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~ The material is divided into 4 sections ~
"In Pursuit of Spiritual and Psychological Realities"
 Q.M.I. "The School" Hall of Mirrors Discover the Path of an Ancient Secret School
Change ~ 21st Century ~ Questions ~ New Info (mental health) ~ Glossary
Discover the Path of an Ancient School ~ Priesthood of Melchizedek ~ The "I AM Movement" ~ "The Hall of Mirrors"
The Calling... Being Chosen ~ Destiny ~ Miracles ~ A Final Note
About Q.M.I. ~ Quantum Metaphysics ~ Ontology ~ Fourth Way Instruction
Oral Tradition: Baraka ~ Meditation ~ Fasting ~ Cults ~ In the Tradition of...
When The Student Is Ready... Testimonials ~ Q.M.I. Promo~ Science: Compounds of Consciousness
Dr. Derek Lamar "The Teacher" - Author, Lecturer, Teacher
Gurdjieff Had A Student... ...who had a student ~ Thane of Hawaii
Books: Man Is Dead (Intro) ~ Man Is Dead ~ Gurdjieff, Fourth Way and Esoteric Teaching ~ The I AM Connection ~ Quantum Metaphysics
Classes Curriculum, Study Aids, Preparation and Lessons
Class Info:  Classes ~ Lectures ~ Special Events
Foundational Seminars: Metanoia Matrix ~ The Joseph Release ~ Quantum Metaphysics Seminar (Q.M.S.)
and Syllogism Prime
Private Sessions, Tutoring and Counseling (available by appointment)
Publishing Books, Articles, News, Quotes and Newsletter
Infinity's alright... as far as it goes! ~ Consciousness ~ Axiomatic Truth Part I ~ Axiomatic Truth Part II
God In A Box ~ Oneness Event ~ Princess Diana: Introspective View ~ Hundredth Monkey
Hula ~ Spiritual Hula ~ Kahuna Magic ~ Sexuality ~ I AM GOD
Letter From Moses ~ The Practical Lotus ~ Disease As Consciousness ~ The S.P.A.T.C.H. Test
Quote of The Day ~ Recent Quotes ~ Quote Archives (several years of Quotes accessible here)
Dialogues in Transition ~ Mysteries Beyond Tomorrow
The Blackboard: Mystical Journey ~ Welcome To Bakersfield
Books: A Letter From Moses by Ben Gilberti ~ The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii by Pila Chiles
Metaphysical Overview in its entirety... Vantage Point of the High Watch
Walter C. Lanyon books: And It Was Told Of A Certain Potter
Frances Wade Gott excerpts from Science of Being
Lillian De Waters ~ Emma Curtis Hopkins ~ George Edwin Burnell ~ Mary Baker Eddy ~ Phineas P. Quimby ~ William Walters ~ Henry Drummond ~ Henry Altemus ~ John Fiske ~ Bela Marsh ~ Nahum Capen ~ Emilie Cady ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti ~ Annie Besant ~ C. W. Leadbeater ~ P. D. Ouspensky ~ G. I. Gurdjieff and others
The Queue Chat room, Links, Up-coming Events, Teaching Materials
Guest Spots ~ Upcoming Events ~ Products & Services
Chatroom ~ Application for Mailing List ~ Order Form
Promos: "In Pursuit of Spiritual and Psychological Realities" ~ Missing Links
New Info ~ Search ~ Website Awards ~
Hula Time ~ Guru Gallery ~ Derek Lamar.com ~ Q.M. Institute ~ Fourth Way Today

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