Back When The Student Is Ready... The Teaching Appears

When the student is ready...
...the teaching appears!
There are a lot of philosophies and belief systems around which not only confuse those seeking truth, but which deny people the opportunity to change simply because everyone is left so disoriented that they do not know which way to turn. The terminology also ends up seeming like psycho-babble because everyone uses the same words but they end up having different definitions.
The teaching represented by this web site is based on ancient formulas which are scientifically sound, even though they may seem at times in opposition to the current mind set of mankind. We live by certain cosmic laws that govern our lives but these laws can be changed. In order to spiritually legislate this "reality" we must know the absolute laws which make possible the infinite variety of possibilities we are presented.
Change is possible!  ~  Change is necessary!
A new term you will find in this current teaching is that of "Transitional Therapy". This relates the need for people today to begin dealing with things that are necessary as a result of the current threshold that we are on. There is a preparation needed for the entering of the so-called New Age. The purpose of these changes is to facilitate a more harmonious transition.

~ Kula Oiaio...Kula Oiaio is Hawaiian for "Truth School". The fascinating aspect to the Hawaiian culture can be seen in the word "Aloha". It means "hello" or "good-bye" as well as "love". In light of the Higher meaning to Love and the already spiritual side to the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit, the "Let there be and there is" of principle is revealed almost like a code in the word Aloha as it expresses love out and back in its hello and good-bye. "You say yes, I say no, you say it's gone, I say no, don't go." This, combined with the word "oiaio", meaning "truth", which is a palindrome (spelled the same way backwards or forwards), reveals a deeper meaning when one realizes that Truth the same backwards or forwards. Rather holographic in the ongoing repetition symbolizing infinity.

~ The Teacher...
This Teaching is presented by Q.M.I. with Derek Lamar as the Teacher. The esoteric phrase "When the student is ready, the teacher appears", relates the understanding that all of Mind is connected and when one seeks an answer to Higher questions an answer is made available to them on a level they are on a path to receive. Usually the student knows immediately when a bell rings or a light goes on and it becomes clear to them that they are in the right place at the right time. We hope this is the right place for you. The time is now!
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