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There is always something new if one is able to decipher it.
However, this page is waiting patiently for word on upcoming events!
Keep checking. The table of contents will list a date, i.e., "as of 2/8/12"
and you will know if something has been added since you last checked. Thank you!
At the moment things are in transition. A lot of things are in the works but much of it is bubbling beneath the surface. However books are pending release, students are gathering around for classes, and new materials are being put together even as you read this including metaphysical stage productions such as "An Evening With Gurdjieff" and "God In A Box." Things are happening in consciousness and the time is NOW. A lot of changes in consciousness are happening and preparing to happen because now the 21st Century is a reality and the age of realization is upon us. As each of us changes inside our world changes a little more. Be a part of this METANOIA now. Contact us for more information. Find out what YOU can do to be a part of this unfoldment. Groups will be getting together all over the United States and here and there throughout the world. A new era of Teaching is upon us.

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Keep listening to Coast To Coast now
with George Noory...
Art Bell and Ian Punnett
John B. Wells and George Knapp
There is unfoldment taking place ........................
Coast To Coast AM Radio
Art Bell previously resided in Pahrump, NV but now lives in the Phillipines and can be heard on Coast To Coast "Somewhere In Time." Art Bell is married to a Filipino woman name Airyn Ruiz.


Art Bell and his wife Airyn Ruiz Bell.

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FourthWay.Info Website gives world wide contacts of Fourth Way Study

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