sink myself completely in the teaching, I knew, was the only way. I could not maintain a flirtatious relationship with it, nor could I become an 'intellectual sufi', for there are none. It is either complete submission and complete identification with one's teacher or nothing. Half-hearted allegiance could produce only the faintest shadow of what the relationship could be."
"There was value when it was projected (baraka), in the place where it was projected. It was only one step towards a fuller realization of the complete message. A step towards a preparing a climate of a certain character. He charged none to carry the dead embers into the future under the name of a burning fire. If some did, then they show their inability to distinguish between cold embers and burning fire."
~ Rafael Lefort (The Teachers of Gurdjieff)
"It isn't to whom the baraka is passed on to, for the Teacher projects this baraka to all the students, but to whom it is received by and realized. And in that realization it becomes projected to their students. This is then the burning fire. This then is the living word. It follows not a pattern which can be imitated nor a path which can be paved. It neither conforms to the needs of the masses nor does it control those who turn their backs. It is the wind of Spirit and the life force of knowing. It is the vibration of light." ~ Derek Lamar
The Logos continues...
Saturday, May 8th
" How can one pray to die when this is illusion. One can pray that we see beyond pain and that we pray that harmony be realized where there is no pain for pain is an illusion... it is hurt feelings deep inside which have not been resolved... why pray that one take these hurt feelings with them... better we pray that the hurts be
gone and then allow Truth to unfold as it will and let Spirit express itself whichever way is clear and open. We are in the earth plane because it does reflect our state of consciousness.... but in this state is Truth which is also our state of consciousness.... actually there is no other state but this ONE state and we see with clarity as the clarity of which we are one is seen... we do not move on but rather changer our perspective .... which
is what death is... it is a transition from one state of consciousness to another but there are steps to take and when one prays that certain steps be avoided they are denying their own opportunity for growth... yes, pain be gone for it is not real... but that is where we must focus... for the belief in pain is not the answer. If pain requires we wish death then we all should die. This is not the answer. Passing on to the next level may be the
answer, I am not arguing that, I am merely guiding these thoughts as they should be toward what is real, and that is the Light which we all are and that in that is the answer... but to pray for someone to die
is not the answer... let us pray for LIFE... for in that is healing. Prayers are not a waste of time. Even if you believe it to be so. Prayer, in reality, is a realization of the Truth within one's self and with that comes freedom... the freedom which is the infinite variety of wholeness to be expressed... it is not asking God
for answers but finding them from God within because we are God... but we are God unrealized... the purpose of prayer is to realize the God we are.... and this death wish..... here..... in death is not release but in
life... the passing is fine, I do not argue with that... it is just that the focus not be on death as the answer but that life itself be the answer and that may open for her to begin a new life, who knows. ~ Derek Lamar (string of chat room exchanges from this evening at SWC)
Life continues...
Friday, May 7th
"Nothing, therefore, of the things which they will say of me have I suffered: nay, that suffering also which I showed unto thee and the rest in the dance, I will that it be called a mystery. For what thou art, thou seest, for I showed it thee; but what I am I alone know, and no man else. Suffer me then to keep that which is mine, and that which is thine behold thou through me, and behold me in truth, that I am, not what I said, but what thou art able to know, because thou art akin thereto. Thou hearest that I suffered, yet did I not suffer; that I suffered not, yet did I suffer; that I was pierced, yet I was not smitten; hanged, and I was not hanged; that blood flowed from me, and it flowed not; and, in a word, what they say of me, that befell me not, but what they say not, that did I suffer." ~ Jesus (Acts of John, the Apocryphal New Testament)
"The mystery is not understood in the words alone, for one must have an understanding. But it helps to know that what is being said even as words might not be considered true in the human sense. What is to be understood above is that though Jesus Christ was crucified, he was not, for the I AM of who he is which is who we are as the I AM cannot be touched. In this understanding he suffered not nor do we. And yet what the world does not ever seem to see is the spiritual suffering of facing oneself as a mind set of human beliefs which must be let go of and this suffering is a painful process which must be undergone and this is the suffering which the Master refers to which we must enter into. In this suffering we must be released into the Joy of Oneness whereas the pain of human suffering is not to befall the I AM of who we are. We too may say that even before Abraham, I AM." ~ Derek Lamar
Beingness continues...
Thursday, May 6th
"This Life from the Lord is the life of Love towards the Universal Human Race." ~ Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) Arcana Coelestia
"The end of creation is that all things may return to the Creator and be united with Him." ~ Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) Divine Love and Wisdom
"Every created thing is finite because all things are from Jehovah God through the sun of the spiritual world, which most nearly encompasses Him; and that sun is composed of the substance that has gone forth from Him, the essence of which is love." ~ Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) The True Christian Religion
Oneness continues...
Wednesday, May 5th
"When man suffers, he feels only self-pity. If he is a real person this isn't so. A real person also feels happiness; but when he also feels real suffering, he doesn't try to stop this feeling in himself. He accepts this because he knows that it is appropriate for man. Man must suffer to know the truth about his self; he must learn to suffer through his will. When suffering comes to man, he must intentionally suffer, feeling it with all of his being; he must wish that such suffering will make him conscious, helping him in his understanding." ~ G.I. Gurdjieff
Realizations continue...
Tuesday, May 4th
"It is not true that life is one damn thing after another -- it is one damn thing over and over." ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay
"The nice thing about egotists is that they don't talk about other people." ~ Lucille S. Harper
"Old age is the only disease you don't look forward to being cured of." ~ Citizen Kane
"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing." ~ George Bernard Shaw
"My life has been very useful." ~ Derek Lamar
Reflections continue...
Monday, May 3rd
"Don't you sometimes have the impression that we are living... if that can be called living... in a broken world? Yes, broken as a broken watch. The spring does not work anymore. In appearance nothing has changed. Everything is in its proper place. But if one puts the watch to one's ear... one no longer hears anything. You understand, the world, what we call the world, the world of men... formerly it must have had a heart. But it's as if the heart has ceased to beat." ~ Gabriel Marcel
"How do you keep your finger on the pulse... when the body is dead?" ~ Derek Lamar
Life continues...
Sunday, May 2nd
"You know that you have fully experienced love when you turn into love -- that is the spiritual goal." ~ Deepak Chopra (The Path To Love)
"With surrender, passion is directed toward life itself--in spiritual terms, passion is the same as letting yourself be swept away on the river of life, which is eternal and neverending in its flow. The final fruit of surrender is ecstasy: when you can let go of all selfish attachments, when you trust that love really is at the core of your nature, you feel complete peace. In this peace there is a seed of sweetness perceived in the very center of the heart, and from this seed, with patience and devotion, you nurture the supreme state of joy known as ecstasy." ~ Deepak Chopra (The Path To Love)
Love and Healing continues...
Saturday, May 1st
"Discovery of anything but the Self is futile and vain." ~ Derek Lamar
"He that's not busy being born is busy dying." ~ Bob Dylan
"All else can wait, the search for God must not wait." ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
Discovery continues...
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