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In the tradition of Metaphysical study you will find many sources, many disciplines and a plethora of remarkable individuals who have trod paths which have been followed by many. You will find that all leaders were at one time followers and all teachers are forever students. In this sense the first shall be last and the last shall be first. There is a level of equality in all things but also there are levels which express an order to the Universe. And one must understand that following a teacher does not mean that you are giving up your sense of self in the real sense, but often one needs to let go of their own self, in the human sense, to reveal the True Self which has always been there waiting to be discovered within. It is never necessary to give up one's self and hand over their identity to a teacher. There are those who will not only do this, but they are those who will take advantage of that. But generally you will know "who" your Teacher is before you are ever willing to give over that much control. But a "true teacher" will not be interested in "controlling" you. This is just more work. The Teacher is interested in accomplishing "his work" and suddenly having to control another person is wasted energy. He or she have enough to do believe me. What is important is for you to realize what it means to allow "direction" so that you may be open to your own Higher Self. At some point in your life a Self should take over... that Self is who YOU really are. In order for this to occur you must be willing to "step aside" and allow this personality of who you really are to emerge. Sometimes the process of stepping out of the way begins by trusting the Self of the Teacher. The Teacher, in theory, is MIND speaking to you. Your Teacher becomes your spiritual source and when you hear the words, the voice, the communication to you, it is important that you recognize that though it appears outside of you, it is actually your own Inner Self speaking to you. The Teacher will represent Authority in your life and this authority is not a person controlling you but the operation of Principle itself. G.I. Gurdjieff often put his students through what seemed like torturous tasks to achieve a goal. But ultimately the goal was not for Gurdjieff. It was for the individuals to step aside and allow Prinicple to flow freely through them and to operate independently of a controlling human self. The names listed below are a portion, but not limited to, those who have contributed to the teaching which you find here on this web site and in this organization. Almost anything from any of those mentioned will turn a light on for you. There is some humor in some of what is listed but even so, they still have all contributed tremendously to the higher road of serious metaphysics. I say "Higher road" simply because there is a lot of metaphysical study out there which has been more self-serving than self-enlightening. But as the Beatles said: "A splendid time is guaranteed for all."

My own Teacher referred to himself as eclectic. Now I became acquainted with many Teachers and instructors over the years during my research and study but when I originally came upon the man whom I call "my Teacher" things really began to fall into place. His Teaching was not his in the traditional sense but rather he eclectically gleaned from those whom he felt not only had influences upon his life but those which fit the holes in the puzzle as he saw it with regards to a more wholistic teaching. This Teaching follows the same path. What you will find here is general metaphysics, ontology and Fourth Way instruction. Metaphysics is a process of focusing on the study of the ultimate nature of existence. Aristotle invented this term to describe his treatise which was "after physics" and thus the term metaphysics. Ontology is the science of being which deals with the nature of reality in and back of the appearances of our world. Fourth Way is the system which was put together by famed mystic G. I. Gurdjieff. Gurdjieff's system is not, however, an invention of the intellect but rather a philosophical package of ideas which he himself, eclectically, pulled together to bring forth his version of a wholistic process which could help the individual use as a discipline of "work" to achieve "waking up".

One of the important aspects of Fourth Way teaching is the understanding of the student/teacher relationship. In spiritual studies you need to have someone who is on the Path who also can see beyond your own blinders. Someone who can tell you when you are walking too close to the edge. Someone who can see the "you" behind the mask. Someone whose interest is in uncovering the essence of you rather than attempting to mold you into something they invented in their own mind as the model to aspire to. The Teacher does not want anyone to attempt to please him but rather he or she takes satisfaction in the students discovering for who he or she really is ...who he or she really is not. Much of the discovery process is one where the student removes the layers of psychological fantasy he or she has used to protect them selves from a seemingly frightening world. The world reflects who we think ourselves to be and in that process our own version of the world assists us in not seeing ourselves. What is important is to help the student look at who they are not in order to realize the I AMness waiting to come forth. Sometimes this is accomplished in one on one situations, or group events or simply through the experience of study in the classes which are made available. Sometimes it is simply necessary to take the band-aid off to discover that there is no injury there, only to let go of the fear.

The occult is studied in an overview manner so that the student can see that once the superstitions and myths are removed from many pseudo-sciences, clarity and understanding can take their place. This organization is not in opposition to any occult sciences but rather the emphasis is on the understanding of these phenomenon and their applications. This is to make better use of their possibilities as it relates to the unfoldment of the spiritual nature of the individual. An example would be: psychic phenomenon as it relates to ESP. Rather than making psychic classes available we feel it is more important that you understand how psychic events occur and why. The study of Mind in this Teaching is paramount to the realization of this. Once the student understands that in reality there is only One Mind, then it is clear that there are no walls between one mind and another. The multitude of minds which appear in our world are part of the illusion we are confronted with. In Truth there is only One Mind. Thus ESP, for example, is an expression of One Mind. As one does their "work" on themselves and realize their I AMness and Reality, they will naturally become more and more psychic. It is understood that psychic ability is natural and rather than work to achieve this, we need to work on the blocks which hinder what is already present to be realized.

Q.M.I. is not interested in brain functions as much as in expressions of Mind. We talk about the brain and mind and how we interact with all of this in the classes, but ultimately the focus is on Universal Mind and how we must move toward the realization of this. The ideas which weave throughout the teaching are often psychological, philosophical, and spiritual with an emphasis on dealing with the illusion of our beliefs. This sense testimony prevents us from functioning as whole and complete individuals. Beingness, which is the operating power in back of time, space and change needs to be understood and released to operate in our daily lives. Quantum metaphysics is our term for the understanding that a leap in consciousness is necessary in order to propel ourselves out of human thinking and into the 21st century mind. We call this 21st century mind because it is in this century where an enormous collective will open up to this change in consciousness. In the past you might have one or two, here or there, and they would share what they had learned over a lifetime of self-discovery. But now we approach the time when we should be able to turn to the one next to us and see a mystic. This century has no specific qualities to the current unfoldment except that the time is right. It simply is a time of change where humankind stands with outstretched arms and declares "I AM". Part of this declaration is saluting those who have cleared many paths before us. Thus the recognition of the many traditions which fit a puzzle we have decided to resolve. We stand on a threshold of more than putting the pieces together, but on the unfoldment of the whole.


~ Thane of Hawaii ~ Rev. Wayne Walker ~ Thane Walker

~ Joel Goldsmith ~ Walter C. Lanyon ~ Emma Curtis Hopkins ~ Krishnamurti ~ Marie Watts ~ William Walters ~ Lillian DeWaters ~ G. I. Gurdjieff ~ P.D. Ouspensky ~ H. R. Orage ~ George Edwin Burnell ~ Alan Watts ~ Yogananda ~ Carl O. Johnson ~ Ernest Holmes ~Charles Filmore ~ Myrtle Filmore ~ Mary Baker Eddy ~ Yehoshua ~ Sai Baba ~ Moses ~ Krsna ~ Confuscius ~ Reshad Feild ~ St. Augustine ~ H. Emilie Cady ~ St. Thomas Aquinas ~ C. W. Ledbeater~ Mohandas K. Gandhi ~ Manly P. Hall ~ Paramhansa Yogananda ~ Mohammed ~ Wilhelm Reich ~ Petrarch ~ Emanuel Swedenborg ~ Deepak Chopra ~ Lewis Mumford ~ Sri Ramakaishna ~ Martin Buber ~ Henry David Thoreau ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Lao Tsu ~ Baba Ram Dass ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~ Jakob Boehme ~ Rudolf Steiner ~ Da Free John ~ Paul Tuttle ~ Eric Fromm ~ Max Müeller ~ Alfred Aiken ~ Meher Baba ~ Benedict Spinoza ~ Eloi-Sun ~ Kenneth Walker ~ Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki ~ Margaret Laird ~ Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha ~ Abraham Maslow ~ William James ~ Aristotle ~ Rollo May ~ Kahlil Gibran ~ Annie Besant ~ Socrates ~ William Blake ~ Plato ~ Carl Jung ~ Leonard Orr ~ Rene Descartes ~ George Santayana ~ Emmet Fox ~ Francis Wade Gott ~ Hermes ~ Vergil ~ The Gnostics ~ B. F. Skinner ~ Baird T. Spalding ~ The Upanishads ~ The Essenes ~ Meister Eckhart ~ Martin Buber ~ Sri Aurobindo ~ Mevlana Rumi ~ Enoch ~ Pierre Teilhard Chardin ~ Sigmond Freud ~ Paul Tillich ~ Eckhart Tolle ~ Genevieve Burnell ~ Mary Lamoreaux Burnell ~ Elizabeth Claire Prophet ~ H.P. Blavatsky ~ Ken Keyes ~ Vernon Howard ~ Genevieve Burnell ~ Rama L. Kered ~ Plotinus ~ Gina Cerminara ~ Richard M. Bucke ~ Albert Einstein ~ Edgar Cayce ~ Phineas P. Quimby ~ Victor E. Frankl ~ Father Devine ~ Erich Fromm ~ Arthur Janov ~ Sojourner Truth ~ M. J. Adler ~ Priest of Melchizedek ~ Carlos Castenada


    All roads lead to Rome All paths travel to God

All studies reveal the Self.


East Meets West, As Above So Below.


The long & winding road of the golden thread.


"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."



Over the door at Gurdjieff's school, the Harmonious Development of Man: "It is useless to pass through these doors unless you have well-developed critical faculties."


I heard the following story a long time ago but it applies here with regards to traditions. A flea jumps in the jar and hits its head over and over again on the lid. Finally the flea accommodates itself by jumping as high as the lid but just under so it won't hit its head. If you take the lid off of the jar, the flea won't get out because he is only jumping so high. I am here to tell you... the lid is OFF! ~ Derek Lamar


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