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Fourth Way Instruction
"In order to do, it is necessary to know; but in order
to know, it is necessary to find out how to know."
- G.I. Gurdjieff


First an explanation of the term "Fourth Way". The first three ways are: (1) The Yogi: seeker of knowledge, (2) The Fakir: control over the body, and (3) The Monk: religious devotion. This translates as mind, body, & soul. The Fourth Way incorporates all three, thus wholeness becomes the Fourth Way. It is a way of inner development that can be followed under the ordinary conditions of life. No need to sit under a Bo tree or retreat into a monastery, instead, recognize what you are going through and use your outer everyday surroundings as the outpicturing of your then state of awareness. It is here that you must always begin your "work", whether it be at home, job, or play. The Ontological aspect of Fourth Way teaching relates this wholeness by showing how the beingness of Consciousness is that which is behind all that is. Therefore, whatever we may be going through, be it positive or negative, traces back to Consciousness.
"I ask you to believe nothing that you cannot verify for yourself." ~ G. I. Gurdjfieff

Left to Right: G.I. Gurdjieff, Derek Lamar & Thane Walker

Man's mechanicalness is an important focal point of Fourth
Way attention. For instance, the Fourth Way Teacher pays more attention to what you hide than what you seek. It is our desire in the "work" to wake up. In order to do this we must first recognize that we are asleep. This is the beginning of what is termed "self-observation".
Q.M.I. is a Fourth Way organization which offers specific techniques where self-observation is a necessary aspect but whatever path you are on, the "work" is what you do to expand your consciousness. Unfortunately, too many people still think that "bigger is better" and they pursue occult knowledge rather than the esoteric approach of discovering the truth already within. The approach of Quantum Metaphysics Institute is a process of unlearning as the emphasis and the goal is on how to think rather than in what to believe. Many of the concepts of an esoteric nature have become cliche and so much New Age jargon, but understanding the meaning behind appearances is of the utmost importance if we wish to survive the growing pains of humanity. This entails a serious study that goes beyond the weekend fling into the metaphysical. It means a razor's edge path that is sometimes painful because you force yourself to face your problems, but fulfilling because you are then able to let them go.
Fourth Way schools focus on three lines of "Work": (1) Work on oneself, (2) Work with other students, (3) Work for the school.
The Fourth Way School I went to operated on these three lines of work as well but it was worded and perhaps for some perceived just slightly differently. (1) Work on oneself, (2) Work for the school (other students and the basic facility of school), (3) Work for children yet unborn. Essentially this is the same thing if you understand the esoteric qualifications of what is being said. To "Work" on oneself is clear. To "Work" with other students is to also help with the functioning of the school, and it relates the "The Hall of Mirrors" and functioning within the group to effect the Teaching. The "Work" for children yet unborn relates the "Work" for the esoteric concept of "The School" which has nothing to do with the physical structure but with the spiritual abstract understanding of the unfoldment of a "secret teaching" as it were. This would conform to the esoteric understanding of mind, body and soul. The self related as "mind", the others: physical entities and school, thus "body", and children yet unborn: the abstract unfoldment of Consciousness on a Higher Level of Mind, thus "soul." This would be in keeping with the 3 classic paths which when combined become the Fourth Way. The path of the Yogi: the mind. The path of the Fakir: the body. The path of the Monk: the soul.
Many of the basic Teachings of Gurdjieff and thus Fourth Way are as follows:
Man is asleep. Man is a machine. Man is mechanical. Man cannot do. A person does not need to retreat from the world to work on themselves but rather can use the everyday settings as the stage for inner work. Self observation is a tool which helps one to view themselves in everyday life. A Teacher is necessary for effective work on oneself. The Teacher must be someone who themselves have broken the chains of "sleep" which humankind finds themselves in. Otherwise it would only be the blind leading the blind. One who has attained a higher level of consciousness can see what the student does not see. He or she is able to shake the student and help them to awaken. This is a step by step process which differs for every person. The "Teacher" does this through knowledge and intuitive unfoldment which operates more freely for those who have stepped outside of the footsteps of their own sleep walking. To "remember oneself" is to gain the insight necessary to recognize their True "I".
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