Trust • Love • Joy
Mathematics of the Heart

Insights into the Next Level of Being... by Barbara Legan

This book is a journey. Not one you take by yourself, but one where you can find yourself. This is like a river to many destinations, a cave with many tunnels, a road with many turn-offs. There isn't just one answer in this book for you, but as Barbara reveals: "it's more accurate to say these methods worked for me and I suggest them to you – you will discover your own methods as you use these. Each of us has a singular, unique journey through life and what works for one person may not for another – so none of this is a “carved in stone” way to do things. There are no “shoulds” in this book! There are simply ideas for you to consider, use, modify .... or not! Your choice!" Barbara goes on to reveal her discovery that life has four different zones, as she puts them: (1) Perception, (2) Choices, (3) Actions, and (4) Reactions.

Unlike those "therapy books" that tend to cause us to feel more anxious than when we woke up one day and thought it would be fun to run to the medicine cabinet, this book almost teases us into tossing away all judgemental diagnosis without even earning it. The amazing thing is that its mild and enthusiastic approach creates an atmosphere of calm, reassuring acceptance that change might not be a bad punishment for us if it really was going to make our life better. I think sometimes we either ignore psychological confrontation altogether or we see it as a form of cosmic punishment. The approach here puts you in charge of your own life the way it is supposed to be.

Instead of forcing you to find out why you hated your mother, because secretly you know you did, this book lets you know that facing discomfort in order to feel better probably doesn't encourage a lot of repeat business. However you will find simple approaches such as the following: "One of the simpler techniques is “Thank you. You can let go now.” And yes! This takes a lot of practice! Might work for you. Might not. If not, then work out your own personal method to thank that reptilian brain and
move on."

Each chapter encourages you to more forward. Also, it is the type of book which is easy to put down and pick it up and stop right where you left off and you do not feel you have to go back and reread the last ten pages. Also, you don't get frustrated and feel you should give up and simply have your prescription for some psychotropic drugs filled or sign in to a 12 step program to refresh you last ten visits. Also it doesn't require a "buddy system" for when you are feeling weak giving you a list of phone numbers of people who live within 10 minutes of a local bookstore.

Happy reading. This book is great for a beginner on the search for Self and it is also good for someone who has tried everything and just doesn't want to give up but feels the need to keep in touch with what should be an otherwise pleasant experience. We need to reflect on things and we shouldn't do it in such a way that it makes us feel bad. What we really need, especially in these times of confusion and frustration is a book that helps us understand that if you Trust Love you will find Joy. ~ Derek Lamar, D.D., Ph.D.

Barbara Legan is one of those rare special people, there are others, but it is hard to find one stumbling across the mountains, through deserts, over peaks, zooming down the highway and be dedicated to reaching others with her own discoveries and personal experience. And still she continues with enough energy to want to reach out and touch others. She has love in her heart. What else can I say? But within that soul and a brain that can capture the experience, she is able to touch many with her words, her insight and her integrity. The reason I throw in integrity is because that is what "Truth" is all about. It isn't just love, but it is that selfless desire to go beyond one's own personal experience and reach out to others so that they too can experience that same inner transformation. ~ D.L.

Liner notes: (to order this Kindle book from, CLICK HERE )
I invite you to begin this part of your journey ... shifting from surviving to thriving and finding your joy! Trust, love and joy are such simple words on the surface. However, once you begin to think about them, you realize just how much depth there is
to each word. Trust could also be considered faith. Love could also be thought of as compassion. Joy might be called bliss or happiness. Each of the three is so complex that their perceived simplicity is often easier to comprehend. With that, I invite you to
begin this part of your journey ... shifting from surviving to thriving and finding your joy! ~ B. L.

(below is an excerpt from Trust • Love • Joy)

"Let's try an experiment: choose some situation in your life – from the past or the present, doesn't matter since this is simply an experiment. Look at how you handled or are handling that situation – most likely based on how you have coped with something similar in the past ... now choose a different perspective (i.e. make a mini shift in your mind) and see what the new outcome might be. Lastly, determine if mini-shifting your mind in this particular instance, changed or could change your life for better or worse. (from Chapter Four)"

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