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"Unless a wheat grain falls on t ns only a single grain; but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest. Anyone who loves his life loses it; anyone who hates his life in this world will keep it for the eternal life." ~ Jesus (John 12:24-25; Jerusalem Bible)

The wheat grain, in its singleness is our separate state of consciousness. The death here is the death of the ego. Not in pop psychology terms but truly the letting go of the manstate mentality wherein we believe we are separate human beings and not in fact, in Truth, One with all that is as the Whole. Loving one's life and hating one's life here must be understood in context with the principle involved. This has nothing to do with personal self esteem. This has to do with states of consciousness. We have problems in our life because we get back what we put out and what we put out are various levels of separateness wherein we are not one and this causes the problems in our life which bring us pain and sorrow. This human state of consciousness brings one on the path to "hating himself" and this provokes the energy which produces work. Obviously it is not really himself he must hate, but rather that erroneous state of consciousness which prevents ONENESS with his True Self. This is also the intellect which holds fast and does not allow the Higher Self mind to issue forth. This does not mean that when one dies to this state of consciousness that they no longer have any intellect, no, it means that it is under control rather than it controlling the knowing part of the MIND. Order is important and it is the removing of the walls and allowing Oneness to be understood, accepted, experienced and claimed. The eternal life is one which always exists for we never die. However our continuous life and death cycle deludes us into thinking we are constantly dying physically rather than spiritually which would allow changes in consciousness. This is represented here in verse in its most absolute form with one full thrust, but for most of us we make these steps a little at a time. However each one must be full and complete and the death to one idea of error must be complete in order that the fullness of Truth of that idea be made manifest. This world expresses the entire state of consciousness which we know as human consciousness or manstate thinking.... or "the world." To be in the world but not of it is to experience Truth as it unfolds within one daily as the beauty and love of Truth unfolds and blossoms within continuously." ~ Derek Lamar

Life continues...

Monday August 30th

"Enter by the narrow gate, since the road that leads to perdition is wide and spacious, and many take it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it." ~ Jesus (Matthew 7:13; Jerusalem Bible)

The path of life has two directions though ultimately they all lead to the same place, one direction is the straightest line between two points of here and there while the other is a long and winding road of escape and diversion. The narrowness is a razor's edged path which requires at times a mathematical precision as simply as in 2 + 2 = 4. Out and Back represents this simple esoteric formula of 2 + 2 = 4. What you get back you have put out therefore what appears to you is your consciousness as represented by your internal beliefs and how you handle them. It is a hard road in a certain sense because one is often pulled by their unconscious to go the ways of the world, or man-state consciousness. There are more finding this path all of the time. However it is not just a path of new ideas but the inner work involved wherein changes in consciousness occur. For if there is not change in consciousness, no development, then the path has taken you nowhere. ~ Derek Lamar

The Path continues...

Sunday August 29th

"Yes, if you forgive others their failings, your heavenly Father will forgive you yours; but if you do not forgive others, your Father will not forgive your failings either." ~ Jesus (Matthew 6:14; Jerusalem Bible)
The Teaching of Jesus, once deciphered and understood represents a very mathematical approach to Consciousness. Religion has done a great disservice over the centuries by teaching that simply believing in a "man" that one would have God's blessing and all would be well in their world or at least after they died. However, as we have gotten closer and closer to the Age of Aquarius a waking up has begun so that it is no longer the rare few who seem to be able to cognize the meanings of Teachers of the past. When one reads the words they must think of the mathematics involved.... the syllogistic reasoning. The Out of Back of ONENESS is the key to uncovering the hidden meaning of the words often found in the Bible which may often seen to have ambiguous meanings. If you forgive others God will forgive you must be understood beyond the anthropomorphic concept of God. Understand God as Consciousness itself. Understand that forgiveness is the elimination of blame. Realize that if you get back what you put out then the judgment which you express in terms of blame you will find that outpictured in your world because it is YOUR WORLD, your consciousness which you are seeing because ALL is ONE. This meanings that in terms of Consciousness, that your belief system becomes the software for your own Universal hard drive and it will operate based on your thinking. It isn't a matter of displeasing God. It is simply mathematics and the MIND which is ONE that we are. ~ Derek Lamar

Translation continues...

Saturday August 28th

"Clouds on an island hold a mystical quality. The island owns its own clouds if it is large enough. They are held in place as they move around but they are held close to the tops of the mountains where the gods watch with curiosity and amusement. Clouds are memories held in check holding onto emotion, waiting until the right moment when they may be expressed in a tear of joy or a moment of sorrow. Felt and cleansed the soul moves on and the clouds regroup and circle back until another day. This is why the cloud has a silver lining revealing the light from above. The "opua" hangs in suspended time as the collected feelings cleave to one another. Only in saturation do they fall at the right time. Water. Islands surrounded by water. Emotion. Creativity. Cleansing. Birth. The unconscious. Consciousness. An island is land which is a conscious thought. Water as in the ocean is the collective unconscious. Out of the collective unconscious bursts forth a conscious thought. This is an island. This is "waking up." Alone. All ONE. ~ Richard Kula

Waking up continues...

Friday August 27th

"Vision is not with the eyes but with the soul, it is not just the seeing, but the being seen, the looking for and the finding
the letting in of light and the dancing of shadows clarity is often the agreement with one's soul for one's version of clarity is always their own and yet ultimate agreement of the I AM is SEEING the realities which at present remain unseen. On the dusty road with wobbly wheels across this island in the Universe there is a destiny of success waiting for you tomorrow.
You will receive yourself with open arms... let go of all resistance and worry not for our future is stronger than the weakness of our past. My love and thoughts are with you. Our bond is complete and our love of Truth is secure. We are all ONE on this journey like an Eagle who soars upon the wind being lifted higher and higher and for a purpose which
ultimately is the wind itself. And it is good. I AM holding your hand in my heart.

I See

I See
I look through time
Troubled eyes and weary minds and I see, I see
I know, it is me, merely acting out a fantasy as you, as you
The blame I held, for you with my misery is gone, it is gone
We met, on strange ground in a time where there was so much to see, to see
And now I smile and at times at least once in a while I see, I see
© Copyright 1973 Derek Lamar

Thursday August 26th

"Life and death are a part of Destiny. Their sequence, like day and night, is beyond the interference of man. These all lie in the inevitable nature of things. The Great gives me this form, this toil in manhood, this repose in old age, this rest in death. And surely that which is such a kind arbiter of my life is the best arbiter of my death." ~ Chuang-Tze (died 300 B.C.) The Chuang-tze

Life continues...

Wednesday August 25th

Queen's Prayer (Ke Aloha O Ka Haku) - by Queen Lili'uokalani

  'O kou aloha no Aia i ka lani A 'o Kou 'oia 'i'o He hemolelo ho'i Ko'u noho mihi 'ana A pa'ahao 'ia 'O 'oe ku'u lama Kou nani ko'u ko'o Mai nana 'ino'ino Na hewa a kanaka Aka e huikala A ma'ema'e no No laila e ka Haku Malalo o kou 'eheu Ko makou maluhia A mau loa aku no Amene Your loving mercy Is as high as Heaven And your truth So perfect I live in sorrow Imprisoned You are my light Your glory, my support Behold not with malevolence The sins of man But forgive And cleanse And so, o Lord Protect us beneath your wings And let peace be our portion Now and forever more Amen Source: Ilima Baker, The Queen's Prayer was dedicated to Victoria Ka'iulani, heir apparent to the
throne. Composed by her aunt, Queen Lili'uokalani, June 4, 1895, while she was under house arrest at Iolani Palace. More great hawaiian chants, prayers & lyrics found at Hawaiian Hula Archive

Prayer continues...

Tuesday August 24th

Pule A Ka Haku (The Lord's Prayer)

"E ko makou makua i loko o ka lani E ho'ano ia kou inoa E hiki mai kou aupuni E malama 'ia kou makemake ma ka honua nei E like me ia i malama 'ia ma ka lani la E ha'awi mai ia makou i keia la I 'ai na makou no neia la E kala mai ho'i ia makou i ka makou lawehala 'ana Me makou e kala nei i ka po'e i lawehala i ka makou Mai ho'oku'u 'oe ia makou i ka ho'owalewale 'ia mai E ho'opakele nona 'e ia makou i ka 'ino No ka mea nou ke aupuni a me ka mana A me ka ho'onani 'ia a mau loa aku" - in Hawaiian
Our Father Who art in Heaven Hallowed be Thy Name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth As it is in Heaven Give us this day Our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive those who trespass against us And lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil For thine is the kingdom, the power And the glory forever and ever. Amen

The Word continues...

Monday August 23rd

"He lei kea kea noho mai, ia ika mauna, ka mauna ki'e ki'e iluna, ku kilakila, kilakila no luna, no luna ike ao

The soft white lei encircles the crest of the mountain, the mountain high above, standing in great majesty, majestic on high." ~ Winona K.D. Beamer / Keola Beamer (The Beauty of Maunakea, 1973)

Rhythm continues...

Sunday August 22nd

"The name of this infinite and inexhaustible depth and ground of all being is God. That depth is what the word God means. And if that word has not much meaning for you, translate it, and speak of the depths of your life, of the source of your being, of your ultimate concern, of what you take seriously without any reservation. Perhaps, in order to do so, you must forget everything traditional that you have learned about God, perhaps even the word itself. For if you know that God means depth, you know much about him. You cannot then call yourself an atheist or unbeliever. For you cannot think or say: Life has no depth! Life is shallow. Being itself is surface only. If you could say this in complete seriousness, you would be an atheist; but otherwise you are not. He who knows about depth knows about God." ~ Paul Tillich (1886-1965) The Shaking of the Foundations

Being continues...

Saturday August 21st

"Keanu Kalipau was at the water's edge when storm clouds moved in across the island and covered the entire ocean until even the beautiful sunset that was beaming across the waves was soon blocked out. Frightened he turned to run up the beach but as he bolted he ran straight into a very tall Hawaiian man with a very long curly white beard. "Where you go Keanu?" questioned the overpowering man. "How you know my name? Who are you?" The man cocked his head and winked and said that he was a spirit. This scared the boy even more. "Is a volcano gonna blow, old man?" Keanu pleaded with him for an answer. "Do I look like Madame Pele to you?" You need not be afraid. Darkness is not something to fear. The light is waiting just on the other side. Just then a wind could be felt stirring up the sand and Keanu looked all around and the old man was gone. The clouds began to sweep out to sea and the golden glow of a sinking sun burst into view. Keanu always knows now that the light can be found just behind where it has been blocked and knows this is true within his soul." ~ Richard Kula

Light continues...

Friday August 20th

Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop (Complete Version)

"When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop. There's not a bit of use for a traffic cop. For everything and everybody comes to a stop. When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop. The sugar raises cane the palms trees sigh. The ukuleles fret and the birds won't fly. The Humuhumunukunukus stop swimming by. When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop. Hui: That wahine has an opu with a college education. There's no motion she don't go thru. She doesn't leave a thing to your imagination. Hattie does a dance no law would allow. A crater got a look and it's sizzling now. She'd better watch her step or everything will be pau. When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop. They took Hattie to the Hoosegow, Hattie went along quite gaily. She say 'Oh Judge, turn me loose now, I'll do my dance while you play your ukulele.' Hattie should've died from too much gin, but she will never pay for her life of sin. St. Peter's gonna take a look and say 'Come on in,' when Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop, when Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop." ~ Don McDiarmid, Sr. and John Noble (1936) as performed by David Kuaana - Hawaiian Music and Musicians by George Kanahele, Noble's Hawaiian Favorites Copyright 1936, 64 Miller Music Corp. - Don McDiarmid, Sr. was part of the Harry Owens band at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in 1935, when he wrote this song. Judged a clever tune about a sexy siren, it was not 'high class' enough to be performed at the hotel. McDiarmid set it aside and about a year later, Clara Inter, a school teacher and member of Louise Akeo's Royal Hawaiian Girls' Glee Club found the song and performed it on a trip to Canada with the glee club. In the summer of 1937, while leading his own band in the Monarch Room of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Clara Inter insisted on performing this song that catapulted the composer and dancer to fame. Clara was so closely indentified with the song, she adopted the title as her legal name. Shown at right: Clara Haili Nelson / Hilo Hattie

more great hawaiian lyrics found at Hawaiian Hula Archives

Harmony & Humor continues...

Thursday August 19th

Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop

"When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop. There's not a bit of use for a traffic cop. For everything and everybody comes to a stop. When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop. The sugar raises cane the palms trees sigh. The ukuleles fret and the birds won't fly. The Humuhumunukunukus stop swimming by. When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop. Hui: That wahine has an opu with a college education. There's no motion she don't go thru. She doesn't leave a thing to your imagination. Hattie does a dance no law would allow. A crater got a look and it's sizzling now. She'd better watch her step or everything will be pau. When Hilo Hattie does the Hilo Hop " ~ Don McDiarmid, Sr. and John Noble (1936)

Harmony continues...

Wednesday August 18th

"Sometimes it is from the family tree which hangs the noose around our neck." ~ Iyanla Vanzant (The Oprah Winfrey Show, August 17, 1999)

Searching continues...

Tuesday August 17th

"The Teacher is one who can observe the student even as they 'sleep walk' through their daily experiences and play back to them what they forgot to observe. The Teacher gives them a perspective from a Higher vantage point which allows them to see themselves as they would once they attain a Higher state of consciousness. The Teacher is not perfect, but for the student the Teacher's role is sometimes seen as perfect and this provokes the student to ask questions of himself and hear what the Teacher's answers might be ever before they are asked, thus prompting within oneself their own Higher Self. This is the true beginning of liberation and a necessary step for the student, pupil, chela. The self-deluding which goes on without a Teacher is far greater than with a Teacher. However, finding a Teacher can also be a journey." ~ Derek Lamar

Learning continues...

Monday August 16th

"The formula for discovering Truth through our own insight and denial of the self as we forsake all that we could have become for what we are could be misleading. The point in mysticism is not to forever work hard to become something but rather realize who you already are. You are limitless now. You are all creativity and infinite potential and nothing you might hope to become could be more than what you already are. This is why it is far more advantageous to allow the Universe to resolve your issues rather than forcing them based on a limited approach from that particular moment. It is an interaction however even if only becoming aware of all of this is the opening of the door to that which is the answer to your question and realizing that you are the answer as well as the question." ~ Derek Lamar

Discovery continues...

Sunday August 15th

"Suffering is not in and of itself of any value. But if one is in touch with their own suffering they are closer to letting it go than someone who thinks everything is alright. Jesus said it was the sick who needed the doctor, not the well. But what he meant was that only those who were honest enough about their own unpleasantness of life need think that they could ever discover the light. For the light is just the other side of the shadow. And though many live cold, unfeeling, shallow lives in comfort, they have not yet experienced God within. One cannot get so far away from their own pain lest they lose their way back to God. For in the error or misunderstanding of the equation we find ourselves in, is the formula for discovering Truth through our own insight and denial of the self as we forsake all that we could have become for what we are." ~ Derek Lamar

Discovery continues...

Saturday August 14th

"We stand on a mountain pass in the midst of whirling snow and blinding mist, through which we get glimpses now and then of paths which may be deceptive. If we stand still we shall be frozen to death. If we take the wrong road we shall be dashed to pieces. We do not certainly know whether there is any right one. What must we do? 'Be strong and of a good courage.' Act for the best, hope for the best, and take what comes." ~ William James (1842-1910) The Will To Believe

Resolve continues... Friday August 13th

"Negativity is all around us but it can be enlightening rather than fearsome. If one becomes frozen in time over disaster they cannot function nor escape the reflection of one's own inner struggle and yet if one is aware of the shadow of the collective unconscious they can see the pattern within themselves and seek the light which provides the event to all unfold. This process can set you free." ~ Derek Lamar

Light continues...

Thursday August 12th

"When you become a pupil of the Master, you may always try the truth of your thought by laying it beside His. For the pupil is one with his Master, and he needs only to put back his thought into the Master's thought to see at once whether it agrees. If it does not, it is wrong, and he changes it instantly, for the Master's thought is perfect, because He knows all. Those who are not yet accepted by Him cannot do quite this; but they may greatly help themselves by stopping often to think: 'What would the Master think about this? What would the Master say or do under these circumstances?' For you must never do or say or think what you cannot imagine the Master as doing or saying or thinking." ~ Alcyone (later known as Krishnamurti) At The Feet Of The Master

Recognition continues...


Wednesday August 11th

Day of the Solar Eclipse

"Now is the time to seriously decide whether or not you desire to know more about what makes all of this happen. The process of changing consciousness is the only way you can really affect the world. Because the world is in your consciousness. Consciousness is all there is." ~ Derek Lamar

Discovery continues...

Tuesday August 10th

"It is no use to ask what those who love God do with him. There is no difficulty in spending our time with a friend we love; our heart is always ready to open to him; we do not study what we shall say to him, but it comes forth without premeditation; we can keep nothing back -- even if we have nothing special to say, we like to be with him." ~ Francois Fenelon (1651-1715) Golden Thoughts

Love continues...

Monday August 9th

"Some contemplate one name and some another. Which of these is the best? All are eminent clues to the transcendent, immortal, unembodied Brahman; these names are to be contemplated, lauded and at last denied. For by them one rises higher and higher in these words; but when all comes to the end, there he attains to the unity of the Person." ~ The Upanishads
"Is there more than one Reality? There are infinite realities. And yet in the attainment of the ONE SELF there can only be one reality which is truly infinite. It is not that other realities are not infinite but they are all part of the same and only infinite reality which is of the all. One can go in circles forever on the head of a pin without ever repeating a step and yet an eternity of other paths remain untrod. These opportunities are not in and of themselves the reality of Eternity which we seek however, for the nature of Life is ongoing, but the finding of the SELF is forever and complete. Often in the illusion of the multitude of realities we lose sight of ourselves in pursuing the variety when a singleness of thought would take us directly to what we need to know. We can run away for endless times or know ourselves in an instant. But when the journey ends, we will know that life has truly begun." ~ Derek Lamar (The Multi-Faceted Gem of the Soul)

Immortality continues... Sunday August 8th

"I give immortality to man, for I am Truth. I include and impart all bliss, for I am Love. I give life, without beginning and without end, for I am Life. I am supreme and give all, for I am Mind. I am the substance of all, because I am that I am." ~ Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) Science and Health

Beingness continues...

Saturday August 7th

"It is not enough to listen to others. It is your obligation in helping others that you do what you can to be well yourself. If your ear is not free of your own noises the healing process will not function. When you hear the other person as a thought within in your mind and your mind is free to interpret those words, thoughts and feelings and see the Truth despite the pain they may be going through then you will become a conduit for transformation. Otherwise you only add to their source of disappointment." ~ Derek Lamar

Interaction continues...

Friday August 6th

"There is an experience of the love of God which, when it comes upon us, and enfolds us, and bathes us, and warms us, is so utterly new that we can hardly identify it with the old phrase, God is love. Can this be the love of God, this burning, tender, wooing, wounding pain of love that pierces the marrow of my bones and burns out old loves and ambitions? God experienced is a vast surprise." ~ Thomas R. Kelly (1893-1941) A Testament of Devotion

Love continues...

Thursday August 5th

"Two prisoners whose cells adjoin communicate with each other by knocking on the wall. The wall is the thing which separates them but it is also their means of communication. It is the same with us and God. Every separation is a link." ~ Simone Weil (1909 - 1943)

Oneness continues...

Wednesday August 4th

"We are living in an age where now more than ever before we are being forced to recognize that not only our actions but our thoughts and feelings play an important role in the forming of the reality we call the world from moment to moment and step by step." ~ Derek Lamar

Creativity continues...

Tuesday August 3rd

"Pause and be still... allow yourself to remember your I AM. Remember throughout the day that all is MIND and that you are Consciousness." ~ Derek Lamar

Consciousness Conscious of Consciousness continues...

Monday August 2nd

"Be awake and do not presume. Think twice about what you do. Do not be careless. Self observe. It is a time of wary judgment. Be alert. Do not think everything is okay in the world. There is danger in being asleep. Pay close attention to details for mistakes are happening everywhere. Knowing this can help you express your inner perfection and be in harmonious accord with the ONE which you are." ~ Derek Lamar

Consciousness Conscious of Consciousness continues...

Sunday August 1st

"He that says he is in the light, and hates his brother, is in darkness even until now. He that loves his brother abides in the light, and there is no occasion of wavering in him. But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness and knows not where he is going because that darkness has blinded him. " ~ 1 John 2:9-11 (New Testament)

Love and Light continues...


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