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A Question and Answer Column:

Since You Asked... by Richard Kula
Questions and Answers on everyday thoughts, feelings and ideas through the mystical, magical, huna mind of RK as currently also being published in Wellness Times.

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May. 2007

  Q & A #1 death - career - men

Jul./Aug. 2007

  Q & A #2 UFO's - diet - visualization

 Sept. 2007

  Q & A #3 love - religion - change

Mar. 2008

  Q & A #4 healing - meditation - spirituality

Apr. 2008

  Q & A #5 not yet submitted / temporarily on hold

May 2008

Jun. 2008

Jul. 2008

Derek Lamar's newspaper column in Bakersfield, California is in Wellness Times published by Anton Jaks and is called "Lessons In Destiny" and can be read in its entirety in chronological order here on QM21.com. The individual installments can be found above.

Mystical Journey in its entirety can be accessed here at QM21.com.
MusicReviews and Misc. Articles previously from The Bakersfield Blackboard and others can be found here as well.
Misc. Articles can be accessed here. Article on "Rosa Parks ...the bus stops here."
Wellness Times is no longer publishing in Bakersfield.
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