"The Science of Consciousness Expansion"
The Use of Symbols Discover the Mathematical Essence of Axiomatic Thinking
QM21 is Quantum Metaphysics for the 21st Century. Quantum Metaphysics is an exotic term which takes an ancient teaching and upgrades the research and development of a learning process so that it can relate to the world we live in now and in the near future.
Way 4 = Fourth Way. QMI is a Fourth Way School in the tradition of Russian mystic G. I. Gurdjieff and this means the Teaching incorporates much of what Gurdjieff taught and the manner in which the student / teacher relationship is understood and handled.
Met 6 = Metaphysics (METaphy SIX) and relates the general metaphysics that is taught and used as the category of spiritual science being utilized in the Teaching at QMI.
On 2 = On To as in Ontology which is the Science of Being or the Study of Being and it is this ontological approach along with Fourth Way and General Metaphysics which form the Triad of concepts that make up Quantum Metaphysics.
The purpose in using these symbols is to bring to the forefront the ideas which encompass the scientific nature of this Teaching, the mathematical elements of axiomatic thinking, the Absolute Esoteric attributes of an intrinsic philosophy and how this is more than simply a select group of people's ideas. It is actually a level of understanding which is needed now more than ever during this transition from the 20th century into the 21st century. We are in the 21st century but most of the thinking on this planet has not changed and it is necessary for it to change in order that we can move onward into the world of tomorrow whose doorway is open and inviting us in.
The Cellular Structure of Mind reveals "Consciousness Compounds." These are the holographic expressions of Mind expressing the Infinite Variety we have come to know as things, matter, physicality. These combined thoughts become ideas and as these ideas take form they are perceived by us in other compound interpretations. Ultimately this continued process acts like the photo copy which generations later barely resembles its original form. The original concept is the perfect idea in Mind which we seek on a journey towards Truth. It means nothing until we discover it within. When that happens, nothing else matters. Welcome to the process of Quantum Metaphysics where a Translation of ideas brings into focus a Reality which will change your life, your world, forever. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

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