Q.M.I. Presents  

The Process of Spiritual Reasoning
"Unlocking the Ancient Code of Consciousness"

This seminar is taught by Dr. Derek Lamar

Syllogism Prime is a full day class.

Syllogism Prime is a class that reveals the mysticism everpresent in nature, in your world and throughout the Universe as manifested by Infinite Mind.

The planet earth and surrounding planets and moons represent abstract mathematical codes that reveal the Ontological Reality that mystics and messiahs have taught to a select few in secret schools since the beginning of recorded history and long before.

Within language itself is the map to an original axiomatic abstract understanding of the nature of Truth and the knowledge of what keeps this clock ticking that we call Life.

The sun and the earth have represented this hidden knowledge since the beginning of time and have reflected that formula for millennia.

A history of this understanding has existed in the secret teachings of world religions for thousands of years and this teaching has been kept safe until consciousness would be present and capable of realizing this incredible knowledge. Many of those who held onto this formula didn't know what they were doing but they knew it was important.

The knowledge and manipulation of human intervention has had nothing to do with this process but rather MIND itself. It is all revealed as we arrive at the doorway of our own moment of AWAKENING at a time which has been preordained as the
AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT. We are on this threshold now and you are ready to not only understand this knowledge and these secrets but you can now realize a functioning level whereby you can use this knowledge and make tremendous leaps in Consciousness.

Even the discovery of our own thinking abilities and the invention of the computer has been brought about a subliminal realization of an abstract mathemactical structure of simple and yet seemingly complex arrangements of thinking and details. And yet it is the simplicity of this formula which sets you free. It is there to be discovered, used and transcendence will manifest.

For hundreds of years this secret knowledge has crept into our literature bit by bit until now when it finally can be organized and utilized to awaken and make Quantum choices and allow liberation to ensue. If you are looking for God, look within. If you haven't got a clue... take this class.

Philosophy, Metaphysics, Logic, Quantum Mechanics and simple Mathematical discussions will be presented for the unfoldment of this knowledge. Past civilizations, Secret Teachings, Psychology as well as the implications of the space program will be a focus within this class. This is not dependent on fictional literature to tempt the curious or to hypnotize the participants with confusing concepts and outlandish theories. Everything that is presented is concise and only in its Zen-like simplicity can there be any real understnding of this mystical information whose time has finally arrived.

Today's cutting edge breakthroughs in science are lining up parallel to the mysticism of eons past as well as recent psychological and religious theories that are being brought up to speed as it pertains to the New Light and Real Logic that has always been there to discover but we were too busy believing our survival required fear and ignorance to function in our environment. We foolishly thought the Universe was working against us instead of realizing that it was inviting us to discover our Self and the Spirit of Reality.
Right Brain / Left Brain - - As Above, So Below - - Solar Symbology - - Duality and Polarity - - Dividing the Waters - - Escaping Earth's Gravity - - Listening to the heartbeat of the Universe.

Choice and Intention
are reaching out to you to decide your own Destiny.
The DNA of Mind Science
is now an option which will change your life and your mind. You will THINK more clearly, FEEL more completely and BE who you are meant to be.

Spiritual Reasoning is not beyond your ability to grasp and utilize. If these words seem attractive you are capable. You are ready.
When the student is ready, the Teaching arrives.

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